The Wednesday Letters by Jason F. Wright

Jason F Wright


This sucked. But in all fairness, it’s my own fault I read this book.

I bought The Wednesday Letters a few years ago at a used book sale. I had heard of it before, and it was cheap, so I bought it without really knowing what it was about. The description on the back makes it sound like a quaint love story – an old couple dies in each other’s arms, and their children discover decades worth of letters that their father wrote to their mother, one every week since they got married. Truths are revealed, yada yada yada. SOMEHOW I missed the recommendation on the back from stupid Glenn Beck, or that would have stopped me right there.

Well this book has just been sitting on my shelf for AGES now, which is why I added it to my TBR for the month – it looked like a good, short read for the readathons coming up. But then I turned into EPW this week (that’s Emotional Period Woman, in case you didn’t know) so I decided a nice, sappy story that’ll probably make me cry would be a good pick. I had it in my head that this would probably be a cute, sad romantic story a la Nicholas Sparks – shut up, I was in the mood for something crappy and sappy. But this was just CRAPPY.

So the story starts off okay, with the old couple who own a B&B dying in each other’s arms. The writing wasn’t great, but whatever. And then the children of the old couple came into the story, and they were all kind of annoying and the dialogue grew steadily worse. Like, alarmingly bad. And then I started getting slapped over the head with “the Lord this” and “forgiveness” that and I realized I was basically reading a giant freaking sermon preaching Christian / pro-life values, with a good dose of “women are sensitive creatures who should just cook to feed the men” kind of characterization. And as I was already halfway through the stupid thing, I finished it.

I could rant about this a bit, but I’m not going to. I’ll just say that the writing was really, really bad and getting beat to exhaustion with Christian value-mongering isn’t exactly my cup of tea. But again, that was MY fault for not researching the book a bit before I started it. I think The Wednesday Letters was really dumb. Others may disagree. At least it won’t be taking up space on my shelf any longer.

Sarah Says: .5 stars






  1. Will be avoiding this one then! Glenn Beck…that man is at least 8 bags of crazy. A few years ago, if there was nothing on T.V, Dad would put on the Fox News channel that we get over here and we’d sit back and be all WTF… that man can’t be real. Bit of stealth marketing by putting the rec on the back methinks?


    1. Yeah, he’s a horrible nut-job. I’m sure his rec on the back to appeal to certain people, but had I noticed that I would never have bought / read it! That’s what I get for not really looking at the covers too well, lol. Ugh.


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