Readathon! 8 Hours In!

Me while readathoning.

Me while readathoning.

How are ya’ll doin???

So, we’re 8 hours in! 1/3 of the way over! Which is so sad to me.

Updates, yo:

  • Started Holes by Louis Sachar, read 104 pages of it before I left work
  • That’s 282 pages total so far, about half of my modest page goal for today!
  • Got home and started the chicken in the crockpot for chicken tacos later.
  • Ate some Nutter Butter cookies, and I’m going to make jalapeno poppers soon. YUMMMMMM.
  • Partook of the Self-Portrait Challenge, hosted by The Estella Society:

For the Hour 5 Challenge, Self-Portrait

  • The honeymanΒ went out with a friend to an armyΒ supplies kinda store today and brought me back a present:



The honeyman, he gets me.


So yeah. Best day ever! I’m off to read a bit more, and chat a bit more, and eat sooooo many jalapeno poppers. I’ll be back in another 4 hours or so.






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