Change in My Self-Hosting Plans…

Hey ya’ll.

So remember how today I was going to start the process of switching to self-hosting? Yeah, that’s not happening yet. Partly because it was time for the annual gym membership fee and I did not realize that that was happening this week.

I AM still going to switch to self-hosting on by the end of the year. But after looking more closely at the price plans offered by Bluehost (which is the hosting service I’m going to go with), I want to buy the 36-month plan (which comes out to $3.95 a month) because it’s way cheaper overall, but not cheaper right now because I don’t have that this week (they want the full amount at the time of sign-up – obviously, if it was just $3.95 each month I could handle that right now). So, here’s my plans until then:

  • We’re moving in September to a cheaper apartment, so wait until the fall to switch when I’ll have a little more extra money.
  • Sign up with Bluehost for their awesome 36-month price plan.
  • Possibly save up the $129 to pay WordPress for the “Guided Transfer”, which means they do the switch for me and I wouldn’t have to screw around with DNS things and other techy stuff I know nothing about. I mean I’m sure I could figure it out, but I am also totally willing to pay for someone to do it for me and just avoid the headache, ya know?
  • In the mean time, work with my sister Heather to come up with a new design for my blog, to implement once I switch.
  • When it comes time to do the switch, do NOT do it after a big blogging event like Bout of Books or Armchair BEA, because it’s just too hectic. Also, schedule reviews so that I’m not totally behind once I make the switch.

On the plus side, this makes my few days off this week MUCH more relaxed, and leaves me more time to clean, take naps, and catch up on reviews! I have 3 books to review right now… I never have that many waiting for me all at once.

So yeah, that there is the plan. Hope everyone is having a good Monday!




  1. Good idea. As much as self-hosting would be great right now, you need to put your priorities in order. Saving up money is a necessity, so do that first and then you can have some fun switching over. That’s my plan too.


    1. Yeah, it’s really that when I was thinking “3.95 a month”, I wasn’t thinking of paying it all up front, and I could totally afford that right now. Also, they didn’t really make that obvious on the site, I had to open a chat thing and actually ask someone how the payment structure worked. They have a month-to-month thing for $11, but I think I’m better off just waiting so I can get the better deal.


    1. Yeah, it does seem like a lot of money up front, but at the same time… I guess that’s how much I love my blog! Lol. Cause I totally wouldn’t be willing to pay all that otherwise.


  2. Make sure you get some good security plugins when you make the switch, there’s a lot of hacking attempts going on. Somebody was really determined on my blog today.. my site lockout plugin informed me it locked out 36 ips. It locks somebody out after they get the password wrong 3 times.. I’ve had the odd one but never an attempt that big. So yeah, that’s important.


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