Harry Potter Readalong! SIRIUSSSSS!!!!

Happy Harry Potter post day! Although I’m finding it hard to be too excited, because SIRIUS!  😦

ugly sobbing

I don’t cry a lot during the Harry Potter series. I’m kind of tough on Harry, because he has a lot of faults (which are good because they make him more realistic, but man they can be frustrating) and I generally don’t get too choked up over a lot of the things in these books. Kids are pretty resilient. But I CAN’T STOP CRYING during chapters 35 through 37. Sirius was definitely one of my favorite characters, and the only chance at having an adult family member that Harry really had left, and OHMYGOD IT’S TOO SAD. The first time I read this book, I was depressed for about a week.

But let’s talk about some other stuff first.

  • The Grawp chapter is so boring. Stupid Grawp. Good for Hagrid and everything cause it’s sweet that he has a brother, but duuuuude I just don’t care about Grawp. He’s just filler, really.
  • Why didn’t Harry and Ron ever drop Divination? Is it because they figured that if nothing else, it’s easy credit because they can just bluff their way through it?
  • I forgot that Umbridge was the one who sent dementors after Harry! *If the centaurs did rape her… well I can’t condone rape of course. But I also wouldn’t really feel that badly for her. I really wish they would’ve just killed her off.
  • I like how the D.A. is the young, present-day version of the Order of the Phoenix 🙂
  • Soooo chapter 32, and Harry has the Sirius vision, and Hermione explains EXACTLY why Harry should chill the hell out and think before he acts, because that vision probably wasn’t real, and UGH I GET SO MAD AT HARRY HERE. Mad a lot of people actually – Dumbledore for not explaining to Harry the exact reasons why he was supposed to take Occlumency and that there was a risk of Voldemort abusing the link between them, Snape for not being less of a dick during those lessons and not trying to get Harry alone ASAP to tell him that Sirius was really okay, Kreacher for being such a crappy little thing and for no one realizing how dangerous he was, and Harry for not even TRYING to learn Occlumency and then for rushing headfirst into this situation that leads to a bunch of people putting their lives in danger because he’s an idiot. I think one of the most upsetting things about Sirius’s death is that SO MANY THINGS could have prevented it, and it was a bunch of little mishaps that lead to it. And in a way, JK is genius because deaths that shouldn’t have happened and don’t make sense happen every day in the real world, but man it hurts when it happens to Sirius. But I’m getting ahead of myself again…
  • The showdown between the D.A. and the Death Eaters! How awesome was it, because they’re so young and still kicked a lot of ass? AND we see more of Bellatrix, who I hate but kind of really like because she’s insane.


  • So when the Death Eaters come up on the D.A. members and try to get the prophecy, Harry asks (pretty sensibly I think) why Voldemort didn’t just show up and get it himself. And they say “Oh yeah he couldn’t just walk in here and get it, that’d be ridiculous” except they’ve all been hanging out in the Ministry of Magic for what, at least 15 minutes? and no alarm has gone off or anything. I really do think Voldemort could’ve popped in and grabbed that prophecy with no problem and been out again, probably in about 5 minutes or less. That’s a weak plot hole, J.K.
  • Then this happens and…  *SOB*

through the arch

  • Dumbledore fights Voldemort and that was a pretty fun battle to read about, and then when Fudge shows up and is all shocked to see Voldy, Dumbledore orders him around and he’s just such a badass there. I love seeing him just shut Fudge down, because he’s a massive idiot.
  • But then Dumbledore and Harry are in his office and I CRY SOME MORE because Harry’s grief is so raw and it’s just too tragic. And then Dumbly goes on about a whole bunch of stuff that he should have told Harry earlier, INCLUDING that the prophecy basically says it’s going to have to come to a battle-to-the-death between Harry and Voldy. I think this is the first book I really actively remember reading and discussing with my sister Heather, about what the prophecy would mean for the next books and whether or not Sirius was really dead (cause we just could not believe it).
  • Aww, near the end Harry FINALLY remembers the 2-way mirror and it’s just more salt in the wound 😦
  • And Luna shows up in her awesome weirdness to comfort Harry and we all just love her, right?

luna comforting Harry

Sooo yeah. That last section was probably the most depressing in the entire series. It’s bumming me out just writing about it. This is probably one of the very few times that I’m a big ol’ crying mess instead of the relatively cold-hearted reader you’ve all come to know! Seeeee, I do have a heart. Siriusly.

lotsa sirius

Until next week!


* Thanks to Kayleigh for linking to that article earlier.



  1. Lol, this section made me show my heart too, even while continuing to complain about Harry’s obnoxiousness. SO ANNOYING. Also, I never noticed that plot hole before. GOOD CATCH! I love these books but man are they fun (and easy) to pick apart. And I agree, the Grawp chapter was excessive, boring build-up for his brief appearance when he scares off the centaurs for Harry and Hermione. This book is waaayyy too long.


  2. I don’t think it’s a plot hole! I think it’s pretty adequately explained by the book. Voldemort HIMSELF doesn’t want to go into the Ministry to get the prophecy because he doesn’t want to blow his cover; not because he doesn’t think that he and his Death Eaters are unable to handle whatever security the Ministry has in place. I always assumed that Voldemort’s original plan was:

    1. Death Eaters (who the wizarding world already knows are on the loose) break into the Ministry and disable the Ministry security system.
    2. Harry shows up and gets the prophecy.
    3. The Death Eaters take the prophecy and skedaddle, most likely framing Harry for breaking into the Ministry in the first place so that he will be even discrediteder.

    Like, right? That’s the plan I would make if I were Voldemort. It’s elegant and clean and it bears minimal risk to Voldemort. Even if someone besides Harry is able to bear witness that Death Eaters were involved, there still won’t be any proof that Voldemort’s returned — which is one of his big goals throughout the book, to conceal the fact of his return.

    But then the Order shows up, and Dumbledore’s on his way, and presumably someone sends a message to Voldemort about this, and Voldemort’s all like, “Goddammit, I have to do everything,” and shows up to salvage what he can of the mission. It’s not that he couldn’t have gone to the Ministry before; it’s that he didn’t want to risk going to the Ministry and having someone credible realize that he’s really truly back.


    1. Yeah, but wouldn’t a better plan have been…

      1. Death Eaters show up and disable any alarms or security.
      2. Voldemort pops in and grabs the prophecy.
      3. They all leave before anyone knows.

      That would’ve taken maybe 5 minutes? I don’t see how the Ministry would’ve known he was back. If there were any “Voldemort detection” spells I’m sure they would’ve been EVERYWHERE back in the day, and since Fudge was so insistent that he was gone for good it’s not like extra security would’ve been in place. So “He didn’t want to risk being noticed” is a pretty weak excuse for him not just getting it himself and being done with it.

      Voldy’s plan is as flawed as his plan in the 4th book – it was unnecessarily long and drawn out and complicated. And in both cases, it didn’t really work out – in the 4th book Harry got away to tell people that Voldy was back (even though few believed him) and in this book, since he showed up SO late, he got caught.


  3. THAT WAS A SUPERLONG COMMENT. Sorry. But also, how are you going to fuss at Harry for going to the aid of the one family member he has? Anyone would do that! He has to! Hermione’s right to try to verify the whole thing, but since they can’t, Harry has to go. And the others choose to go with him, he’s not dragging anybody.


    1. I love the long comments!

      I don’t blame Harry for wanting to save Sirius, I blame him for not even attempting to practice Occlumency, and for not listening to Hermione and not being ABSOLUTELY SURE before he rushed off. And for no one thinking of telling Snape sooner. I’m mad at Harry, but like I said I’m also mad at everyone else, because Dumbly and a bunch of other people/things could’ve prevented the whole Ministry scene.


      1. You’ve completely summed up my feelings on the whole being-pissed-at-Harry thing, so thank you!



    Grawp is the one thing I would cut from this book that most people say needs severe editing. I love everything else. BUT this time around, I actually kind of enjoyed his chapter. Mainly because him saying “WHERE HAGGER” got me a bit emotional.

    I’m pretty sure if someone asked J.K. Rowling if the centaurs raped Umbridge, her response would be, and I quote, “*FUCK* NO.” So there we have it.


  5. I never thought about Umbridge being raped by Centaurs, so I’m gonna just not read that article and carry on my merry way here.

    I’ve been rereading this book too and I just skipped the GRAWP chapter (the one where Hagrid introduces him to Harry & Hermione.) BORING.

    I finished the book last night, so I guess I’m at the same point as you right now. So sad Sirius is gone. Poor Harry. I love the part at the end where they all show up to threaten the Dursleys. Harry may not have his mom, dad or god father – but he definitely has family. ❤


    1. That article is really interesting – it mentions the possibility that that might have happened to Umbridge, but the article is actually about how Hermione is the only character to ever seek of revenge, which obviously makes her awesome.


  6. Centaur rape whaa? I don’t think that happened – I think she would have died. Although I’m not sure what they *did* do because she’s definitely traumatized.

    Yes to being depressed for a week after reading this. SO SAD. The scene in D’dore’s office is where I cry the most. AGH, OotP. I’m going to need to watch a Disney movie or something. I think I have Robin Hood around here somewhere…


    1. Yessss Robin Hood! Now I have that whistle stuck in my head…

      The fact that she is SO traumatized makes me more worried that maybe it was rape… cause she didn’t seem to have any major injuries otherwise, but they’re kind of violent. Yeah I don’t know for sure. Obviously someone needs to ask JK directly.


  7. I think the thing with Divination is that they weren’t allowed to drop it until after OWLs (Hermoine being the exception because she was doing TOO MANY subjects).

    And and and OH GOD I hate Fudge SO MUCH (not the food, obviously) and awwww, Luna! She was so very helpful. Like, she said the only thing that gave Harry any comfort at all, pretty much. Yay.


    1. Ohhh okay I could see that. But still, couldn’t they have swapped it for something, like Arithmancy or Muggle Studies? Arithmancy is apparently hard, but I bet they could’ve handled Muggle Studies no problem.

      Fudge is so INFURIATING!


  8. Eeeeek at centuar rape… I sincerely hope that JKR wasn’t thinking that when she wrote that scene because that makes me feel HORRIBLE for being happy when they carry Umbridge off. OMG I never thought I’d be wishing good things on Umbridge but… I really, really hope the centaurs just tied her up to a tree and didn’t feed her for a few days or something.

    Luna’s wisdom is always spot-on. I would read an entire seven-book series based on her adventures in searching for crumple-horned snorcacks and be completely happy about it.

    YES to the huge plot hole of Vmort not going in on his own. I mean, can’t he also make himself invisible or something? There is pretty much NO CHANCE the light Ministry security would have detected him.


    1. Yes, I think Voldy TOTALLY could’ve done it on his own! Ridiculous.

      I really like Luna a lot, and obvs a series based on her would be awesome. But let’s be honest, JK could write ANYTHING set in the HP world no matter who it revolves around and I’d read it, because there’s so much more coolness to be explored.


  9. Bleuuuuuugh, Grawp. That is a big pile of boring giant.

    And yes Ddore should have told Harry a LOT of things. Then maybe Harry would have tried harder at Occlethingy AND been less of a whiny bitch. D keeping mum is one of those things that happens Because Of Plot.


  10. The fact that SO MUCH could have prevented Sirius’s death made it so much more painful. That and the fact that his death scene was horrible and ambiguous and I kept thinking he’d come back. I’m still sort of angry with JK for that. This book is so upsetting and will probably taint my reading of the next book.


    1. Yeah, Sirius’s death tortures you in a major way because it could have been prevented so easily, and because I was never sure exactly what killed him – the spell, or the veil, or both? DAMN YOU JK. I totally trusted her to bring him back, but she didn’t. SO SAD.


  11. Harry and Ron didn’t drop Divination, because they couldn’t. They had to do a certain number of elective subjects. Hermione could drop Divination, because she had way too much subjects anyway back in PoA.


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