Holes by Louis Sachar


You know that when I saw the movie Holes, I didn’t even know it was a book? I missed it when I was a kid I guess. It’s okay though, because just in case you’re wondering, they did an awesome job with the movie. It is almost exactly like the book, except Stanley starts out as a chubby kid. So if for some reason you’re too lazy to read a 230+ page kids book, you should totally watch the movie. And THEN read the book, because why wouldn’t you want to experience that fun twice?

Holes is about Stanley Yelnats, a kid who is falsely accused of stealing a pair of famous sneakers and givenΒ a choice: either time at Camp Green Lake, or time atΒ prison. He goes with the camp, which is not the nice place he thought it would be. He and the other boys there must dig a hole in the hot sun every day, as their punishment. Just as Stanley starts to realize that something is fishy with the Warden, he befriends a young kid called Zero, and from there the plot gets thicker.

There’s some humor, and some awesome back story about Stanley’s family curse and exactly why Camp Green Lake dried up, and there’s even a total swoon-worthy moment…

i can fix that

followed by some sad times, followed by some scary times, followed by happy times cause come on, this IS a kid’s book still.

It’s a romping goodΒ read though, my friends. If you can’t tell by my non-coherent rambling, Holes is an awesome book. I highly recommend you read it, even if you’re an adult, cause it’s awesome. Aaaaand now I really wanna go watch the movie.

Sarah Says: 4.5 stars



  1. Yes! I really liked this one. I think I read it for a Dewey readathon last year … my brother had read it and liked it and he’s NOT a reader. I never did watch the movie, though … maybe I should get on that!


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