Harry Potter readalong – Weasley twins forever!

Yay, it’s Harry Potter Post Day!

Whoop — There it is!

I think I read one chapter ahead last week, but yeah – poor Mr. Weasley! And even more poor Mrs. Weasley and the kids, cause they were all a mess. And although I absolutely adore the Weasley twins, it was a BIT of a low blow for Fred to pull the whole “You’re not risking your neck” thing to Sirius. But it’s alright, I’ve already forgiven them.

Who am I kidding, attempting to paragraph this? I got about half an hour before I have to do work-y things, so let’s just jump into the bullet points!

  • Hey, look, Harry’s angst is back again! His little temper tantrum over Christmas break at Grimmauld Place was SUPER annoying. And Ginny shuts his whole pity-party down when she reminds him that she has experience with Voldy too. Good job, girl.
  • Poor Longbottoms 😦 And poor Neville. I’m glad to see Neville growing so much though.
  • Hmmmmm, Kreacher is disappearing now and again. I wonder why…
  • Mass breakout from Azkaban! Voldy’s now got his posse back. And I have to admit although I hate her because I have to, I’m kind of excited to see more Bellatrix. Insane baddies are the funnest.

HP baddies

  • Hermione is a freaking bloody genius, arranging Harry’s interview and then practically planning that Umbridge would bad it and hence make it a must-read story.
  • Even though he’s SUPPOSED to be practicing Occlumency (which he doesn’t even try to practice, honestly), he dreams some more important Voldy stuff that he’s not supposed to. This info would probably be really helpful to the Order, but instead he doesn’t tell any of the adults because he wasn’t supposed to be dreaming up Voldy stuff anymore.

so fucking stupid


  • Dumbledore is on the run, thanks to stupid Marietta. The Ministry is stupid, Fudge is an idiot, Marietta TOTALLY deserves that jinx, Hermione is awesome to have thought of it and done it so well, and Dumbledore’s got style. Phineas Nigellus says so.
  • This leads to the end of the Harry-Cho ship! Hooray!
  • Harry does another super-dumb thing and decides to take a peek at Snape’s Pensieve. I think this book is one of the most frustrating because Harry, in his infinite teenage annoyingness, constantly does things that make no damn sense. This is one of them.
  • And of course he doesn’t like what he sees, cause he realizes the Marauders were kind of assholes. Wah wah wah…
  • He then risks his neck just trying to talk to Sirius, but he’s safe thanks to… the Weasley twins!



HP OOF - harry-potter-and-the-order-of-the-phoenix Photo


See how I brought that full-circle there?

Now on on to the dreaded last section… :-*(   SOB SOB SOB





  1. Marietta DOES deserve the jinx – kudos to Hermione (as usual)! I’m excited for Bellatrix too – she’s one of the few characters that I love in both the book and the movie because she’s just so fun. I mean CRAZY.


  2. I never get tired of that Death Eater dancing gif. I’d like to imagine, just for a moment, they all did that when they had escaped and rejoined Voldie. At least for a second.


  3. Weasley twins are genius. I am going to read that scene again.

    Oh and also the part where Harry’s done the interview, and all the teachers are like, stealth-rewarding him for it? I love that part too. It gives me almost as much joy as the Weasley twins escaping. When Trelawney starts crying and says Harry is NOT going to die young, he’s actually going to be the Minister of Magic and have ten children and live to ninety? GOLD.


  4. Harry REALLY doesn’t try to practice Occlumency, does he? He’s all like ‘oh, I WOULD clear my mind, but remember when that annoying thing happened?’ YOU ARE MISSING THE POINT, HARRY.

    I feel like there’s no way I can even VAGUELY enjoy Bellatrix now that I’ve been reintroduced to Neville’s heartbreak. Having said that, I haven’t seen the films and I LOVE HBC. So you never know. But for now, FUCK YOUUUUUU BELLATRIXXXXX!


    1. YESSSSS he completely misses the point! He’s not even trying! Which is super annoying since EVERYONE keeps telling him how super important it is.

      Holy crap you need to see the movies Laura! They’re not as good as the books of course, but HBC alone is so worth the watch. She does crazy so well.


    2. HBC is the only reason I love Bellatrix the way I do. Bitch brings some delightful to the crazy.

      And seriously, Harry, no one has arranged these Occlumency lessons for their own health. I get that you are Very Curious about what’s down that aisle, but THERE IS A REASON. You should start mistrusting your own brain as soon as you find out that V-mort is in it.


  5. Bellatrix has got some CRAZY EYES in that Thriller gif! Love it.

    Hermione is just the best. She understands girls, she a kickass jinxer, and she can read Umbridge like a BOOK, which, as we know, she’s pretty good at reading.


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