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Good morning peoples of the internet.

Sarah update: WORK WORK WORK. And then a nap, and then some more work. I fit in 70 hours of work into five days this week. Most of it actually wasn’t toooo bad. Friday was the worst – I don’t know what my problem was because I actually got a decent amount of sleep before work, but I was super tired and cranky for my whole 16-hour shift that day. UGH. Buuuuuut now it’s Sunday! Glorious Sunday! And after today I will have 9 whole days off! Yesssss!

Let’s face it, most of those days off are already going to be busy-ish, but that’s okay. I got lotsa birthday-celebrating to do this week (turning 26, woo-hoo), which will take up a few nights. During the days there will be lots of cleaning and going to the gym and generally just getting everything ready so that when I get my wisdom teeth removed on Friday I can spend the whole weekend being lazy and healing. And that will STILL be better than being at work!

gabby and books

Bookish update: A whole lotta nothing. Well, not exactly. I’m about halfway through Vanity Fair (loving it), and about halfway through HP&GoF. It’s bothering my slightly-neurotic self that these books I’m reading for readalongs are falling into the next month as well, so I won’t be done with them until mid-March. Actually, it’s just because it’s going to make my February reading stats look sad, because the book counts as “read” when I finish it, so that’s the month it goes into. But my March stats will look awesome, I suppose. I just don’t like carrying books over into the next month for some reason.

I’m working today on finishing The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury so that I have SOMETHING to review here, and I’m also planning on finishing the 8th Nightside book – I actually started this Nightside book about a month ago, but I used to read this series a lot at the gym and since I started doing treadmill intervals more I don’t get to read as much while I workout.

Not sure how much reading I’ll get done this coming week, but I AM planning on book shopping! I ordered a book from The Book Depository the other day (The Iron Jackal, the third Ketty Jay book) and am anxiously awaiting that. Sadly, the estimated delivery time is about two weeks and it hasn’t even shipped yet. But I’m looking forward to going book shopping on my actual birthday, because there are at least 3 books I want to buy right now, 2 of which are being released on Tuesday. So exciting!

Some interesting internet-y stuff…

Anyways, that’s enough rambling from me. My week was boring. How’s your week been?





  1. Ugh, sounds like you had the work-week from hell and then some! But at least you have 9 days off after 🙂 And happy early birthday!! 😀 It does always seem that time off if just as busy as when you’re at work cause you need to do all the things you put off with the excuse of being to busy because of work 😉
    I hope you have a great week and that you’ll breeze through your wisdom teeth removal (and I wish you working painkillers)!


  2. Yay for book shopping! I plan to do some of that today. 🙂

    And don’t worry … I hate carrying books over into a new month as well! Already I’m planning to finish my reads by the end of Thursday so I can start fresh on Friday. You are not alone!

    Have a good week, Sarah!


    1. Glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t like carrying over! I mean it happens sometimes and whatever, but it irks me. I NEVER carry over into a new year though, lol. If I finish a book on Dec. 30 then I’ll just wait until Jan. 1st to start a new book, lol.


  3. Happy birthday!! I had a crazy couple work days myself. I was out like a light at 10pm last night which never happens.
    I really like Vanity Fair but Becky was a very annoying character to me. I didn’t approve of most of what she did.


    1. Thanks 🙂

      Yeah Becky is really mean and calculating… but for some reason I really like her. I think it doesn’t help that Amelia, the other female main character, is SUPER whiny and mopey and annoying. I totally prefer mean to wussy, lol.


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