Harry Potter readalong! Dumbledore dumbles no more.

You guyyyyys, it’s Harry Potter Post Day! (Well actually tomorrow is, but I just published this by accident on Thursday afternoon, and I’m rollin’ with it.) But it’sΒ a bit of a sad one, because DUMBLEDORE!!

tearing up

But I’m getting ahead of myself, as always. There’s a lot to chat about here, so I’ma jump straight into the bullet points. Kay?

  • Luna’s Quidditch commentary is obviously stellar, and McLaggen is such a douche.
  • Hepzibah Smith sounds like a female version of Professor Slughorn – they’re both large, addicted to comfort and luxury, and ended up giving Voldy something he wanted without meaning to.
  • Again, the Voldy memories are super fascinating. I totally forgot how he got the cup and locket.
  • Also, Dumbledore in that meeting when Voldy asked again for the DADA job? Ruled it


  • Wooooot and now we now why the DADA position is actually cursed!
  • You’d think that the “Half-Blood Prince” wouldn’t have just left his shit around for anybody to look at like that…
  • Harry takes the Felix Felicis and it’s hilarious, although I think more so in the movie.

Seeee? Felix is like a drug!

  • THE HORCRUXES! Dumbledore finally realizes what the hell he’s been doing and his big theory about why Voldemort didn’t die. And it’s awesome. And led to constant speculation about what exactly the four Horcruxes might be (because back when the books were still new, it seemed like maybe Dumbledore could’ve been wrong about one or two, and we didn’t know what the thing from Gryffindor or Ravenclaw might be.)
  • I find it interesting that the Dementor’s Kiss removes your soul from your body and you basically become a catatonic skinbag – no personality, no thoughts or dreams or desires. Buuuut apparently you can purposely rip your soul up into itty bitty pieces and store those pieces in random objects that might get destroyed without any real effect on your personality or powers. Oh, but it makes your physical appearance change and your face looks waxy and warped. What the hell, JK.

weird stare

  • Soooo… were brooms not an option to get across that creepy zombie-filled lake? Just wondering.
  • If only Dumbles was strong enough to apparate… Harry would’ve been safe stuck underneath the Cloak, but he could’ve saved himself.
  • Damn Malfoy, who is still a HORRID person and I can’t stand, but apparently he’s not a real killer.
  • DUMBLEDORE!!!! More sad faces.
  • Aaaand the biggest “Is Snape good or evil?” debate begins! That was a fun bout of speculation while waiting for the 7th book. I honestly don’t remember which side I was on…
  • Oh and Snape is the Half-Blood Prince! But by this point, who cares?
  • Ummm that battle scene in Hogwarts was EPIC. Can’t believe they left it out of the 6th movie.

how rude

  • So how gross is it that Fenrir Greyback has developed a taste for human flesh even when he’s not in werewolf form? So gross.
  • AWWWWWW Fleur loves Bill even though his face is all messed up. And AWWWWW Tonks and Lupin are in love! So sweet. And this:

“Dumbledore would’ve been happier than anybody to think that there was a little more love in the world.”

  • Scrimgeour, once again, sucks. And good job to Harry for refusing to tell anybody what him and Dumbledore were working on, except his close friends.

OHMYGOODNESS WE ONLY HAVE ONE BOOK LEFT! Well, two if we’re counting The Tales of Beedle the Bard, which we should even though it’s tiny, because it’s delightful. I’m dreading that in about a month I’m going to actually have to come up with something else to post on Fridays :-/




  1. Uh, that one gif? The second from the end? That dude is creepy as hell. And the pincers one totally made me giggle.

    Valid points about the dementors vs. horcruxes. Also creepy as hell. And yes, I can’t believe they left that battle out of the movie. *sad face*


  2. I really need to see the movie to at least understand the context for Harry’s comment about the pincers…

    I felt so bad for Malfoy in that last Tower scene. Not even him crying in the bathroom elicited much pity from me, probably because he tried to crucio Harry and NOT COOL. But in the end when you see how desperate he is and how much he doesn’t WANT to kill Dumbles. Very well, I finally feel bad for you, ferret-face.

    Yay for Harry not telling Scrimgeour what he and Dumbles were up to, but I did sorta think he should let McGonagal in. Because she’s the best and could have probably helped out.


    1. I thought that was maybe OVERLY loyal to Dumbledore too. Because now McGonagall is kind of the leader of the Order too, no? So should probably know what’s going on, in a general sort of way.


      1. I think she might have been a bit more of a hindrance, in this case. She miiiiiight have let Harry go off on his own even though it was super dangerous, but she might’ve tried to prevent Ron & Hermione going. And I don’t think that Dumbledore’s work on the Horcruxes was even considered Order business. It was more “I’m the only bad-ass wizard that can figure all this out” business, lol.


    2. I felt a leeeeetle bit bad for him in the bathroom, cause you gotta be really depressed to be crying your soul out to Moaning Myrtle. Trying to use Crucio was super crappy though. But yeah, begrudgingly I admit he probably wouldn’t have killed Dumbly on his own. If those stupid Death Eaters hadn’t shown up, maybe he would’ve agreed to go into Wizard-hiding with his family.

      McGonagall… I think she’s awesome and a bad-ass witch, but I don’t think she had the same way of doing things as Dumbledore. She might have tried to prevent Harry from leaving to search for Horcruxes because it was too dangerous or something.


  3. I was absolutely on team EVIL SNAPE after this book the first time. Which is pretty funny to think about now that I’ve spent the past FOUR MONTHS defending him! Ohhh Snape.


    1. LOL well I think a lot of people have done the same thing. You think Snape is the most evil, and then he turns out to be the most wonderfully complex creature, who happens to be a total dillhole but you steel feel for him.


  4. I hadn’t realized that they left the battle out of the movie, but they totally did! Why would they do that!?

    I loved Harry’s polite but staunch refusal to cooperate with the Ministry. Good on you, Harry, for standing true to yourself (and Dumbles).

    Dumbles dying is the saddest, even though I know it needs to happen.


  5. Brooms to fly across the lake? You and I were definitely thinking the same thing this week. SO many ways that Harry and Dumbledore could have made it easier on themselves.

    I also love that scene in the hospital. It makes me cry more than when Albus dies.

    I just re-watched HBP last week and dismayed that they left out the fight scene from Hogwarts. I mean, what were they thinking?

    I kinda disagree about Harry not talking to Minerva about the horcruxes. At least in retrospect I do, but probably not when reading the book the first time around. But Harry couldn’t have known at the time just how little DUmbledore got around to telling him OR anybody else about the master plan because it was all secrets, all the time. Seems like life would have been marginally easier had at least one trusted adult known about the horcruxes, etc.


    1. Right? And of course, the whole thing on the lake might have been avoided if Harry had remembered that he had seen the locket from the memories in real life before and knew where it was…

      Well, I don’t think McGonagall would’ve known anything about Horcruxes in particular to help Harry, and once she found out what Harry was about to attempt, she might have tried to protect him but that would’ve got in the way. Every time an adult tried to sheild him from something it turned out badly, but I don’t think she would’ve been able to help herself. She just didn’t operate the same way that Dumbledore did, despite her awesomeness.


  6. I haven’t read this since it was BRAND NEW but I still clearly remember staying up til 4am to finish, crying about Dumbledore, , then deciding that sod it, I was too emotional to sleep and stayed up until about 4pm the next day. Good times..


  7. Okay, I clearly need to watch this movie again because I didn’t realize they cut the whole battle out… not cool.

    For the dementor’s kiss vs. horcrux soul-eating conundrum, I think JKR was trying to imply that breaking up his soul so many times is what made Voldemort so evil and irredeemable, but she totally shot herself in the foot with that logic because in the same book she shows that he was a sociopath from childhood. So… IDK I guess maybe the point is that only someone so evil could have survived splitting a soul so many times — maybe less evil people would be empty shells by the end.


    1. “So… IDK I guess maybe the point is that only someone so evil could have survived splitting a soul so many times β€” maybe less evil people would be empty shells by the end.”

      That actually makes a lot of sense! Cause yeah, by the orphanage seen she totally shows that he was evil from the get-go, and maybe that’s HOW evil / sociopathic he was. That splitting his soul didn’t even phase him like it might someone else.


  8. Fenrir Greyback is legit the most terrifying character in this book. Or maybe the most skin-crawlly. Either way ughghhhh *shudders 1000 shudders*

    Don’t even get me started on the movie eliminating the battle scene. It makes me SO mad (and I really enjoy the movie otherwise) but I mean seriously, if there was no battle (or threat of battle) why didn’t Malfoy and Snape just take a trip to Dumbles at the start of term?


  9. LOL. Good point about the effects of the Dementor’s Kiss/ripping up your soul. And I’ll be honest, I was totally drawn in and firmly in the Snape is Evil camp. I had ONE friend who thought otherwise, and I thought she was absolutely bonkers. Lols, Stephanie Tanner. Love it.


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