Top Ten Tuesday: Topics in Books that Get Me Excited

the broke and the bookish

Good morning fellow bloggers! It’s Tuesday, and I am LE TIRED. I’m baby-sitting my almost 2 year-old nephew L and that kid has me so sleepy! Hopefully later he’ll want to take a nice nap with Aunt Sarah, cause a well-rested Aunt Sarah is a nicer Aunt Sarah. Anyyyyhoo, I still mustered up the energy to hop online and join in on Top Ten Tuesday, which is hosted by the lovely folks over at The Broke and The Bookish. The topic today is Top Ten Words/Topics That Instantly Make Me Buy/Pick Up A Book. Onwards!



stanley laughing

1. Humor – I like to laugh! And I love books that make me laugh, so if I hear that a book is funny or humorous, I instantly want to read it! And honestly, that’s worked out quite well for me in the past. So authors – be hilarious!

2. Comparisons to Outlander series – Is it ever AS good as the Outlander books? Of course not. But if I hear that something is similar to Outlander, I have to try it. I read The Bronze Horseman because someone compared the love story in that to the love story of Jamie & Claire, and that was a really good book! It’s also why I have The River of No Return waiting for me on hold at the library.


zombies and daryl

3. Zombies – Come on, zombies are so much fun! Ironically, I don’t think that the zombie trend is quite overdone yet. These fads usually come and go so quick, but I think zombies are such a fun scenario to play around with, and I’ve seen authors come up with VERY different and unique angles on it.

4. Childfree books – So, I don’t want kids. They’re just not my jam. But you would be AMAZED at the number of people who say “Oh you’ll change your mind” orΒ  just generally demean your situation. It’s frustrating! So whenever I see a book that’s about being “childless by choice”, I always want to check it out. The Baby Boon is about how our society caters to parents so much and kind of ignores the childless, and I’m waiting for I Can Barely Take Care of Myself by Jen Kirkman at the library, which is a humor book on the topic. Sometimes it’s nice to read about people who go through the same stuff as you and make it funny, ya know?

5. Parallel worlds – This is one of my FAVORITE sci-fi topics! Well, sci-fi and non-fiction, since there’s a growing number of science books exploring the topic and likelihood of the multiverse. The Neanderthal Parallax series is what really piqued my interest in the idea of parallel worlds and it’s a topic I’ve been seeking out since then.

6. Good blurbs on the covers – This isn’t so much a “topic”, but when I see recommendations from authors I like printed on the front of a book, of course it makes me want to read it! It’s one of the reasons I read Ex-Heroes by Patrick Clines, and that was a fun book!


terra nova dino

7. Dinosaurs – This is a kind of new-ish topic that appeals to me. I already liked things like Jurassic Park and Terra Nova, but after reading My Beloved Brontosaurus recently I’m craving more dinos! So I might be seeking out some more dinosaur-related books soon, whether they be fiction or non-fiction.

8. Physics – This kind of relates to parallel worlds, but I’ve really enjoyed reading more about physics lately, in all it’s different forms. This mostly applies to non-fiction books, but it also means that if I hear that a novel’s main character is a physicist or something, I’m totally all over that.


lets me bad guys

9. Comparisons to Firefly – If I hear that a book is in anyway similar to the awesomeness that is Firefly, of course I’ll check it out! It’s what got me to check out the Tales of the Ketty Jay series by Chris Wooding and I LOVE IT.

10. Sci-fi and fantasyΒ – You know what, let’s just make the last pick here a blanket topic – I really love sci-fi and fantasy. Anything that relates to weird science, space travel, alternate worlds, magic, the paranormal, etc and it instantly catches my attention.


Okay book-lovers! Those are mine, what are the words or topics that instantly make you want to read a book?





  1. So on the kids thing: I’m a want-to-have-kids kind of girl, but seriously, if you don’t want kids, why do people want to convince you to have them? There are so many cruddy parents out there (not to say you would be a cruddy parent) who don’t want the kids they have. If you don’t want them, don’t have them. It’s your choice. It’s not like the human race is going to die out because you don’t have a child.

    Anyway, the books that have me at hello aren’t based on topic usually. . . but I will read almost anything Holocaust related. Um. . . I don’t know if I have other topics that scream read me, but I do feel that way about certain authors.


    1. I have no idea why people try to convince me that I need to have kids. It’s like they just want everyone to be in the Parent Club or something.

      I have auto-buy authors too… it was kind of hard to come up with specific things that grab my interest, cause EVERYTHING can interest me, lol. It’s why I can spend hours browsing in the library or bookstore.


  2. You are so right about zombies. I keep waiting to get super sick of the genre but it hasn’t happened yet.

    Also WHY to people feel the need to get all smug and knowing and tell you that you’ll want to have kids? Very, very obnoxious.


  3. *cough* Well yeah, I also ordered “Outlander” that day when I ordered “The Eyre Affair”… I’m telling, this blog ain’t doing no favours to my TBRM nor wallet nor time management issues!

    As to the topic of children, people who patronise/matronise others along the lines of “you’ll get there” make me go into yber rage. And what if I don’t get there ever? Excuse me, mrs or mr, but in that case you have just made a huge a** out of yourself, in addition to pissing me off. Not that I argue over reproductional values in life, but jeez, man, not everyone has to think having a child is the greatest goal in life. On the other hand, I am happy for people who think that and I definitely don’t go telling *them* how in my opinion they are or are not suitable for parenthood… Ok sorry rant over.


    1. YAYYYYYYY Outlander and The Eyre Affair!! I’m so excited for all the reading goodness that’s coming your way. Although now the pressure is on and I’ll feel terrible if you end up not liking Outlander :-/

      I am totally okay with your rant. It’s stuff that annoys me A LOT. The general population really does seem to think that having a kid is the meaning of life.


      1. I totally get about the pressure, that is why I generally try to avoid recommending books. Somehow I feel it makes me partly responsible for the other person’s experience. HOWEVER have no fear. Outlander has so much things I generally enjoy, speaking for it! (Historical aspect, chunkster, cool characters, it’s a series, I’m sure the list goes on πŸ™‚ )


      2. Okay, I’ll stay optimistic πŸ™‚ I think I’m a little scarred because a close of my friend finally read it… but it took her a year to get through and she didn’t like it. BUT she also usually reads short, fluffy romance novels so I probably should have figured it wouldn’t quite be her thing.


      1. I highly recommend it πŸ˜‰ And you know, that means a lot. Ha ha, not really. But I do think you’d like it a lot


  4. What is this Bronze Horseman? I must read it! And I’m so with you on the kid thing. I mean, I want them at some point, but the fact that I’m 30 and haven’t had any (INTENTIONALLY- actively avoided the getting pregnant thing) gets me a lot of crap. It’s VERY annoying to be spoken down to just because you haven’t popped out a tiny human. I still have a BRAIN and a LIFE and OPINIONS. And so does SARAH!!!


    1. The Bronze Horseman is WONDERFUL historical fiction and you will love it. Except it is big on the tragic times. And there’s the sequel, Tatiana & Alexander, which is also pretty good and also has some sad times. But then there’s the third (and last) book, The Summer Garden, and that one is HORRID so never read it. Just read the first two and enjoy them and forget the third one exists.

      “I still have a BRAIN and a LIFE and OPINIONS. And so does SARAH!!!” Yesssss exactly! Stupid people, acting like we’re malfunctioning baby-making machines just because we haven’t produced tiny humans.


  5. Totally with you on the childless thing. I don’t want kids either and am sick of hearing that I’ll change my mind one day. To be honest, the older I get the less I want them (29 right now). Have a ton of thirty something friends that don’t have kids and are happy. My new favorite hate line I receive from parents is this – I didn’t want kids until I met the right man. SERIOUSLY? Are you trying to tell me my husband is the wrong man? Pisses me off so much.

    Also, ZOMBIES!


    1. Wooowwww that is SO messed up! Although I think I’ve heard people say that before, but geez. What jerks!

      I feel like the older I get, the more sure I am that I don’t want kids too. Like I love my niece and nephews, but everytime I see them I’m like “I am SO happy I don’t have kids.”


  6. OMG, I liked that gif after physics! Okay, so for me I love it when the main character kills the bad guy and says something witty about it. Like if you’re fighting a zombie, and then you’re like: “Whoops! Too slow.” Or something, you know? I ❀ childfree books. I don't get why in YA books, some people like it when the girl gets pregnant, and guy and girl have to figure something out. It's ugh … I don't know. it just feels like unnecessary baggage. If there's a sequel, I probably won't read it. That's how bad I am with that topic. Unless, they're like older, and on the verge of proposing/getting married – then no.

    ~Ana @ Characterized Book Reviews


  7. I mostly talked about fiction in my list, but childfree books might be on my non-fiction list, if I made one. I haven’t done too much reading on the topic yet (other than some book called I Hate Other People’s Kids, which I thought would be funny, but really wasn’t).

    Parallel worlds is a good one, too. I had alternate history in my list. That’s similar, I guess. πŸ™‚


    1. I think I’ve flipped through I Hate Other People’s Kids in the bookstore before, and yeah, it didn’t look as funny as I would’ve thought.

      I had a hard time staying away from non-fiction in my list today… I’ve been on a non-fic kick over the past couple months.


  8. OH MY GOD YES. I am absolutely undecided on the kids front and I’m 24. I mean.. on the one hand.. the idea is nice and I’m sure it’d be nice to be a family but.. on the other.. I don’t like kids. Shall have to check out the 2 books you mentioned there.

    Cover blurbs also get me. Oh, Neil Gaiman likes this? Must be good!

    Hmmm… Tudor historical fiction. Or hell, historical fiction with a unique idea. Or.. a focus on women. Love it. And Paris. I don’t know why. I’ve never had a want to go there, I’ve never been there, but for some reason I love fiction set in Paris.


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