Harry Potter readalong! This is where it gets GOOD.

Hooray, Harry Potter readalong-post day!


Love it so much I had to use it twice.

This post isn’t going to be very organized. I’m just going to spew my many random thoughts all over the place, mmkay?

  • There’s a lot of excitement about the big Gryffindor versus Ravenclaw match, and Malfoy is of course being an ass about it and he’s all jealous of Harry’s awesome new Firebolt:

“Shame it doesn’t come with a parachute – in case you get too near a dementor.”

Crabbe and Goyle sniggered.

“Pity you can’t attach an extra arm to yours, Malfoy,” said Harry. “Then it could catch the Snitch for you.”


  • Poor Neville gets it a LOT of trouble for writing down those passwords and then losing them. Poor kid.
  • Hermione threatens to tell McGonagall about the Marauder’s Map if Harry goes to Hogsmeade. I love her, but she needs to CHILL. It’s not like they’ve all never been in danger before, or done something they weren’t supposed to. I’m going to chalk it all up to the stress of her crazy class schedule, but she’s been super-bossy for a lot of this book. Luckily she does chill out eventually, after her and the boys make up.

punch malfoy

  • Hermione actually  TOTALLY makes up for being super bossy when she smacks Malfoy. Fantastic. Brilliant, even!
  • I kind of like that for the majority of the book, Dumbledore is in the background and it’s the teachers who are really in the spotlight. Lupin, McGonagall, and Snape all get a lot of important face-time in this book. Dumbledore only really pops up at the end to help fix things.
  • Trelawney makes a real prediction, the SECOND prediction she’s ever really made!!! I wonder what the first is….   🙂

prisoner of azkaban

  • I think the part in the Shrieking Shack is one of my favorite of the whole series. It might have been when I really realized that J.K. Rowling is, in fact, a certified genius. Lupin is a werewolf! Harry’s dad and his friends were the Marauders! Pettigrew is Scabbers! Because he was a rat and betrayed the Potters! Which means Sirius is innocent! I cannot even handle the awesomeness of all that. Except…
  • Harry has to be a goddamn stupid heroic persona, and doesn’t kill Pettigrew.
kill em back

DUH, Harry. Haven’t you ever seen Firefly????

I know that he had to save Pettigrew in order for the rest of the series to happen, but stupid crap like that is why I usually hate heroic personas. Saving the life of someone who wants to kill you is right up there with bad guys monologuing instead of killing. Equally as annoying.

  • The part when Sirius offers Harry a place to live once his name is cleared, and then is like “Oh yeah no I’m an idiot, of course you don’t wanna” and Harry is all “No, yes, please when can I move in?” I TEARED UP. Sirius is the best. And it makes me so happy for Harry to have a real family member back in his life.
  • Crookshanks is an awesome cat. Not better than my Gabby, but pretty cool nonetheless.
  • I feel like the whole turning-back-time part isn’t nearly as annoying in the book as it is in the movie. Although in all fairness, the third movie is the WORST so maybe that’s why. But hooray for Sirius and Buckbeak being saved! So much happy!

I feel like the end of Prisoner of Azkaban is where the storyline of the series REALLY starts. Harry’s growing up, Pettigrew has run off presumably to find his old master, Harry knows about Sirius, we’ve learned a lot more backstory… shit is getting real. I am SOOOOOOO excited to start Goblet of Fire this weekend!!!

So you guys have thoughts. Whatcha thinkin?




  1. “Dumbledore only really pops up at the end to help fix things.” This is typically Dumbledore’s MO (at least until later books) BUT I do like it gives the teachers a chance to take center stage.

    And I agree that the end of this book is really where the series starts to take off. And the stories feel more directly connected, instead of the call backs to earlier books later in the series.


  2. Eh, if I were Harry I wouldn’t let them kill Pettigrew either. It’s not that he doesn’t want Pettigrew punished — he’s happy as a clam for the dementors to take him, and he has no reason to think Pettigrew’s going to escape — so much as that, when he has a second to think about it, he finds that he doesn’t want these two people he cares about to incur the moral injury of committing murder. That’s a pretty great and nuanced idea for a thirteen-year-old to grasp.

    I tear up at that part with Sirius too! And then Sirius is so happy, and he looks like his regular younger self, and they could have had a happy fun future together. Sniffle.


    1. I guess it’s just frustrating that Harry literally wants to tear Sirius to pieces, but when he finds out that Pettigrew’s actually the one who got his parents killed, he basically shrugs it off. And let’s not forget, if he was taken to Azkaban he could easily escape because he turns into a rat, and he might still have had that drive to escape even IF he got the Dementor’s Kiss. I think it’s nice that Harry didn’t want Lupin & Sirius to do it (although they seemed perfectly happy to kill Pettigrew off), but maybe he could have tried himself? I would have respected Harry more in that moment if he had at least tried to avenge his parents (but probably failed, because he doesn’t even know the killing curse yet).

      And like I said, I know that it HAD to happen that way for what she has planned later, but it’s just one of my pet peeves.

      I really want to know why no one thought to just send one person for help, you know? Sirius should have known that Lupin couldn’t go outside on that kind of night. They could have knocked Pettigrew out or put him to sleep, to minimize the chance of escape. They could have sent Hermione or someone to go fetch Dumbledore to help sort everything out. So many shoulda woulda coulda’s here! Lol.


      1. Yeah, but when he’s given the chance, he doesn’t tear Sirius to pieces. He has Sirius in front of him, unarmed and totally helpless, before Lupin shows up to the party, and he doesn’t kill him. He tells himself that he wants to, but he can’t actually do it. And plus, you know, Sirius and Lupin are all set to kill Peter (which is crazy, btw, because then how would anyone ever know that Sirius was innocent?), but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t get all PTSDy about it later. Killing people sucks. (I have heard.)


      2. Lupin & Sirius’s plan was definitely flawed, because Sirius wouldn’t have been able to clear his name then. But I understand their anger, and I don’t think they would’ve felt that bad about it later. They saw a LOT of death and bad shit during Voldemort’s reign, and Pettigrew HELPED with that. Lupin might have had some slight conflict with it later, but Sirius totally would have been alright with it – which is yet another reason why I totally dig Sirius 🙂


  3. Everything I was thinking about your post just flooded out of my post because OH MY GOD how can you not like the 3rd movie?! It’s so much fun and isn’t just a lame retelling of the book and it has shrunken heads and and and music and I ❤ it forever! You crazy!


    1. The third movie was sooooo bad! I think that the first two movies were done pretty well, at least visually. And then BAM third movie comes along and it’s all super gloomy for no damn reason. And WTF was with the shrunken head??? And do not even get me started on how that was the WORST werewolf ever. UGH.


  4. I hadn’t thought about it, but you’re right: Harry wants to tear Sirius limb from limb but then wants to shelter Pettigrew. Though I rather love that about him, at least that second part. Even though after my first reading of the book and I knew what would happen if Peter weren’t killed, I still cheer every time I read that. I think it takes a greatness of heart — and ultimately that’s what ends up defining and protecting Harry.

    But HOW can you possibly say that the PoA movie is the WORST? No, it is the best! Alphonse Cuaron is the best director to hit that franchise, bad werewolf special effects aside. 🙂


    1. Yeah yeah yeah, it’s what makes Harry a hero. And I know this, but it still irks me.

      I really really hate the third movie. It irritates me that the director decided to make everything look all super gloomy and ugly, the shrunken head was retarded, and the werewolf! OMG the werewolf. It makes me sad to say it, but the Twilight movies kick this HP movie’s ASS when it comes to werewolf effects.


      1. The werewolf special effects always bothered me, too. For a film franchise with that kind of special effects budget, it looked seriously (siriusly?) B-movie.

        BUT I cannot believe I neglected to comment on/praise your Firefly gif. I loved that show, and don’t you think Malcolm would’ve made a great hogwarts teacher? i do. if only he weren’t muggle.


  5. I don’t think Hermione needs to chill about the Hogsmeade thing because SUPPOSEDLY THERE IS A MURDERER WHO WANTS TO MURDER HARRY ON THE LOOSE. So he probably shouldn’t be sneaking out of the castle like an idiot and all.

    I also kind of love that Harry didn’t want to kill Pettigrew, in the end. I mean, that’s pretty much what MAKES heroes what they are- they can’t just go around murdering people, even bad people (except Voldie, obvs.) Which is why Sirius isn’t a hero cause he totally would have killed Pettigrew the end.


    1. Yeeeeees. Poor Hermione having to play the part of Wet Blanket. Ron and Harry were being ridiculous, and SOMEONE had to say, “Hey…look, Harry, I know you’re excited about that shiny new broom, but do you maybe want to be a leeeeeetle suspicious about it since no one loves you and several people want you dead?”


      1. But had Hermione not been SO wrapped up in her classes and whatnot, she would have tried to HELP him test it to see if it was safe. You know, they could have all gone out to the Quidditch field and done a test drive or something. Just touching it obviously didn’t kill him. But since she was too busy to really try to help Harry out, she snitched. LAME.


    2. I’m just saying – Harry has now faced Voldemort TWICE, Hermione could have a little more faith that he’d manage to get away from Sirius Black alive. AND the Marauder’s Map is at least just as helpful as it is dangerous, because Harry could use the map to watch for a little dot on it showing up as Sirius.

      I think Hermione’s heart is in the right place, but in the third book she just goes about it all so wrong. In the previous books whenever she didn’t like what the boys were doing or thought they were being unsafe, she would help them just so that they wouldn’t be hurt or in trouble. Since she’s too busy with her bajillion classes, she just runs to teachers instead, or threatens too. I love Hermione, but no one likes a snitch is all I’m saying. Should the boys have been that angry at her for that long? Absolutely not, but I understand why they were angry to begin with. You don’t go behind your friend’s backs, even if you think it’s for their safety.

      And being all noble and not killing bad people IS what makes heroes heroes – which is kind of why I don’t like the sterotypical heroic persona. They’re noble to a fault. I much prefer anti-heroes or vigilantes 🙂 I still love Harry though.


  6. It’s like the whole “I’ve caught the protagonist, now I’m going to make monologue and then leave the room and there is no way his/her death will be botched” thing in film – JUST KILL THEM, THEN YOU DON’T HAVE TO WORRY. But I do get why Harry didn’t kill Peter, and I’m pretty sure he never would have killed Sirius. He’s hurt and angry, but commit murder? He’s 13 and I don’t think he has it in him.

    The shrieking shack scene was one mind explosion after another, well done JK, I have no more minds left!


    1. Yeah he probably wouldn’t have killed Sirius – but he at the very least attacked him in his weak 13-year old way, and that was something! Then he finds out it’s Pettigrew and it’s like “Oh, YOU’RE the one who ruined my life? *shrugs*”


  7. Man, I love when Hermione gets all crazybitch. She’s usually so buttoned-up and correct.

    And Sirius and Lupin totally spent half of the Shrieking Shack scene evil-villain-monologuing. I’m just saying.


  8. This book is awesome when you discount all that tween drama that goes on. Though Hermione got so annoying, she makes up for it by breaking out of her shell, covering for Lupin, smack talking and dropping out of a class, punching Malfoy, generally kicking butt, etc.

    That part where Sirius and Harry are like “omg we’re going to be the bestest flatmates evah” and then JKR was like “psh, I was totes kidding, gaiz”. CRUEL.

    Siriusly, this series really picks up starting with this book. And now Goblet of Fire! Super super excited 🙂


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