Harry Potter readalong! R.I.P., Dobby

Yay, it’s Harry Potter Post day!

I’ve been a bit tired, and I read this section yesterday at work while I was fighting off a major headache, so my thoughts are… few. But let’s see what I got.

BAM! Bullet time.

  • Admittedly, the Taboo is a genius idea. By being SO afraid to say “Voldemort” for all those years, the wizarding population actually handed Voldy this weapon, to be used against the very wizards that are out there trying to fight him and keep the rest of them safe. JK, you blow my mind sometimes.
  • It’s really frustrating how much Hermione initially refuses to admit that the Deathly Hallows are important. She herself noticed that symbol constantly creeping up. And even if she doesn’t believe that they exist, the very fact that there are wizards out there who DO believe they exist is really important. On the other hand, it is then kind of annoying how obsessed Harry becomes with the Hallows. These kids need to learn some moderation.
  • I was going to ask why they didn’t all Disapparate when the Snatchers got them, but apparently you have to have your wand to do so? I never realized that, but okay.
  • DOBBY = major sad face. Definitely teared up here.

dobby has no master

comfort food


  • So, the Gringotts trip was exciting. That multiplying-treasure spell was kind of cool.
  • Oh no, Voldy knows they’re hunting Horcruxes, AND he has the Elder Wand. DUN DUN DUNNNNN.
  • Riiiiighht… the Dumbledore family drama.



  • Well obviously now IΒ what’s going on… I think the reason I never remember the dealio with Dumbledore’s family is that I kind of just don’t care. It would’ve been more interesting when he was still alive. Now that he’s gone, what does it matter? I’ll probably forget all this againΒ by the next time I re-read the series.
  • Cool that Aberforth has apparently been lurking in the background all these years in Hogsmeade.
  • Neville! And it’s almost Hogwarts battle time! I’m so excited. And scared, because I KNOW THE BAD THINGS THAT ARE ABOUT TO HAPPEN.






  1. SARAH! I wrote this whole thing (y’know, a paragraph) about how AWESOME the taboo is and it didn’t even click with me that actually the wizarding community gave Voldemort a weapon by NOT saying his name and now I’m just like YESSSSSSSS! You’ve made it even better!

    I definitely totally forgot the Dumbledrama too. Yeah, I definitely don’t care that much? Or, not so much I don’t care, but I’m more like ‘lets get on with the story pleeeeease!’


  2. I feel like the “I didn’t know Dumbledore and he had all these things going on in his life and why didn’t he tell me” stuff would have been much better in moderation. Like it’s such a huge deal for Harry through the whole book, and it’s like dude get a grip, you *never* had that kind of relationship, you weren’t friends, he was your mentor. Yes it sucks that you’re finding out he has some dick moves in his past, but so did your freakin’ dad and you slashed Malfoy to pieces and your best friend deserted you – clearly one thing doesn’t make you wholly good OR bad. Anyway, I’d care more about Dumbledore’s family story (which I do actually like) if it didn’t come at the end of 10,000 pages of “wahhhhhhh I didn’t really know him”.

    So many pie-shaped feelings coming up in the next section!!


    1. Kayleigh, you are SO RIGHT. I wish Harry could have seen that all of his friends and loved ones and supporters have at least one major dark deed in their past that their adult selves would/should be ashamed of. I love DUmbledore’s backstory, but it comes to us as so many infodumps in this book that it’s very heavy handed.


      1. YES to this. I wonder if anyone has gone through the books and counted how many actual conversations Harry and Dumbledore have over the first six books. Because I don’t think it’s actually that many. Like, maybe 15? 20? That does not make you BFFs.


      2. Exactly. I think that’s the thing that bothers me most about this whole issue that Harry has with Dumbledore’s past and why he freaks out about Dumbledore not telling him things. Dumbledore didn’t owe him any explanations for his past, that stuff is private and NOT something you would discuss with most people, much less a kid you’re fond of and trying to help fight evil.


  3. Yes! I agree about Dumbledore’s family story! It’s not that it’s uninteresting, exactly, but I just wanted it to tie into the plot more, maybe? The stuff about Grindelwald was great though. So eh, I don’t know. I can’t decide how I feel about the Dumbledore sister thing. I like parts of how JKR used that backstory in the seventh book — like when Harry finds out Dumbledore’s father attacked Muggles — but the final story as reported by Aberforth does not thrill me. It feels clunky when it comes, because I keep thinking, they should really get moving on that Horcrux thing.



  4. Sarah, you know what I love so much? That you and I often have opposite reactions to things but we still have SO MUCH LOVE for the series. Every time I nitpick with JKR, I need to remember that because she really did write a series that contains everything to anyone, or maybe anything to everyone.

    that Gringotts scene was her action writing at its best and the inflagrante delicto spell was super-inventive.


  5. YES to your thoughts on the Taboo. If Harry only moderately cared about the Hallows, then Hermione’s opposition would totally destroy his interest. And Hermione’s disdain makes total sense for her character. Annoying yes, but true to who she is.

    Yes, NEVILLE!!!


    1. Yeah, I can see Hermione’s distrust… but it’s also a little bit of her narrow-mindedness too, which sucks. If the idea that some people believed the Hallows existed had come from a more credible source, she wouldn’t have fought it so hard. I feel like her judgemental attitude towards the Lovegoods got in the way there.


  6. Sad pie for everyone.

    I like the Dumbledore backstory, but I get not liking it. It does feel like an aside to an aside, but, if I’m honest, I just want more of everything HP, so more backstory of any sort is welcome.

    Sweet, raggedy Neville!


    1. I also want more of allllll the HP, but I feel like Dumble’s story would’ve been more interesting spread throughout the books a bit or in his own separate book.

      Oh man. A whole book about Dumbledore. That would be amazing.


    1. This is true. I just wish that they had all been a bit more moderate and not quite so Hallows versus Horcruxes, but considering we’re dealing with some stressed out teens, that’s probably asking a bit much, lol.


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