Harry Potter readalong! Hem hem.

Wooooo it’s Harry Potter post day! As I got barely 3 hours of sleep last night, this probably won’t be very coherent. Expect ALL THE BULLET POINTS!

  • Can you believe that Umbridge woman and what she made Harry do to his hand?

incredulous cat

  • Me neither. Well except obviously I do, because I’ve read these before. She be crazy.
  • Harry refuses to tell Dumbledore about the woman making him carve words into his own hand because “Dumbledore had not spoken to him once since last June.” Ummmm petty much??? Geez Harry, you know heΒ IS your headmaster and the leader of the OoTP, cut the old man some slack. I mean I know the real reason Dumby’s being all aloof, but Harry doesn’t, he’s just being a brat.
  • Sirius gets all surly when Harry says not to risk his neck by coming to Hogsmeade. I know Sirius is being a tad childish here, but I feel bad for him. He’s stuck in that horrible house ALL THE TIME, and feels like he’s the only Order member not doing anything useful. Still don’t quite understand why avoiding the Ministry & Death Eaters is THAT hard, but it’s a crap situation he’s stuck in.
  • On page 333 Ron gets all freaked out when Hermione says Voldemort. I’ve been wondering for a while… since all these kids their age and younger never knew the terror that was Voldemort’s previous reign, should they really be that afraid of saying his name? I’ve been wondering this for the last 4 books, but apparently it’s only now really bothering me. By this age, you’d have grown out of being afraid of just a name. I’m pretty sure I grew out of the “Don’t say Bloody Mary” phase by the time I was their age.
  • The Room of Requirements is THE BOMB. Probably one of the coolest magical things in Potter-verse. I want one.
  • When they’re creeping to the Room of Requirements for the first time, Harry checks the Marauder’s Map and sees that Mrs. Norris is on the fourth floor. So do other pets show up on the map, like Crookshanks the cat or Trevor the frog? Or is Mrs. Norris really an Animagus or something? Was this ever explained?
  • SO MUCH CHO in this section. Snore. But I love this part when Hermione’s explaining Cho’s feelings to the boys:

emotional range of a teaspoon

Oh Hermione. You’re so cool.

  • Oh andΒ Umbridge is all mean to Hagrid! What a malicious, conniving b…

she needs to get a life


And now I can’t believe where this section ended, because OMG Mr. Weasley! And so many big things coming! I felt like this past section was a lot of filler… just Umbridge being a psycho and Harry’s awkward flirting with Cho.







  1. Harry is the epitome of the passive aggressive angst in this book, “it’s FINE. Don’t worry” “Whatever, you CLEARLY don’t care” “If he cared, he’d come see ME”. Oh Harry, you ridiculous little teenager.

    I don’t really care much for Cho (and not because she’s taking Ginny’s man) but the scene under the mistletoe combined with Harry and Ron’s much needed lesson into the life of girls was priceless. When I have teenaged boys I’ll probably just open that chapter and let Hermione’s wisdom do the work.

    Room of requirement! I want one toooooo!


    1. I think I never liked Cho because Harry himself doesn’t even really like her. His crush on her always seemed so weak. It was just mainly that she was pretty but he hardly ever had a real conversation with her. And his reaction to kissing her was so underwhelming. Most boring teen romance ever!


  2. I always figure the Voldemort name thing happens the same way taboo words happen to all children everywhere. Right? Like how Americans can get really operatic about how APPALLINGLY HORRIFIC the c-word is, but in Britain they don’t care at all and say it constantly. You get socialized into it. I have no idea why Hermione or the other Muggle-borns care though.


    1. I don’t know… curse words are taboo because your parents will punish you for using them and they’re crass, but some people still do it to show off. But for those kids to be actively scared of Voldemort’s name seems far-fetched, unless their parents were telling them horror stories about him as children (which seems unlikely).

      Definitely not sure why the Muggle-born kids are afraid to say it either. Harry’s the only one who’s been okay with it.


      1. Well all the parents (except the Muggles) experienced the terror of Voldemort’s reign, and THEY refuse to say his name. As a kid, if I see that my parents are terrified to say a certain name out loud, you bet your bumflap I’m gonna be terrified of it too. I wouldn’t need to know why.


  3. Agree with you about Sirius cos he IS being childish and a dick when he makes that comment to Harry. But cut the guy some slack. I’d be yelling at everyone if I was stuck with Kreacher.

    I can understand Ron still wincing whenever Voldie’s name is mentioned, if you’ve grown up knowing it was a name you just don’t say. I mean, even the adults don’t say it. Hermione though, I have no idea why she has trouble with it.


    1. Yes! Kreacher would drive me insane. And having to tiptoe around the house or portraits of your crazy mother will start screaming. Ugh. I can’t believe that NONE of the Order members can figure out how to take those down. Or why they don’t just slash the paintings up or use the Reducto curse or something.


  4. I wish Harry would just go to Dumbledore. Going to Dumbledore is always the answer.

    “Bloody Mary” is a great analogy for saying Voldemort. Because there are no evil historical figures that we’re scared to mention, but uttering “Bloody Mary” could (in our child-minds) bring us harm. Maybe Hermione was young enough when introduced to the don’t-say-Voldemort rule that she was still able to be scared into following it? Yeah, not sure about that one.


  5. The Room of Requirement IS so incredibly cool! Seriously, the things you could do with one!

    Aaaaaand, I really don’t feel sorry for Sirius. Well, not that much anyway. Mostly I think he should just stop sulking and being a twat. (sorry Sirius loves, ie everyone!)


    1. The Room of Requirements would be AMAZING.

      I do wish that Sirius would’ve tried to be a BIT more positive, but I don’t know… I guess I understand why he’s so frustrated and anxious and I just feel for him! It’s amusing to me that I rarely feel bad for Harry and he’s annoying the beejezus out of me with his teen angst, but I feel completely the opposite for Sirius. LOL.


  6. The Room of Requirement is pretty damned awesome. I never thought about the whole pets-on-the-map thing before. I feel like that would make in unnecessarily crowded, but we never hear anything about Mrs. Norris being an Animagus…hmm…I think we should start theorizing about who she is. Probably a clone of Umbridge.


  7. Maybe the Marauders specifically added Mrs. Norris to the map so they could see where she was? Filch is old enough to have been there when Harry’s parents were in school, right?

    If I had my own personal room of requirement, it would probably alternate between a bakery and a library. And maybe a waterpark.


    1. Hmmmm, that’s an interesting thought! I think the Marauders were in school when he was care-taker, so they probably did add her on purpose. Genius!

      Also, the map itself bit of magic for 4 generally irresponsible young wizards, not to mention then fine-tuning it like that! So smart.


  8. I agree that Harry is being The Worst but I think it’s COMPOUNDED by not knowing why D-dore is so ignorey. And, ok, I feel like that was stupid on the OotP’s part and plot-driven on JK’s part. Like, I need a reason for Harry to be pissy, so here goes. Because WHY couldn’t they have just told him? Been like, Dumbles has to pretend not to like you for the following reasons. Just go with it. And then Harry wouldn’t be like MOPE MOPE MOPE all over the place and this book would be a lot more fun to read. But not as Mysterious. Dammit, JK, you are better than that.


    1. EXACTLY. Dumbledore SURELY could have told some Order member that he trusts “Hey, let Harry know that we can’t really talk right now and he’s kind of why”. So really, Harry is being a dummy by not going to Dumbledore when he really should, because Dumbledore’s being a dummy by not telling Harry why he’s ignoring him. Oy, those two.


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