Harry Potter readalong! All was well.



Good morning ya’ll – it’s Harry Potter post day, and it’s a sad one indeed because WE’RE DONE WITH THE SERIES. And holy crap on a cracker, so many sad times in one section.

So let’s go through my notes. Warning: There might be a lots of shouty parts…

  • NEVILLE! How awesome is he? So awesome. He’s all beat up, but he’s so happy to see Harry and the gang, and look at him being all assertive and take-charge and casually telling Aberforth to send people down the passage. And double-hooray for his bad-ass grandma! It’s so nice to see how proud she is of him now 🙂
  • So obviously it wasn’t the smartest move, but GOOD FOR HARRY standing up for McGonagall when Amycus spit in her face. Gallant, indeed.
  • The battle begins! It’s so great to see everyone gearing up to fight. And it’s hella cool that McGonagall brings the statues and suits of armor to life to defend the castle.
  • I’m SO happy that Ron has a moment of genius and thinks of going to the Chamber to get those basilisk fangs… and then RON AND HERMIONE FINALLY KISS! Over house-elf rights!

r and h

I don’t care what anyone says, they totally belong together. Is Hermione generally out of his league? Of course, but they’re still so awesome together. He is goofy and that gives some balance to how serious she can be, and Ron is SUCH a good character, and I’m a little mad at J.K. for not giving him more time to shine. Anyways, love them.

  • And then seven goddamn pages later, Fred is gone.

ugly sobbing

hold me

Out of all the dying in this entire book, I think I cried the hardest over his death. There’s something just so extra-heartbreaking about it, because all of his siblings are so devastated and he was so happily joking with Percy… ugh. I just can’t.

  • So then the crew heads down the tunnel to the Shrieking Shack… am I remembering book 3 wrong? Cause I don’t remember Sirius and Lupin and having to crawl through that tunnel. But whatevs.
  • And then Voldemort conveniently kills Snape via Nagini instead of using the Killing Curse, which means Snape can give his memories to Harry… Oh Snape. You complex, sad bastard. I love that when this book was brand new, the part about Snape loving Lily COMPLETELY blind-sided me. Did not see that coming.


right in the feels

Was he kind of a total asshole throughout the entire series? Yeah. But he was tortured by unrequited love, and I’m just so sad for him.

  • Aaaand we find out that Remus and Tonks are gone. I teared up at that too, because come ON. They had so little time together. I guess at the very least, it’s comforting that one didn’t have to go on living without the other, because that would’ve been awful. And poor baby Teddy… but he’ll be all right, cause you know. He’s a baby.
  • So then the stuff happens with Harry realizing that he’s gotta die and he goes off to do that… and it was sad and touching, but… *shrugs* I think that this part never really got to me because I knew there was no way he was really going to die. I was just glad he got to talk to Dumbledore again and get it cleared up that he wasn’t just groomed and prepped to throw his life away to Voldemort.
  • NEVILLE AGAIN! Being such an awesome, bad-ass character and killing Nagini. He’s come such a long way. And I think that this kind of shows that even if Voldemort HAD gone to Neville’s house that one night 17 years ago and ruined his life instead of Harry’s, Neville would have grown up just as good-hearted and competent to fight Voldemort as Harry did.
  • Goddamn you, Kreacher. I STILL DON’T LIKE YOU. Cause I hold a grudge, apparently. But Dobby would’ve been proud.
  • Mrs. Weasley! *claps* Good for her! And ding dong, Bellatrix’s crazy ass is dead! Although I kind of liked how totally insane she was, I’m also REALLY happy to see her gone because she killed Sirius and that will never be okay.
  • So obviously we’re all proud of Harry for winning! And then for wisely giving up the two more dangerous Hallows. But as for the Elder Wand… couldn’t he have broken it and just tossed it into the lake with the giant squid? Because putting it anywhere and NOT destroying it seems risky. There are still Hallows-fanatics out there, and an entire castle full of people saw and heard Harry’s chat with Voldy, so eventually someone would work it out… but whatever. Clearly we’ll just assume that neer happens.
  • I love that J.K. ended it with the epilogue, although it wasn’t NEARLY comprehensive enough. But I guess until she finally gets around to writing the Harry Potter Encyclopedia, we’ll have to rely on the HP Wiki.

Well that was emotionally exhausting! But before I end this and go on my lunch (because of course I’m typing this at the last minute at work), I want to give two major thanks, which I know I’ll probably repeat in next week’s wrap-up post, but I feel it needs to be said now:

1 – To J.K. Rowling, for writing this unbelievably amazing series. We nitpicked the CRAP out of it during this readalong, and I possibly love it even more. It is beautifully brilliant.

2 – To Alice, for putting this genius readalong together! And to all the other readalong participants. Love to all you guys!


sad happy thank you





  1. ” I don’t remember Sirius and Lupin and having to crawl through that tunnel.” GOOD POINT. You’re totally right on this. I remember Harry and Sirius having a conversation while walking through the tunnel, which would have been a little odd if they had been crawling single-file the way Deathly Hallows implies.

    I think it does speak to the absurd excellence of the series that we can pick it apart so thoroughly and come away loving it more than ever. Oh, JKR, you wonderful genius. I just want her to write sequels and prequels. Is that really too much to ask??


  2. Your first gif? Priceless. His Royal Highness puts it rather succinctly there.

    I think if we had seen more of the Ron from books 1 and the bookend chapters of book 7, I would have liked him better with Hermione. I mean, I’m glad they got their moment, but I do not see their lifetime happiness unfolding.

    I think at least parts of the tunnel to the Shrieking Shack had very low ceilings ’cause Snape was unconsious and they bumped his head against the ceiling several times while getting him out. But I don’t think it could have been single-file-have-to-crawl low. Because even if Harry, Ron, & Hermione might have been much smaller then, Sirius and Remus wouldn’t have. PLus Ron had a broken leg–he couldn’t have crawled through a tunnel like that, right? Good catch–I didn’t even notice that.


    1. Yeah, Ron definitely gets the short end of the stick in the series as a whole. Even NEVILLE went through more character development than Ron, and he was only a secondary character! I feel like if we had seen Ron become a bit more mature and whatnot, the idea of him and Hermione wouldn’t seem so awkward to a lot of people.


  3. I never thought I saw much chemistry in the film between Hermione and Ron (but I still love them and will defend them – you and I are definitely on the same team here) but that gif is absolutely adorable and it makes me really, really happy.

    I think one of the reasons Fred’s death is such a gut punch (aside from how it happens) is because he’s a twin. It’d be hard to lose a brother, but to lose a twin? I can’t imagine George would ever feel whole again. 😦

    Quick! Think of a new readalong topic!!


    1. The chemistry isn’t quite there between the actors, although I DO think that Rupert Grint does a good love gaze… there’s a gif where he’s kind of staring at Hermione as she tinkers with the piano and it just melts my heart 🙂

      Those are my EXACT feelings about the twins. The thought of George mourning Fred is just unbearable.


  4. Having Nagini kill Snape does seem convenient but it’s actually consistent with Voldemort’s character. We’ve seen him use her to kill loads of times and also saw him use Malfoy to torture. In fact, I’m not sure that we ever see him do any of these things except against Harry.

    “But as for the Elder Wand… couldn’t he have broken it and just tossed it into the lake with the giant squid?” THIS. I’m glad they did that in the movie. It seems a little like the Elder Wand shouldn’t be broken so easily but at the same time, it’s the only reasonable thing to do with it!


    1. Voldy did use Nagini to kill, but usually only when it was convenient or he wanted to make a show of being horrible. Seeing as how he appeared to actually NOT want to kill Snape except to become master of the Elder Wand, you’d think he would’ve just Killing Cursed him and had it done and over with. But that wouldn’t have worked for the whole memories thing, so yeah.


  5. I was so torn apart by all of the Snape reveals here while STILL thinking he was a mega-asshole throughout the series. Snape, you and your shades of gray.

    Harry not destroying the elder wand seems like a good way to set up a sequel where the HP & co brood search for it/have to defeat someone else that found it.


    1. Awwww man, I’d love to see Albus and Rose and Huge and Teddy whatever other kids there are (they have so many of them) hanging out and getting into trouble just like their parents! That would be the best.


  6. I think I’ve figured out another reason why Snape’s death etc. doesn’t really get me. The being in love with Lily thing was, I thought, obvious from book 5? (the one where Harry sees Snape’s memory of being bullied) on. I’ve realized in recent years that to other people, it was not obvious, so. I am also one of those people who cannot forgive Snape’s assholery. The books would be lesser without him, and he is an interesting character, but too little, too late JK.

    Also, Harry’s not-death gets me so hard. The first time because I desperately didn’t want Harry to die, so I was convinced he would die (I really did think he was walking to his death). And it still does because of his asking Sirius whether it hurts to die. It’s a question that reminds me that Harry really is very young. To, at 17, be ready and willing to die, and be walking to that death just…it makes me teary. I don’t know if I could’ve done it.

    Basically, what I am saying is, we are opposite on our Harry/Snape death reactions.


    1. UGH, Kreacher. He was just such a little bastard, and somehow I wasn’t that moved by his story about Regulus. And, I just cannot forgive him for his part in Sirius’s death. But grudgingly I admit his little appearance in this last one was nice…


  7. Oh man- even though I KNEW that Harry wasn’t going to die (I *guess* I knew that the first time… Although it didn’t feel like I did!) and have known it in every re-read since, I just… that whole bit KILLS me! Because he is so brave to face death like that and then everyone he loves is there for him like they never all were in living memory and OMG I CAN’T THINK ABOUT IT ANYMORE!!

    And, Oh Snape. I was also completely blindsided by it the first time, and then it changed EVERYTHING about the way I read the books (or at least read about Snape in the books) and yeah. It’s amazing.


  8. “I think that this part never really got to me because I knew there was no way he was really going to die.”

    Yes, BUT…it got to me because of Hagrid having to see it and think that Harry was REALLY dead and carry his limp body through the woods. That finished me off good and proper.

    And I 100% agree with you and Ron and Hermione being perfect for each other. I understand their attraction to each other…probably because *I’M* attracted to both of them (but that’s a story for another day). I still just do not get the Harrry/Ginny thing.


    1. Poor Hagrid, that did make me a bit sad. I really missed Hagrid in this book.

      I can totally understand being attracted to both Ron and Hermione 😉 If there’s a perfect fictional lady crush, it’s Hermione. AND Liz Lemon, but that’s going on a whole seperate topic there.


  9. It is so wonderful to see Neville’s grandma all proud of him. She should be. Neville is the best of ever.

    Agreed that Ron and Hermione are great for each other. I love them so. Arg, I wish there were more books!


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