It’s Our Birthday! What What!!


The Birthday Girls!

Yuuuup, that’s right! Today I am 26 and my Gabby girl is 1 year old! That adorable, awesome kitty face is already 1 year old!!! I cannot believe it.

So, when we got her last May we asked the lady when she was born, and she said the last week of February. So OBVIOUSLY I declared that we shared the same birthday! And no one can argue with me, because I have a tiara on. So there.

I’m feelin good. I’m drinkin coffee and trying to comment on blogs and get ahead on some blog posts because on Friday I’ll have my wisdom teeth out and I ain’t gonna be online much. It’s gross wet-snowing out right now, but later the honeyman and I are going out to buy me some books (obvs) and probably dinner at Red Robin – YUMMMMMM! There will be Cougar Town watching and Black Ops playing, and all will be happy.

Gabby and I wanna share the love. Comment and tell me what you like to eat on your birthday! I am all about the food. And if you comment, you might win a eitherΒ a $15 Amazon gift card OR a book from The Book Depository up to $15. Your choice.



Giveaway ends on… tomorrow morning at noon EST! And I will announce the winner sometime after that. Oh and it’s open internationally.

Have anΒ fabulous day ya’ll!




  1. Awww! I didn’t know it was Gabby’s birthday too! Well then happy birthday to BOTH of you! πŸ˜€ Sounds like you’ll have an awesome day! I like eating Italian food and Wegmans ultimate chocolate cake on my birthday. Yum!


  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! (to both you and Gabby!)

    ha – for my birthday every year I insist on halusky. I could eat it 24/7 and anytime my mom or grandmother makes it, you better believe I’m stopping by for dinner. My boyfriend cannot stand it & naturally grumbles the entire time, but that’s my day, so there. πŸ˜€


  3. Happy Birthday, Sarah! To you and Gabby! πŸ™‚ I hope you have a wonderful day!

    We don’t usually celebrate birthdays, but I do like to have something cakey. With a candle in it. Even if it’s just me celebrating!


  4. Happy happy happy birthday to you and the kitty! (She looks a bit scared on the photos, maybe she doesn’t like taking her photo? :D)

    On birthday I eat CAKE. Cheesecake, chocolate cake, any cake will do (almost). Oh well there is usually a fancy dinner out too, with the boyfriend… But there has to be CAKE!


  5. Happiest of all possible happy birthdays to you! Get in the good times while you can before the wisdom teeth come out.

    For my birthday, I eat what I like in the the amounts that I like–and usually this means something sweet.


  6. Happy Birthday to you and Gaby! My favorite birthday meal is stuffed green peppers,mashed potatoes, asparagus and lemon merigurane pie. My mother used to fix that every year that I was growing up.


  7. Happy birthday! And lol, you just can’t contradict someone who’s wearing a tiara πŸ˜‰ I love it, btw!
    I always want to eat something special on my birthday, when I was a kid we always got a pizza from my favourite place where my parents live (it’s to this day the best pizza I’ve ever had) and now I just want to go out to one of my favourite restaurants and eat tapas, SO GOOD! Last year I made a tapas buffet for all the guests, which was fun and delicious as well πŸ™‚ Oh, and chocolate pie, that’s a must have.
    I hope you have an amazing day today and enjoy your dinner! πŸ™‚


  8. Happy Birthday to you and Gabby!!

    On my birthday my mom takes me out for Chinese in the city. (Which is kind of a big deal) Plus I eat cake with peanut butter frosting. My favorite. We also call my sister together because it’s her birthday as well.



    Let’s see, birthday foods… OBViously cake, because, you know, CAKE is really important. I’m a fan of vanilla over chocolate, but… All cake is pretty much the best thing. And also pizza. Or chinese. Something that no one has to make but that everyone likes. It’s the best.

    Also, I just want to pre-hug you for having your wisdom teeth out. Because that is the LEAST fun ever. And make sure they give you some kind of strong painkillers ffs because I got none and it was terrible. But you’ll be right as rain in no time!


  10. Happy Birthday! Kitties grow up so fast.

    I am one of those people who love to go to the free meal restaurants for your birthday. I have figured out breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack where I can get free food on my birthday.

    Good luck with the wisdom teeth.


  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And yay tiara!
    and good luck with the wisdom teeth thing. Boyfriend+ got his out and then ate steak (very slowly) that night. So it may all be good and happy. OK well not happy but at least not bad.

    Also birthday food, I am blanking. And getting hungry. But fruit tart? I sometimes got that for my birthday. Or else a cake in the shape of something 80s (like Popples).


  12. Happy Birthday to you both! I hope you get lots of amazing books! And I wish you a speedy recovery with your wisdom teeth. You didn’t mention any cake? To me cake is a must have for birthdays and I love chocolate cake best!


  13. Happy Birthday Sarah and Gabby!

    I don’t think I really HAVE a specific birthday food, although I like to go out for a meal with my boyfriend the night before. Nowhere special and not for anything in particular, just for a nice quiet celebration-y thing.

    I always get lots of chocolate and sweets FOR my birthday and they always end up sat there for ages. I still have quite a bit left from my last birthday in August!


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