Harry Potter readalong! Dark marks and stuff.

It’s Harry Potter Post Friday!

awkward dance

I’m a little tired and my computer is being a pain in the ass, so let’s just jump right into the bullet points:

  • This is the longest it’s ever taken to get to Hogwarts! But that’s cause things are happening in the real world! (And by real world, I mean real wizarding world, obvs.)
  • I think it’s interesting that Cedric Diggory is actually pretty nice, but his father is such a dillhole. That part around the Portkey was so irritating. How did no one punch him?
  • How cool are Portkeys? Love that already we’re starting to see the use of a lot more different spells and magic.
  • So, the Quidditch World Cup!


  • Normally, I kind of like the Quidditch scenes. Rowling always does a good job of writing the school matches. But for the QWC, I think all the other stuff (the AWESOME TENTS, the tons of magical families all in one place, the souvenirs) was way more exciting than the actual match. And what do you know, the Weasley twins won some money!
  • (Poor Weasley twins, who are awesome at creating stuff but Mrs. Weasley just doesn’t understand them. They’re adorable.)
  • Some folks that look suspiciously like Death Eaters start tormenting the only Muggles, and people flip the fuck out. I have to say, this is kind of annoying – ALL THOSE WIZARDS, and hardly anyone tries to fight back? People just go crazy and run for the woods? The number of good wizards must have totally outnumbered the Death Eater-type folk, but you’d never know it the way everyone acts. YAY for the Wealey men for running right into the thick of it to get shit done!
  • And then this happens:

dark mark gif

  • And people flip out all over again, but the baddies stop tormenting the humans, so that’s cool.
  • I have to say, Winky is SUPER ANNOYING. Waaaaayyyyy more annoying than Dobby ever was. I do feel a bit bad for her though.
  • I love how this all sparks Hermione’s anti-elf-slavery tirade. She’s so awesome. She reminds me of me when I was a teenager and actually cared passionately about stuff.
  • They go home, everything’s cool, Ron is embarassed about his dress robes. I feel for him, but when he’s like “Why is everything I own rubbish?” I want to tell him to slap out of it and just be grateful for what he has.
  • There’s going to be a Triwizard Tournament!! At Hogwarts!!! Buuuut, you have to be 17 to put your name in the cup.

thats rubbish

  • I really wish we got to see more of the Arithmancy classes and Professor Vector.
  • That Rita Skeeter reporter woman is being a real jerk, already.
  • Mad-Eye Moody! FINALLY someone turns Malfoy into a ferret!



So all in all, not a WHOLE lot has happened yet, but I’m excited! This is one of my favorites 🙂




  1. “Some folks that look suspiciously like Death Eaters start tormenting the only Muggles, and people flip the fuck out. I have to say, this is kind of annoying – ALL THOSE WIZARDS, and hardly anyone tries to fight back?”

    The thing is, it wasn’t a matter of simply over powering them. The death eaters are a visceral reminder of a horror that every witch and wizard went through. When they see the death eaters parading around, they would have been transported back 13 years and their first thought would have been ‘grab the kids, get the hell out of here,’ because the death eaters and the dark mark equal death. You can’t fault them for that.


    1. I guuuuuesss that makes sense. I’m just much more of the “fight to protect your family” type, I think. In my head, they would’ve been so horrified of going back to that time with the Death Eaters were all over the place that they would’ve squashed any hint of them coming back around immediately.


  2. I think I might run for the woods if I were there with my (putative) children too. It’s amazing that the Weasley men are all with the getting shit done, but I think you can make a case for: (1) the scaredy cats all running away anyway; plus (2) a high percentage of the non-scaredy cats wanting to get the kids out of there as fast as possible.


    1. I think the Weasleys method was better – send your kids off to the woods while you go help out. You can’t be too afraid to fight back – that’s probably how Voldy and the Death Eaters gained so much power to begin with. Everyone was just too afraid, or assumed that someone else would fight for them.


  3. Mr. Diggory is an entirely oblivious dillhole. He seems like the kind of guy who has no idea he’s being insufferably rude. I’m glad Cedric was so embarrassed – shows he’s a good guy.

    How badly do I want one of those tents? THE BADLIEST.

    Freaking Rita Skeeter and her stupid face.


  4. OH man, that Liz Lemon gif. Hearts.

    Agreed about Mr. Diggory being craaazy annoying. Did he not know the whole reason Harry fell off his broom was because a dozen (or whatever) dementors showed up and started going after them? I wonder if Cedric left that bit out when he told his dad about the match and now he’s mostly embarrassed cos he’s afraid someone is going to bring up that fact and his dad won’t be so proud. (I don’t really think this cos Cedric is set up to be the nicest person ever. But still.)


  5. I really wish we got to see Arithmancy, too! And ancient runes! And muggle studies! Which reminds me of when Hermione was studying in PoA and Harry mentions seeing diagrams of muggles lifting heavy objects. Because… wizards never ever have to lift anything? How do they retain muscle mass? I mean, their only physical activity seems to be quidditch, which isn’t all that physical in comparison to most muggle sports. You sit the entire time.

    Um… sorry… not sure how I ended up on that tangent. I’ll close by saying LOL at the hat Ron’s wearing in that gif.


    1. Yeah that muggles lifting heavy objects and the fact that the professor’s last name is “Vector” makes me wonder what exactly Arithmancy is? Cause it sounds a bit like physics, but what makes is different from physics? Is it the study of the science behind how magic works?? I wanna knowwwww!


  6. YES. There is a lot more magic in this book and I like it!

    “the baddies stop tormenting the humans” LOL. I think you mean Muggles. :]

    I do feel bad for Ron. Yeah, it’d be nice if a 14-year old kid could just be grateful, but it would probably be easier if Harry wasn’t around all the time with all of his awesome stuff. It’s tough to be a kid that age in general, never mind constantly feeling second-class.


    1. I seriously can’t say “snap out of it” anymore. It’s slap now. Change approved!

      LOL I’m so glad someone finally got it though, because I’m sure most people reading my blog just think I’m an idiot.


  7. I have such feels for Ron. It sucks when all your stuff is rubbish AND your best friend has gobs of money and excellent things and people just send him new brooms in the mail and shit. I just want the Weasleys to keep winning trips to Egypt and new robes and stuff.


    1. Yeah I feel bad for him… I just wish he had a little more grace about it? Or confidence? Like the rest of the family is broke too, but you never see them complaining about it. It’s such a big issue for Ron.


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