Harry Potter readalong! And the deaths begin…

Happy Harry Potter post day ya’ll!

I meant to post this 2 weeks ago, but I forgot, so here we go – Dumbledore vs. Gandalf Epic Rap Battle of History. It’s actually not one of the better ERB’s, but I had to do it anyways:



Speaking of Dumbledore, I’m kind of excited to re-read this one because it’s the one I’ve read the fewest times and I only barely remember the whole Dumble-family drama. But this book also brings SO MUCH SAD and I’ve already teared up several times. Soooo yeah. Bullet points!

  • Awww, the slight making-up scene between Dudley and Harry.
  • Hehehe, 7 Harry Potters. This makes me want to re-watch the movies really bad. I can’t believe I don’t own them yet.

im hideous


  • And then this not-brilliant plan goes into action and just…. sigh.
For Hedwig and Mad-Eye Moody and George's ear...

For Hedwig and Mad-Eye Moody and George’s ear…


  • George getting his ear blasted off made me cry the most 😦 The twins, I just want to hug them.
  • And poor Hermione, having to erase her parent’s memories so that they’re in less danger. Shit got real.
  • Good for Ron, finally reading a book on how to deal with girls.
  • Hey, Rowling re-named the Light-Putter-Outer! Good job.
  • If Scrimgeour wanted Harry on the Ministry’s side so badly, you’d think he’d do something like fire Umbridge to appease Harry and try to make up for all the crap he had to put up with…
  • Krum makes another appearance! I missed him. And he’s all angry about that weird symbol that Luna’s dad is wearing, I wonder if that’s important… HMMMMM….
  • EVERY PURSE should come with an Undetectable Extension Charm on it. Just sayin.
  • Why does Harry have to have a freaking crisis all the time about the adults he looks up to? It’s so annoying. Was his affection and faith in Dumbledore that weak that after hearing the tiniest rumors he has to spin into a anxious fit over it?


  • Hey, we know who R.A.B. is! That was fast.
  • Hmph. Still don’t like Kreacher…

And that’s all I got! Short and sweet this week, apparently. Seriously though, can someone get on inventing an extension charm thingy for purses? Cause I would pay like a million dollars for that. If I had a million dollars.













  1. Can we first invent a charm for backpacks to make them lighter? But yes. Undetectable extending charms for small objects that can be comfortably placed in one’s pockets – this is humanity’s next project. It must be.


      1. I was definitely thinking about myself. Right now. For grocery shopping, mainly. Possibly for book buying as well. Okay, probably mainly for book buying. And the library.


  2. I’m pretty disappointed that Hermione didn’t get the chance to write the “everything you need to know about ladies and their confusing feelings” book, but I am glad that Ron is getting to use the knowledge on her. She deserves it, she did just blast her parent’s memories away and all. (Also, do you think she regrets blowing off their skiing holiday last Christmas now?)

    I always liked that JK had all these names for things that had hidden historical or latin significance and then it was just the light putter-outer. It was like she went, “nope, fuck it. It puts them out. That’s what it is.”


      1. Yesssss, why hasn’t this been used more often? Well, I guess they use that charm in Arthur Weasley’s Angelica Ford? Still, definitely under-employed in the series.


    1. “I always liked that JK had all these names for things that had hidden historical or latin significance and then it was just the light putter-outer. It was like she went, β€œnope, fuck it. It puts them out. That’s what it is.””

      LOL yes. Although even “Deluminator” isn’t much better, but it’s still a step up.


  3. I was so excited the put-outer got renamed. Because really Rowling, what were you thinking?

    AND YES to every purse having the Undetectable Extension on it. You’d think they would in the wizarding world. I mean really, wouldn’t someone make good money selling them?


    1. Yessss! Mundungus could perfect that charm and just start a whole shop of Undetectable Extension Charm-ed stuff and he’d probably make a trillion Galleons.

      If I was a witch, that spell would be my speciality. I’d cast it on ALL my pockets, purses, tote bags, etc. OMG my boyfriend would love it for our bug-out bags.

      I can’t even say how much I want this to be a real thing, lol.


  4. Ron was SO good in this reading. I wish he was like that all the time because then he’d be an amazing character who might deserve Hermione.

    Yes, Hermione’s bag is amazing.

    Wait, how can you NOT like Kreacher after hearing his tale and reading Hermione’s interpretation of elf nature?


    1. UGH…when she says something along the lines of, “Don’t you see how twisted it is that they have to obey?” I get it, Hermione. Sign me up for S.P.E.W. because I get it now.


    2. Because even though I did feel a teeny, tiny bit bad for Kreacher after his story – he’s still a crap little elf. He helped deceive Harry in book 5 thinking that Sirius wasn’t home, which I’m still sore about. And he’s still all jerky about pureblood-ness and whatnot. Being an asshole for all the other books doesn’t get erased just from one sad story.


  5. Ohhhh, the seven Harrys looks way funny in the film!! I wonder if JK was maaaybe thinking that it would look AWESOME in film terms when she wrote that bit…

    “EVERY PURSE should come with an Undetectable Extension Charm on it. Just sayin.” YES YES YES YES YES! And it seems to make the things inside totally not heavy! Completely amazing.


  6. That Hermione-brainwashes-her-parents moment was when I was like, Holy essssss. Because I know, people have DIED already, but here’s a teenager erasing her much-beloved parents’ MEMORIES of her. She is basically making herself a non-entity. OMG, this book.


      1. That bit is soooo rough! It’s even worse in the movie, too, because she uses Obliviate instead of just modifying their memories. And that’s way harder to reverse, right?


  7. I would die for a purse like that. I have a few clutches/small purses and I never ever use them because they can’t fit either a book or a water bottle inside them and are therefore completely useless to me.

    Dude, Scrimgeour barely puts in any effort to get Harry on his side. He gives it the old light-peer-pressure try, but never actually SHOWS Harry that he wants to help him. Until, you know, he dies to protect Harry. SHOULDA DONE IT SOONER, RUFUS.


    1. Yes! It’d be so nice to carry around a small purse but still fit a few books in there πŸ™‚

      I’m not even convinced that Rufus even wanted to help Harry – it really did seem like he just wanted to use Harry for the Ministry’s own purposes. He didn’t even seem to really believe that Harry was the Chosen One. He just had it in his head that everyone, even Harry, should respect and listen to the Ministry all the time and that just wasn’t cool. Honestly, not that sad over his death.


  8. Aw, I think it’s fair for Harry to have a minor panic attack about the people in his life not living up to his expectations. I am always shocked when people do something shabby, like way oversurprised. So I identify with Harry when he feels that way.


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