Harry Potter readalong! Ewwww, dementors breed?

Happy Harry Potter Post Day ya’ll! I am trying to be VERY upbeat, or I’ll spend the rest of the series being super-depressed about Sirius… but this first section is kind of fun, ain’t it?

harry potter dance gif

I love that we don’t see Harry until two chapters into this book. It’s like J.K. knew I’d be still kind of mad at Harry from the last book, so she slowly eased him into this one. Plus it’s totally cool to see what some of the adult wizards are up to during the summer.


  • I love seeing the Muggle Prime Minister interact with wizards, although man the wizards are kind of douche-y, aren’t they? Just kind of ordering the PM around, and I wanted to slap Fudge and tell him to slow down and really explain things instead of talking to the PM like he knows everything about the wizard world.
  • But seriously though, dementors breeding? YUCK.
  • I totally love Snape and Bellatrix’s argument, about why Voldemort trusts him. Not only does it show just how smart Snape is, it helped further that old “Is Snape really evil?” debate.
  • The Unbreakable Vow! **thunder claps overhead**
  • pg. 32 – What’s keeping the wizards in jail if there are no dementors? I mean I know it’s probably pretty easy to lock a wizard up if you take away his wand, but wouldn’t Voldy just show up instantly and break em all out again?
  • I feel a teensy bit bad for Narcissa, cause she’s just a worried mom in the beginning there. But why isn’t she out doing Death Eater-y stuff for Voldemort? Is she not really a Death Eater, just her husband? Wouldn’t Voldemort demand her to join along with her husband? I doubt he’d be like “Oh no, I won’t make you a Death Eater, obviously you have to stay at home with your child and cook and clean”. But if so, dude how sexist.
  • pg. 46 “yet, sadly, accidental rudeness occurs alarmingly often” Oh Dumbledore. You’re so saucy.

happy sigh simon

  • Awwww, Mr. Weasley has been promoted!
  • Harry is SO NOSY in this section. First following Malfoy in Diagon Alley, and then getting himself locked into the train compartment with Malfoy and his friends. Not the best plan, Harry.
  • Although, kudos to Harry for realizing that Malfoy’s probably working for Voldemort. I don’t know why everyone thinks Voldy cares about what age the people he uses are. He was totally willing to kill a toddler, I doubt he cares about waiting until teenagers legally become adults for them to join Death Eater ranks.
  • pg. 138 “It was like having friends.” Dude, Luna I love you.
  • I find it amusing that Zambini’s mother is a murderous gold-digger.

This was such a short section, compared to the giantess that is OotP. But it was fun, even though I know darker stuff is ahead. Really though, I wish there was a LOT more Dumbledore/Dursley interaction, because that was pure gold.




  1. So MUCH here. Where to start?

    LIke you I love getting the first two chapters without the Harry Filter and OMG, Snape & Bellatrix I could read forever. I don’t think that Narcissa is a Death Eater, though I think that back in Vold War I she certainly embraced the politics and ideals and supported her husband in his DE activities. Not because she’s a woman (though we certainly have VERY few DE ladies) but because, well, she’s too good to dirty her hands with any of that stuff. I think it’s the Spinner’s End chapter where the reader gets the first inkling that Narcissa is NOT impressed with Voldemort and while she would never act against her own best interest by turning against Voldie openly, she turns to Snape.

    Ugh, sorry about the mini essay there.

    I LOVE dumbledore’s dialogue in that third chapter with the Dursleys, what with the accidental rudeness and let’s assume you invited me in, etc. And somebody needed to give the Dursleys the what-for for the way they treated Harry.


    1. I just finding it surprising that Voldemort wouldn’t demand more of Narcissa earlier on, you know? Like was she full-in Death Eater before they had Draco? Although he kind of is demanding a lot of her now, he knows damn well he’s torturing her by playing around with her only son.


  2. This Dementors-breeding thing really didn’t occur to me, but ewwwwww indeed! I mean… It’s surely not a LOVING kind of breeding cause they’re incapable of that, right? OR ARE THEY…

    And I guess the wizards are just kept in jail by other wizards now? Azkaban must still be guarded by some super strong Aurors, so I’d imagine Voldy is just biding his time to break everyone out.


  3. So then there are male and female dementors? Or maybe they just rip a bit of their cloak off and then that grows into a dementor. Or maybe they’re like fish and they just leave their respective bits around. Hence the mist. ANYway…


  4. I don’t think Narcissa is a death eater (I agree with Emily, I don’t think she’d want to get her hands dirty) but she’s definitely in their league. She’s pissed with Voldy atm because she loves her son/knows he’s definitely going to die trying to do this, but she still shares all their ideals. If Draco wasn’t dragged in, I bet she’d be more of a cheerleader than what we’re seeing.

    I imagine Dementors are like bacteria and just split into a new dementor when they get enough sadness. At least, that’s less upsetting than the alternative visual in my head right now.


  5. Who is guarding the wizard prisons? Do they have that many Aurors available to be prison guards and also on the hunt for escaped Death Eaters? I don’t know that JK really thought through wizarding politics or policing.


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