Harry Potter readalong! Buckets o’ whining.

It’s Harry Potter post day! Hurrah.

So was it just me, or did this section seem to drag a bit? Which is weird, because plenty happens in this section… maybe it’s that Rowling does SUCH a good job at showing the tediousness and boredom of camping for weeks at a time with no new information. It’s kind of an action-packed section, but it didn’t feel like it.

half awake

Alright, so I forgot to bring the book with me to work and I only have the notes I made in my blogging journal to go on, which wasn’t much this time around… let’s get right to the bullet points.

  • Poor Lupin is all distraught and conflicted and let’s face it – Harry was a bit mean to him. I mean, he could’ve had the “Dude, don’t leave your wife and unborn child” talk with him in a MUCH nicer, less painful way.

cautious hug

  • Kreacher’s all happy and cooking and yeah yeah yeah that’s nice. Still don’t like him.
  • The Ministry! That was tense, and way more successful than I feel like they could have anticipated. But owwwwww, Ron got splinched.
  • Hiding out in the woods foreverrrrrrr. And everyone is all stressed and just kind of waiting around and that damn Horcrux just makes it worse.
  • So we get a re-hashing of the night Voldy tried to kill all the Potters, and I was wondering… why didn’t Lily grab baby Harry and Disapparate? Maybe she never learned how? Or she didn’t want to leave James, but I mean, at that point she knew he was dead and he TOLD her to just save Harry. Obviously things couldn’t have gone that way or the series might not have happened, but I’m just sayin…
  • Hermione and Harry read that bit in Rita Skeeter’s book, and Harry goes all “Never the whole truth! Never” whiny about Dumbledore. We all clearly wish that Dumbles had given Harry a bit more info about the Horcrux hunt, but seriously, he’s whining because Dumbledore didn’t share his entire personal life history with him. Earlier in the book Harry thinks about how he never thought to ask Dumbledore about himself – if he didn’t care enough to ask “Hey, so how was your childhood? Tell me all your secrets!” then why would Dumbledore have just brought it up? Grow up, Harry.
  • Ooooo, the silver doe Patronus! What a fun, brief mystery that was back when I first read this book.
  • Yay, Ron comes back and him and Harry make up. I love the bromance 🙂

hp bromance

  • Poor Hermione, I totally get why she’s so rage-y at Ron. I like that she flipped and went all crazy bitch on him for a second.
  • Hooray, and now we’re off to see the Lovegoods! Which actually is not as good of a thing as it sounds, but I’m just glad they’re going off to do something. I hate the camping-in-the-woods scenes.

luna dance

Till next time, folks.




  1. That’s a good point about Lily disapparating away. I would assume she did know how since she was a member of the Order and since you can take the test when you’re 17 why wouldn’t she? But I dunno, maybe she panicked? Or maybe when there’s a fidelius (sp?) charm it interferes with disapparating?

    I like the camping section, I think I’m in the minority, but I find it interesting.

    Racoon gif!!


    1. I thought about the Fidelius Charm thing, but that’s on Grimmauld Place & they make a point to Disapparate within the charm limits so the Death Eaters don’t see them. I guess its just one of those things *shrugs*


  2. Aww look at that raccoon. He would have nicely told Lupin that he was being a jerk and to go back to Tonks.

    I STILL DO NOT LIKE KREACHER EITHER. Maybe we’re heartless.

    So I do think Dumbles used Harry without really letting him in on everything. But agreed with you that why would Dumbles tell Harry all of these super painful secrets from his past?


    1. Nah, we’re not heartless. Just… being hateful and prejudiced and horrible for his entire life doesn’t get made all better just because of one sad story. And sure, Dumbledore can say that he was that way because of the wizards who owned him – but Dobby was owned by a horrible family of wizards too and he went the other way and is super sweet and cool instead. So Kreacher can suck it. Yay for not liking Kreacher!

      I don’t know if I would say Dumbledore “used” Harry… I mean, for what? D-dore never got any personal gain or anything from Harry’s experiences. Dumbly knew the prophecy from the beginning, knew what Harry had in store for him, so he tried to help him however he could. Unfortunately sometimes he tried to do that by keeping vital information from Harry (looking at you, book 5), but I think it was always with good intentions and because he thought it would keep Harry safest. And I can’t think of any truly vital information that Harry didn’t have before Dumbles died. Maybe it’s the word “used” that bothers me. Scrimgeour wanted to use Harry. I don’t think Dumbledore did.


  3. Ohhh, why didn’t Lily Disapparate?! I assume mostly for Plot reasons, but yeah man! Although I GUESS Voldy is so fast he could have killed her before she got away? I don’t know, man.

    I like your defending of Lupin! It seems like everyone else is SUPER cross at him, and I’m like ‘yeahhh, but he’s FULL OF GUILT ALWAYS’. Ohhh, Lupin 😦


    1. Plot reasons is probably the reason.

      I don’t get the hating-on-Lupin thing. Back before he fell in love, he only had to take care of himself and being a werewolf sucked but he managed. Now with a wife and kid he has SO much guilt. And he genuinely believes that his child might be better off without him. That’s heart-breaking, but it’s no reason to get THAT rage-y towards him.


  4. I think that if we can forgive Lupin, we can forgive Harry’s response as well. Both are acting out of their emotions rather than their brains, and both regret it later.

    “why didn’t Lily grab baby Harry and Disapparate?” We’ve heard that people put protective enchantments on their houses to prevent others from apparating in, so I would assume that the reverse is true, too.


    1. Well the Fidelius Charm apparently doesn’t prevent Disapparating. And it would make sense if they put a “no-Apparating” charm on the house for protection, but making it impossible for them to Disapparate out in case of an emergency would seem foolish. You’d think that since they went through the trouble of going into hiding, they would have made sure they had some escape options available as well.

      I think it probably is just one of those “because I said so” moments of the series.


  5. I think the disapparition in the Potter home is the same thing that’s going on with the Fidelius charm at Grimmauld place — they have to apparate inside the Fidelius charm but OUTSIDE the house, similar to the Burrow, how everyone needs to go just outside the Burrow’s gate to disapparate. That’s why they can’t apparate directly inside Grimmauld Place or directly inside the Burrow — they have to apparate inside the Fidelius boundaries but outside the house itself. Anyhow, this is just my theory.


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