Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me by Chelsea’s Family, Friends, and Other Victims


I find Chelsea Handler hilarious. She has that perfect amount of meanness about her that I find endlessly amusing. I wish I could watch Chelsea Lately more, but dude it comes on late and I am a bum that likes to go to sleep earlier than that. This review probably won’t be very long, which is why it’s beefed up with Chelsea Handler GIF’s.

chelseas duh face

So this, as you can probably guess, is a book compiled of stories from various people in Chelsea’s life about the lies and pranks that she pulled on them. OBVIOUSLY you’re in for a good treat there. Since each chapter is byΒ a different person, there were some chapters that just didn’t work for me because I didn’t like the person’s style or tone, but those were just a couple. There were several chuckle-worth moments and one part in particular that actually had me laughing hysterically (at work, so it’s a good thing I work alone).

Damn... I should've read this book while drinking...

Damn… I should’ve read this book while drinking…

What I liked in particular though is that all of these people, after ALL of the crap that Chelsea has pulled on them, still totally love her. Almost every story mentioned that if she’s screwing with you, it’s because she likes you, and that no matter what she’s an awesome, loyal person. Sure they could just be saying that to suck up to her, but I don’t necessarily think that’s the case. One story in particular about how she tricked her friend into stashing Excedrin into her lady parts (she told her friend it was Ecstasy) to get through the airport security actually revealed that lengths that she would go to help snap her friends back to reality when they’re going down a bad path.

chelsea judges you

Soooo other than that – a funny book that makes me laugh and also makes me wish that I knew Chelsea Handler in real life – what else am I supposed to say?Β It’s funny and amusing, read it when you need something a quickΒ book that’s light and fluffy. I bet it’d be a GREAT beach read.

chelsea says enoy

Sarah Says: 3.5 stars



  1. I totally agree with you! I have read all of her books except this one! My Horizontal Life had me crying because I was laughing so hard and that almost NEVER happens. Nice to find another Handler fan! And totally agree with her show being on WAY too late .. old geezers for the win ;).


  2. I also love Chelsea Handler! I read My Horizontal Life in one day and cried laughing the whole time. Thank you for reminding me of this book! Going to the library to check it out now! (And I am expecting weird looks from old ladies as I skip through the library with this book! Yay!) xo


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