End of the Longest But Bestest Readalong EVER (Harry Potter, duh)

HOLY CRAP you guys!!!! I can’t believe this is officially the last post! I’m a bit late… mostly because I kind of forgot about it. I bet my subconscious was just trying to delay the inevitable. I really, really enjoyed re-reading Harry Potter with all of you. We nitpicked the bejeezus out of it, but I love it more than ever. That is a mark of a true classic, I think.

So I had grand plans to flip through the books and find my favorite quotes to put in this post, but that didn’t happen and now I’m at home and just want to lay on the couch and finish watching Les Miserables. So here’s some of the gifs that I don’t think I ever really got the chance / forgot to use…

move bitch get out the way



Wizard reading Stephen Hawking… never had a reason to use it, but I approve.



whip my stairs back and forth

LOL Hermione's face

LOL Hermione’s face

mcgonagall does not approve



And that’s all I got! There will never be a readalong as epic as this one! Thanks once again to Alice for being super awesome and putting this shindig together, and to all the rest of you for laughing and crying along with me.


I mean it with love.

I mean it with love.















  1. First up THANK YOU for also throwing out a bunch of GIFs you meant to use but didn’t because I did that as well and then felt kinda dumb. BUT THE GIFs NEED SHARED.

    I’m so sad this is over. It was so much fun and really, there’s not another series that’s going to work for such a long and kickass readalong.


    1. I tried to stick to mostly HP GIFs, because I have about a thousand other GIFs I would’ve liked to use but never did. And that would’ve just been crazy.

      There is NO other readalong I would even consider signing up for to last 6 months… except MAYBE Outlander… yeah that. I might do that someday. But this readalong will always be the most amazing.


      1. An Outlander readalong would be amazing. Although I doubt it would include debates about characters’ shoe size or plumbing methods. (And would be the poorer for it, obvs.) On the plus side, Outlander has actual sex scenes so we wouldn’t need to resort to wand innuendo to get to talk about characters boning.


  2. I’m really sad I didn’t collect loads of Harry Potter movie gifs but it felt like a lie because I haven’t seen most of them? (Although to stave off the Harry Potter Blues, I might have to watch them. Maybe.) But there was this one gif I never saved, and if I see it ever again it will be the BEST DAY!!



    1. I ALSO sometimes feel like it would be a lie to use GIFs of things that I’ve never seen. It’s why I’m kind of happy I’ve seen Happy Endings now. But you should totally watch the movies! There was a drunken HP watchalong happening ( http://booksnobbery.wordpress.com/category/drinkalong/ ), but I never got the chance to join in. We should do something similar! Some of them are bad, some of them are awesome.

      I’m about to go watch the last hour of Les Mis now, but I like it so far! But I was not prepared to watch a almost 3-hour long movie yesterday after work, I started falling asleep :-/


  3. I skived off this week, but mostly unintentionally. It’s been such a great ride, hasn’t it? Now we just have to await our next great adventure.


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