Sarah Sunday!


left to right: Gabby sleepin weird, the purge pile, kitty kisses, lil sis & me post-workout, Gabby cuddlin with Ex-Patriots, current read The Lives of Tao



Between crappy work hours, working out / running with my sis and the honeyman a lot (my legs have been SO sore), watching L Friday night, and then visiting my dad yesterday… I am exhausted!

So yeah, I watched L Friday night – he slept over because my sis had a concert to go to, and it is sooooo tiring watching a 2-year old. Then my sis got back in the morning SaturdayΒ and the three of us went to go visit my dad. Visit went fine, but most importantly my dad FINALLY read Outlander and loved it! So obviously I’ll be sending him the rest of the series, and yeah, that’s pretty exciting. In other family-related news, my older sis Heather and her husband Matt just celebrated their 11-year wedding anniversary yesterday! So happy anniversary to them πŸ™‚

I’m thinking about getting a tattoo of kitty paw prints or aΒ kitty silhouette, in name of my Gabby girl. Okay so I would never get another person’s name tattooed on me or anything like that (because that is the dumbest), but I will ALWAYS love my kitty, right? Right. Cause the worst thing that could ever happen is her getting lost or eventually dying and I would be a wreck, but I would still be okay with having some sort of tattoo in her spirit. I’m thinking teeny tiny kitty paw prints orΒ a TINY kitty silhouette (seriously, like the size of my thumbnail tiny) on my ankle. I added some to my Pinterest tattoo board that I like… I’ll keep musing over it for the next time I feel like going to get a tattoo. Of course there are a few others tattoos I have in my head too that I’ve been meaning to get… so we’ll see.

The next few weeks should hopefully be relatively calm. I need to work on apartment-hunting, but other than that there shouldn’t be any OT at work or anything. Tonight is date night, and we’re going to see This Is the End cause it looks hysterical, and then dinner at P.F. Chang’s case the honeyman has been craving dumplings. Cannot wait. And I’m thinking maybe Wednesday is going to be a sleep-and-read-all-day kind of day, because I need one of those.

Bookish updates: The Harry Potter readalong is over! I can’t believe it. Well, we still have the wrap-up post at least, but we’re done reading the books. It was SO FUN, but I’m actually kind of glad it’s over because it lasted 6 months and I am just lazy sometimes.

I finished Ex-Patriots by Patrick Clines this week, which was pretty good. I had started You by Austin Grossman last weekend, but wasn’t very into it and set it aside… not sure if I’ll pick it back up again. And now I’m reading The Lives of Tao by Wesley Chu and REALLY enjoying it. Kind of hoping I can finish it today, if work is slow enough.


How’s everyone’s weekend going? Any fun plans this week? Reading anything good I should know about?

Happy Sunday!










  1. It sounds like you’ve been REALLY busy! Working out and spending time with your family are obviously a good thing, but still exhausting!
    My nephew was an awesome 2-year-old (listened really well and was full of cuddles and such), but he did need constant watching, so I know what you mean.
    I’m glad the visit with your dad went well! And seriously, a sleep and read all day day sounds awesome!


    1. Thank ya πŸ™‚ I think I like the idea of the paw print more… but then I’m tempted to like “pawprint” Gabby and her exact paw print scaled down and tattooed, and that seems like a hassle, lol.


  2. I saw your pinned cat tattoos on pinterest and they’re all so adorable!! So yes, I approve of this so now you can feel ok about doing it πŸ˜‰ Hehehe.


    1. LOL thanks Laura! Actually it does make me feel a little better about it… when I mentioned it to the honeyman and another couple we’re friends with, they looked at my like I’m kind of crazy. Apparently they don’t understand my adoration for Gabby, lol.


  3. Meep! Busy week! Hope you get your resting day. I’m having a bookish crisis. Which you saw. Just.. so.. GAH. And now I’m inbetween books and I’m frightened of the moment when I have to go, “Right self, what are you reading now?” Because I have no idea!


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