Top Ten Tuesday: Classic Characters I Dig

Top Ten Tuesday

Good morning ya’ll!

Soooo it’s time for Top Ten Tuesday, which is hosted by the fabulous gang over at The Broke and The Bookish. This week’s topic is Top Ten Favorite Characters in X Genre – and the genre I’m going with this week is classics!


1. Heathcliff – Yup, the anti-hero from Wuthering Heights. He is totally my number one favorite classics character. He’s treated pretty terribly by just about everyone as a child, except for Cathy. And then she goes and betrays him even though they loooove each other and he comes back and shows everyone that he is a MASTER at revenge. I love it.

2. Emma – From Emma, probably one of Jane Austen’s less-loved books. I know that Lizzie Bennet is usually the favorite Austen character, and I really like her too – but she’s so damn perfect. I like Emma because she’s flawed – she’s a little vain, a little mean, a little snobbish.

3. Mr. Darcy – Uhh, DUH. Hero from Pride and Prejudice. I like him because he’s a bit of a jerk (are we noticing a trend yet?), but also because even though he’s a complete jerk to Lizzie, he does come to see what an ass he was. He admits that he’s not very good at the whole “feelings” and “politeness” thing. Yay for men who can admit their mistakes!

4. Phileas Fogg – This cool little dude made Around the World in Eighty Days a really fun read. I like that he’s SO damn punctual, and that he remains totally chill even when other people are freaking the hell out. And I kind of like the name “Phileas”.

5. Betteredge – !!!! He’s basically the Mr. Carson of The Moonstone, and I adore the old dude. Him and his silly, mildly sexist ways.

6. Colonel Brandon – He is pretty much the best character in all of Sense and Sensibility, and he’s SO underrated! He’s sweet and charming and he’s played by Alan Rickman in the movie (obviously that’s important).

7. Becky Sharp Okay don’t quote me on this, because I’m only about 60 pages into Vanity Fair so far, but I like Becky already! She’s like the female version of Heathcliff – poor and mistreated, hence she’s mean and conniving. Also, she states herself that she’s no angel – I like that she’s not a hypocrite. I have about 700+ more pages to go, so my opinion may change, but so far she’s my kinda girl.

8. Lizzie Bennet – Well okay, she does deserve to be in the top ten just for the way she completely tears into Darcy’s aunt, Lady Catherine. She has a sharp, witty tongue, and I totally dig that in my classic characters.

Aaand… I can’t come up with 10. Which seems ridiculous, because there’s SO many classics that I like – but apparently I like a lot of those classics more for their plots or settings or stories rather than because they have awesome characters.  Well, here’s some serious motivation to keep working away at my Classics Club list!


Which classics characters do you like? Any that I didn’t mention?




  1. Heh, Becky also made it to my list, only for somewhat different reasons :)) But I shan’t say no more if you are only in the beginning because I shall not spoil your Vanity Fair experience.


    1. Ooooo there are OTHER reasons?! I’m excited. I really like her so far… although at the part I’m at she was a little mean to the servants and that’s not cool – but they were mean to her too. Whatevs.


  2. Haha aww Betteredge. you almost forgive his sexism cos it’s like “silly old man” Also hooray for Darcy and Lizzie cos I know, they make it on a lot of these lists but they totally deserve it.


  3. Whoo! The classics are the best. I did not include any of these characters on my list, but I have to just echo the love for Darcy and Lizzie, they are wonderful — in their growth and how they get past you know their pride and their prejudice, ha.


  4. YAY FOR CLASSICS!! Oh, Colonel Brandon – SWOON! I love him so much! And I’m dying to know Heathcliff…I haven’t read that book yet but I want to so badly! Now I have one for you: John Thornton from North & South. If you haven’t read it yet, you MUST! It is one of my favorites!! 🙂

    Great list!!


  5. Emma was a favorite of mine when I was a teen; I read it years before Pride & Prejudice. Lizzie and Darcy and pretty phenomenal as well, and I just love that they’re so smart.

    In terms of Classics characters that didn’t make your list, I always thought Beatrice and Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing were pretty entertaining. They have such fun banter throughout the whole play, and then they fall in love. 🙂


  6. Yes! I love Colonel Brandon and I think Alan Rickman plays him to perfection! He’s genuinely a kind, introverted person and I love that about him.
    When I first read Emma I didn’t like it, but it had grown on me for sure. And I love her father, too. He’s so funny.


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