Harry Potter readalong! Catchin up…

Hi guys! Soooo yeah, I missed the post for the second section cause I hadn’t done my post before I gave my laptop away to be fixed… but from what I’ve read this morning in all your posts, ya’ll covered the important stuff! So this is going to be a tiny bit of my thoughts from that section and then I’m moving right on to the third section.

Also, since I’m doing these posts from work right now, they won’t be as GIF-heavy. Work blocks a LOT of gif sites.

I’ve been waiting FOR-EV-ER to use this.

I’m going to bullet-point the crap out of this post…

  • Harry gets picked as a 4th champion, Ron’s a jerk but I can kinda see why, Harry beats the dragon, yada yada yada…
  • Hermione starts SPEW, which we all have mixed feelings about I think. Cause on the one hand, house elves are TOTALLY mistreated and that ain’t cool, but they claim that they’re happy this way… but like someone else mentioned, that was a slave mentality at one point as well. I wish they could find a happy medium, like house elves do everything that they do because they like it that way, but they have the right to get paid if they want and can complain if their masters are beating them? Or you know, quit and find a different wizarding family?
  • DOBBY is back! And he’s all kinds of awesome and adorable. Although it bugs me that he doesn’t realizes socks are SUPPOSED to match. Really, living with wizards all these years and he never noticed that humans match their socks?
  • Hermione is all kinds of awesome. She taunts Malfoy by pretending she sees Professor Moody nearby, and she TOTALLY tells Ron off for being a jerk and not asking her to the ball before someone else did. Awww, the start of the Hermione&Ron ship!
  • Hagrid: “I’ve bin an idiot. I’m not botherin’ with her no more, I promise yeh that. Big bones… I’ll give her big bones.” *giggles*
  • Second task. Harry foolishly acts noble, but once again his being all noble gets him a ton of extra praise and stuff. It’s that darn heroic-persona thing again. I find it hard to believe Madame Maxime didn’t throw a fit like Karkaroff and give Harry low marks. Of course, her student didn’t even complete the task so maybe that’s why.
  • More Sirius love! Cause he totally is risking himself yet again by being nearby in case Harry needs him. And because: “If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.” ❤ Some of you may argue that he doesn’t really believe this because of Kreacher later, but whatevs, Kreacher was terrible. But more on that much later.
  • Mr. Crouch is found and he’s all crazy-pants. And I know whhhyyy… But you know, then he escapes again.
  • Oh yeah, and this book starts Harry’s crush of Cho, which is boring and lame.
  • Anybody else feel a little bad for Krum? Cause as much as I totally love Hermione & Ron for each other, I thought her and Krum were a cute match but after the ball she totally starts ignoring him and kind of being a bit of a jerk… If she doesn’t like him that’s cool, but it seems like she just leads him on and that ain’t nice.
  • Rita Skeeter is SOOOOO annoying! And evil! I love how determined Hermione is to get revenge on her.
  • Third task is coming up and stuff is getting more and more mysterious! I think I always appreciated this book a lot because there is a whole lot of mystery and complexity and stuff in the plot.  

 Okay you guys, that’s all my notes for this section. I’m really looking forward to finishing this one and moving onto book 5!




  1. Aw, I think Sirius does legitimately believe that and just doesn’t live up to his beliefs with Kreacher. But yeah, I’ll say more about that later too. I HAVE A LOT OF THOUGHTS.


  2. I’m with Jenny – I think Sirius believes that (plus, he spends a lot of his time these days as a stray dog, so think about the kindnesses/cruelties he probably witnesses on a daily basis), but Kreacher is a jerkface so Kreacher deserves what he gets.

    Also, I do feel a little bad for Krum. I’m trying to remember what happens to him at the end of this book and can’t seem to… he just kind of fades away, no? He has to go to make room for Ron, after all.


  3. The house elf stuff is CONFUSING and I guess I like that there isn’t a simple answer but man, makes me feel bad when I think “But maybe they DO actually, honestly like what they do. Unless they work for total douche nozzles like the Malfoys.”

    YAY Sirius is back! Even if he’s doing awful cos of the whole live-in-a-cave-eat-rats thing.

    I did think Hermione was being mean to Krum after the second task. Umm hey lady, you were his MOST FAVORITE THING HE’D HATE TO LOSE and he sorta just saved you (even though you weren’t actually in danger, but still). Maybe you could just talk to him for 40 uninterrupted seconds.


    1. RIGHT?! You were his FAVORITE THING, and you just ignore him? That’s cold-blooded. Although I AM glad that she doesn’t just fall all over him because he’s the first boy to pay attention to her and because he’s all famous. But there’s no need to be so rude either, ya know?


  4. Harry’s heroic persona is so good though! And deserves all the points! BEING A HERO IS A GOOD THING, SARAH! (Especially when you have a book series named after you. Really helps with your image.)

    Poor Cho. When I first read these though, I thought ALLLLLL the love stuff was totally lame, so yeah. But I never hated Cho, like, specifically!


    1. Yeah yeah, I know heroes are good. And I still love Harry, cause you know, these books are about him! But I hate when heroes do stupid noble things – it’s being good to a fault, and that can get annoying sometimes.

      I just remember thinking that his crush on Cho was so lame cause they don’t even really talk or anything… although I guess that’s pretty accurate as far as first crushes go. Thinking back on my first crush, I hardly ever talked to him, I just thought he was pretty. So glad I’m not that young anymore.


      1. Cho definitely gets the short end in this read-a-long. I feel for her, and whatever I know Harry+Ginny etc but Cho is a strong and independent woman. I think she and Harry would have gotten on splendidly, and had adorable half-Asian babies.


  5. I do feel sad for Krum. I mean, Hermione is his weezy but she clearly isn’t on the same page. I wonder if she was just the most important person to him in the vicinity, surely a mum would be more of a reason to get there in an hour than a girl you had one date with.


    1. Well they brought Fleur’s sister all the way from France, I think. She’s young so she definitely didn’t come with the other Beaxbatons (sp?) students. So no, maybe Krum is just a sad lonely kid who really adored Hermione. Which just makes me even sadder! Maybe Rowling should write a book about Krum… that would be an interesting little novella.


  6. Haaaa, haha, “big bones.” Good catch — I missed that one.

    I do feel bad for Krum. Hermione is so funny; she can be so good at reading people, and then she just randomly won’t consider other people at all. She’ll learn though.


    1. Yeah… I actually feel like she started to ignore Krum a little bit on purpose after her and Ron had that fight. She seemed to be having so much fun with him during the ball, but after her and Ron argue she gets really distant from Krum, almost like she wants to show Ron that she’s still kind of available. So mean.


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