Ex-Patriots by Peter Clines

peter clines

I hate writing reviews for sequels, even when they’re really good. Because it’s SO HARD not to spoil stuff, and to explain other stuff, and yeah. I’m lazy is what I’m saying. But I shall trudge through it for you!

If you haven’t read Ex-Heroes yet, you should because there are cool superheroes (original ones, not like Marvel ones, cause that would be copyright infringement I’m pretty sure) and ZOMBIES and it’s set in Los Angeles and it’s just a lot of fun. You could take me word for it, but I go into more detail in my review here.

But from here on out there are SPOILERS for that first book, so maybe you should only read it if you’re read Ex-Heroes. This will be waiting for you when you’re done. Kay? Kay.

So at the end of Ex-Heroes, a big battle against the Seventeens had been won but the superheroes are mourning the loss of one of their own. But life at the Mount keeps on keeping on until they’re celebrating the 4th of July (for old time’s sake) and all of the sudden Zzzap notices a Predator drone flying above doing recon on them. Clearly this is alarming, and it turns out a U.S. Army battalion is surviving and functioning, and they offer assistance to the Mount. This Army group is still functioning because they’re super-soldiers – soldiers created to be stronger, faster, and more deadly than the average solider. But Stealth realizes that something is up at this Army base, and a dark secret is waiting to be uncovered.

DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN. I know. Dark secrets, super powerful soldiers, a dangerous enemy comes back, creepy bad guys, conspiracies… There’s so much going on in this one! But it was really good. There’s an intriguing new character around. We learn a little more about the now-familiar superheroes. There’s some zombie action (sadly, Nathan Fillion has been zombified. I was really bummed.) The last half was really intense, but also set up some really exciting stuff for the third book, Ex-Communication, which doesn’t come out until July 9th.

So if you’ve read Ex-Heroes and are wondering how the second book is – it’s pretty darn good and you should totally read it. And if you were naughty and haven’t read either book yet – you should! If superheroes and the zombie apocalypse doesn’t sound like a fun book to you, I don’t even know what we’re doing here.

Sarah Says: 3.75 stars



    1. Exactly! It sucks too because you know the post is only going to end up being interesting to those people who are already familiar with the first book… but I can’t not review sequels, cause some people really want to see reviews before deciding to continue on with a series or not! I know I do sometimes.


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