Harry Potters readalong! Beedle Beedle Beedle

It’s Harry Potter post day!

This is only the second time I read The Tales of Beedle the Bard (I first read it in 2011 after re-reading the series yet again).

So let’s be honest – this a cute little book, but most of the stories are like “Oh, that’s cute. Whatevs.” EXCEPT for The Warlock’s Hairy Heart, which… geezus. Chill, JK Rowling. Way to give kids nightmares. Who the hell would read that to a small kid? I wouldn’t, and I don’t even like kids.



Most of these are pretty pro-Muggle and be nice and don’t lock your heart away because it will get hairy and gross. But of course the best story is The Tale of the Three Brothers, and not only because it’s the story that has the most significance in the last book. It was the only one that I think really shows JK’s awesome writing skills. It reads beautifully, the moral of the story was pretty damn obvious, etc. Clearly Voldy never heard this story as a child – maybe if his mother had stayed alive and read it to him, he wouldn’t have been all crazy “I’ll never die not ever ever”. MAYBE. He was a creepy kid.

Also, for those of you that have seen the movies – how awesome was this part?

“But though Death searched for the third brother for many years, he was never able to find him.”


Clearly awesome. I LOVED this animation.

This book would be basically nothing without Dumbledore’s notes for each story.

“A simple and heartwarming fable, one might think – in which case, one would reveal oneself to be an innocent nincompoop.”

It’s almost like he’s still alive… sad face.Β 

Oh, and how hilarious is Deathstick? Clearly a creepy euphemism for a dude’s junk. Gross, JK. Although let’s face it, Lil’ Kim and 50 Cent ruined the possibility of ever referring to a wand as some sort of stick without it seeming sexual.

Β Anyways… yeah. That’s about all I got. I do really like this book – I think it’s a really nice addition to the series, much cooler than those Harry Potter “schoolbooks” you can buy.

Β Whatchya’ll think?




  1. OK so I know I haven’t really seen the 7th movie but I think I did see the animation of the Three Brothers story, and agreed, it was excellent.

    Hehe, deathstick.


  2. Yeah, the Warlock’s Hairy Heart story is kind of a buzzkill. Also it doesn’t make as much sense (not that the Hopping Pot does…) but I thought the warlock didn’t want a heart? So why would he cut out the lady’s? Blech.

    Also, does this mean Voldemort’s heart is hairy, too? He’s cut out pieces of his soul. No, then his soul would be hairy, I guess. /rambling


  3. I thought this book was going to be kiiind of lame, so I think I was extra excited by it because it isn’t! It’s really good! Yay!

    I think The Tale of the Three Brothers was probably my favourite story (if we’re picking, right now) but only because of it’s relevance to Harry Potter as a whole, rather than it exactly being better than the others, because I thought they were all pretty good, tbh!

    I haven’t seen the 7th movie, but I’m pretty sure I need to see the whole of that animation now. Wow.


  4. Haha, “I wouldn’t, and I don’t even like kids.” — That’s when you KNOW it’s a scary story.

    That animation is the best. I need to watch that movie again.

    Dumbledoooooooore! *sobs*


  5. Yes–that animation is the best!

    “I wouldn’t, and I don’t even like kids.” Ditto, but didn’t you love being scared as a kid yourself? I did, though I loathe it now.


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