Harry Potter readalong! Harry and his teen-rage.

It’s Harry Potter Day! And I JUST finished reading the first section, so everything is super fresh in my mind.

This book is SO dark compared to the previous books, but first! Some Sirius love.

harry and sirius meet again


Now doesn’t that make everyone feel better?

This book tends to get on my nerves a bit, because Harry is suchΒ a freaking teenager and I want to slap him. I mean, good job J.K. for writing a moodyΒ teenage character so perfectly, but crap it makes Harry really irritating. He has more mood swings than I know what to do with.

Sooooo Harry gets attacked by dementors, the Dursleys talk about magic (!), Harry and the gang are all living at Sirius’s place and trying to listen to Order of the Phoenix stuff, a super unfair trial happens but Harry’s cleared of all charges, back to Hogwarts where the MOST EVIL PERSON EVER is the new D.A.D.A. teacher, people are being mean to Harry and now he just got detention with Umbridge for the rest of the week. BAM, whole first 250 pages in one paragraph.

Let’s bullet-point some stuff, mmkay?

  • Mrs. Dursley on page 26: “Did he use – his thing?” *snickers*
  • Evidence of Harry’s serious case of teen-rage on page 66. Okay I get that he’s frustrated, but he’s like this throughout SO much of the book. Hermione finally tells him to stop being such an ass to her and Ron, but still.
  • Ron mentions Kreacher’s mom, and that makes me wonder… how are house-elves procreating? It seems like wizards that have a house elf only have one and they’re basically slaves, so it seems unlikely that they ever get to meet one another to bump elf-uglies…
  • On the whole “should Harry be able to ask what’s going on in the Order thing” – I’m totally on Sirius’s side rather than Mrs. Weasley’s. 15 is not that young, and since Harry IS the one who saw Voldy come back and IS the one who Voldy is trying to kill, I think he’s entitled to be kept in the loop. Being kept in the dark is more of a danger.
  • Oh, there’s a locket on page 116…
  • That hearing/trial happens which is obviously just ridiculous. Knowing what’s coming, Dumbledore’s refusal to even look at Harry is super-upsetting.
  • Ron gets made a prefect instead of Harry! He really deserves his moment in the spotlight, so good for him.


luna lovegood gif

  • Luna! One of the funnest and most interesting characters is finally introduced. She’s a weird one, but I dig her.


  • The most evil character ever AKA Umbridge is introduced as well. UGH.
  • Ron on pg. 231: “It means they’re not real fans, they’re just jumping on the bandwagon -“ JUST like a sports fan.

Aaaand I think that was it for most of my random thoughts and post-it notes.

Yay for book 5! On to the second section! As Mrs. Weasley says, “Oh, I’m all of a dither!”




  1. OMG that first gif. I AM LEGIT TEARING UP RIGHT NOW.

    I could completely understanding keeping Ginny out of the loop re: full details on Voldy. but Harry was there, there is no one else more eligible to be included in the discussion than him. Regardless of age. So I am also in your camp siding with Sirius against Mrs W (I’m SO sorry Mrs Weasley, I swear it’s only like this once!)

    Maybe House Elves are hermaphrodites and don’t actually need a partner? Or maybe they’re given one day off a year to find a mate and make a baby and then give that baby to a new wizarding family.


    1. Ginny I can understand wanting to shield a bit, except come on – you know one of those siblings or Hermione is gonna tell her anything that Harry told them. So yeah they can try to keep her out of the loop, but it seems like a lost cause to keep anyone living in that household in the dark.

      Awww, the thought of house elves having to give their baby up to a wizarding family is just too sad. Stupid slavery.


  2. YAY FOR THE SIRIUS LOVE. The first gif does make me feel better until I remember what is in store. And then I cry.

    And now I’ve stopped crying cos I’m picturing house-elf sex. Now I’m retching.


  3. You left your precious post-it notes at my house. *muahahahahaha*
    I *puffyheart* Sirius.
    And thanks for the mental image of house elf sex.


    1. LOL those post-it notes were in your drawer! I should have stolen em, damn πŸ˜‰

      And yeah… enjoy the thought of elves gettin it on. It would’ve been cool to see Dobby shack up with a lady elf and have a kiddo though.


  4. THANK YOU for defending Sirius’s desire to treat Harry with the respect he deserves anyway but has especially earned by fighting off evil like four times really bravely. (And not just Harry; I think Hermione and Ron and Ginny deserve to be there and hear the informations too. They have been involved in some pretty intense business, esp Ginny. It’s not like they suddenly get to join the fightin’ just because they’ve learned some information. Sheesh.)

    Hahahaha, that was the sports-fanniest thing Ron has ever said, and I totally love it. While also judging him.


    1. “It’s not like they suddenly get to join the fightin’ just because they’ve learned some information. Sheesh.”

      Exactly! I love Mrs. Weasley but she seriously needs to chill.


  5. QUESTION about the first gif- is that Lupin standing behind them looking all like ‘awww’? Because THAT IS NOT LUPIN. Just sayin.

    OMG the locket, I know right? I was like ‘eeeeeeeeee!’ Also LOL wands and penises. Amazing.


  6. Re: house elf sex — I had a similar thought about the skrewts in the last book (their anatomy is all sorts of weird/wrong) but didn’t share this because I though it would be too gross. But now that we’re on the subject… Skrewts have stings, suckers, and fiery ends. What goes in where?? Do they burn each other when they do it??

    You’re welcome for this imagery.

    PS Lupin is majorly creepin in that GIF.


  7. Two things. ONE, I love that Sirius/Remus/Harry GIF. It’s like Harry’s arrived to stay with his two awesome gay uncles. (Yup, I’m shippin’ with the best of ’em). TWO, ‘bumping elf-uglies’. NOW I CAN NEVER LOOK AT DOBBY AGAIN WITHOUT SEEING THIS IN MY HEAD. So… thanks for that. πŸ˜›


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