Classics Club April Question

Alright, Classics Club meme! I hope that our answer for this month is from all classics we’ve read, not just the classics we’ve read since we joined the CC.

Here’s the Classics Club question for April:

“Who is hands-down the best literary hero, in your opinion? Likewise, who is the best heroine?”

Tricky, tricky, tricky! Not really, it’s just that it’s such a hard question!

When I think of best literary hero, my mind INSTANTLY thinks of Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights. Except he’s more of an anti-hero, but that’s why he’s so awesome! Buuuut the question says hero, not anti-hero, so I had to think on this some more. I’m sure a lot of people instantly leap to Mr. Darcy, and while he’s cool and all… ehh. I like him, but you don’t get to see much of him in Pride and Prejudice, you know?

So after thinking a bit more, I think the best literary hero is William Dobbin from Vanity Fair. He’s in love with the world’s crappiest heroine, Amelia, but his love in her is constant and unwavering. He does whatever he can to help her out and make her happy, even when she’s treating him like crap. And he was just such a GOOD guy. He reminds me a bit of Colonel Brandon from Sense and Sensibility, except Dobbin is a better-developed character. I liked Dobbin from the very first time he’s introduced in the book and continued to cheer for him the whole way through.

So, now best literary heroine? I think I’m going to have to go with Emma Woodhouse from Emma by Jane Austen. Emma has been one of my favorite Austen characters for a long while, and I can’t think of any other classic heroine that I like better. I mean sure, Lizzie Bennett from P&P is awesome but she’s just a little too perfect for me. I like Emma because she’s a little bit mean, and I dig that about her. She’s also a flawed character – even though she has a good heart, she definitely makes a lot of mistakes and hence grows a lot as a character throughout the book.

There we have it! That was a surprisingly hard question… I had to think about it in the back of my mind for a long while before I felt ready to write this post.

So who do you think deserves the titles of Best Literary Hero & Heroine?





  1. I don’t like those guys and girls who are just a bit *too* good either. A hero needs to have some (more diverse) spice to him/her. But I haven’t been able to think about anyone particular yet myself… Maybe by the end of the month. But it’s difficult to choose “a favourite” for me, in any field. Dobbin is actually a good choice because despite of being so goooood all the time, what actually gives him that little edge is the fact that he cannot get over Amelia, who really isn’t the brightest crayon in the box.


    1. Hahahaha “who really isn’t the brightest crayon in the box” describes her so well!

      Yeah, that’s Dobbin’s one real flaw is that he sees so much value in people who really don’t deserve it (Osborne AND Amelia). And it frustrated me that he was such a doormat to Amelia, but then he eventually told her off which just made me like him even more!

      Choosing favorites is HARD though. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!


  2. Interesting choices. when I did this meme I chose Samwise Gamgee from The Lord of the Rings as my hero, and then Elinor Dashwood from Sense and Sensibility for my heroine. Great minds think a like when it comes to Austen’s ladies being the best heroines 🙂


    1. My mind just instantly goes to Austen for classic female characters! The only Bronte female characters I like are Anne Bronte’s, and they’re just not as vibrant as Austen’s characters. And it was just hard to think of other leading ladies! I did consider Becky Sharp from Vanity Fair, but even though I like her a lot I don’t think she’s one of the best, you know?


  3. haha. You know, I do NOT think of Elizabeth Bennet as perfect. I think of her as very, very flawed. Yes, she’s fun and clever, but she’s both prideful and judgmental. These flaws are just as strong as Emma’s meanness and bossiness.

    My April Meme.


    1. Well, I don’t know. She definitely makes mistakes, but I think she was correct in her initial judgment of Darcy – if I heard some guy mention that I’m not nearly good looking enough for him, I’d react the same way. And I never saw her as prideful to a fault – I saw her as confident and as a woman with standards. Maybe it’s that she’s too much of a perfect character for me, lol.


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