Harry Potter readalong! Introducing more awesome characters.

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Oh book 3. I heart you so much.

Can I just say that even though the beginning bit with all the recap and stuff can be kind of boring, major props to Rowling for making each trip to Hogwarts just a little bit different and interesting? Doing that for these books requires more imagination than I can really grasp, which is why she’s a super famous author and I am not.

Anyways, there’s so much to love here. I’m going to bulletpoint all my happy, fan-girly thoughts, mmmkay? Kay.

  • Well, now I remember how Ron getsΒ a new wand! Yay for the Weasleys finally catching a break, amiright?
  • Our little Harry finally shows the first signs that he’s becoming more of a teenager, by standing up to the Dursleys and then by freaking out and running away from home.
lupin harry potter gif

Well okay, if you insist…

  • LUPIN!!! One of the bestest professors / characters gets introduced. I would like to say that I love how everything Lupin teaches the students (well, that is described in detail, anyways) is all about light and positivity. Normally I’m not such a sap, but come on – chocolate has healing properties after a dementor run-in, the Riddikulus spell is about using laughter to face your fears, and then the Expecto Patronum spell later. THIS is why Lupin is the best Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.

sirius gif

  • SIRIUS!!!! Okay well I won’t say a ton because of those few of you who haven’t read the books yet, but I’m so excited that Sirius is introduced in this book. ❀
  • Hagrid is a teacher! And Malfoy immediately tries to ruin it. I know some of you hate on Hagrid for liking dangerous creatures, but I think it’s one of the best things about Hagrid. One, that he likes animals even if they’re not cute and fluffy. And two, he sees the best in these creatures despite what others think, which is why he can actually go gallivanting into the forest without fear. Forest creatures dig Hagrid.
  • “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.” The Marauder’s Map! Which reminds me of this gif I found ages ago and now have an excuse to use…


  • Ummmm so something relevant to the plot… hmmmm… oh right so Harry learns the “official” version of what exactly went down the night his parents died. That’s some tragic stuff right there. And I like that Harry gets a spurt of rage and wants to find Sirius and make him pay. Of course we know he wusses out when it comes to exacting revenge later, but I like this one little glimpse of not-perfect-hero feelings that he has.
  • I feel kind of bad for Hermione because now Harry and Ron are all mad at her for telling about the Firebolt, but I’m also just a bit on their side. This is one of those times that whether she’s right or not, it was a jerk move to go behind their backs to tell a teacher.
  • Speaking of Hermione, Ron has also been a bit harsher towards her in this book so far. I’m deciding that it’s because his crush on her is developing and being an immature teenage boy, he’s showing it by being mean. This may be because before we actually started dating, the honeyman picked on me and said I had feet as big as Sasquatch’s.Β Or… maybe I just like mean boys.

Okay that’s all the coherent thoughts I have for today! What are ya’ll thinking about book 3 so far?

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  1. Noooooooo, Hermione telling McGonagall was AWESOME. Do you want Harry to DIE?! You do not.

    Yay for the Weasleys catching a break though, and BIG YAY for Lupiiiiin! I think I love him. πŸ™‚

    You’re not allowed to like Sirius yet! Shhhhhh! Hehehe


  2. Aww Lupin and Sirius. LOVE. And I love Hagrid seeing the best in all those creatures. It does sort of get in the way of him realizing that they DO pose actual, for reals threats though. But still, so sweet of him.

    I do think Hermione was in the right about going to McGonagall about the Firebolt. I mean, she wasn’t doing it because “hey you’re not supposed to have that” or even “it’s dangerous, you might fall off”. It was “you’re life could ACTUALLY BE IN DANGER just by touching this highly suspicious gift”.


  3. Siriusly, love how JKR mixes it up so the train rides are never the same.
    I also love how JKR subtly ages Harry so he’s more reactive to situations because he is beginning to stand on his own now. (aka losing it, flipping out, and running away from home, hahaha such a mature tween.)

    Lupin is the best teacher ever, hands down. I would go to his office hours all the time – I think I had the teensiest crush on him (yep, still in denial).

    Hooray Sirius! I forgot that he gave Hagrid his motorbike when I first read the series and had to go back through the other books trying to figure out why that name sounded so familiar…


  4. Tee hee. that marauder’s map gif. NOW i get it, but hte first time i saw it, i couldn’t figure out what it was pointing at.

    Also, Siriusly. Had to use that one, too.

    Ron is mean to Hermione mostly because he’s a small, small person and Hermione doesn’t deserve to be saddled with him for life. Also, he’s a teen boy and they are soul mates and you are right, according to JKR logic.

    But how do y’all feel about Remus/Sirius pairing? It works for me.


  5. I was going to use that map gif next week!

    Agree with all the love this week, and Lupin in def their best teacher because aside from knowing his stuff he’s actually approachable. Which is where McGonagall falls short.

    Question, on the train Lupin’s bag says Professor RJ Lupin. So has Lupin taught at another school? Or was it a gift for graduating wizarding college? I wish I could know these things.


    1. I THINK I remember Lupin saying something about being used to getting kicked out of schools because of what he is, so maybe he was a teacher before. I might just be remembering that from the movie though, so I’ll have to wait till I read the second half to see if I’m right or making it up, lol.


  6. I love Lupin, too! The descriptions of his classes were so amazing, and so much fun to read. I hope he sticks around longer than Gilderoy Lockhart did!

    And poor Hagrid…I so wanted him to be kick-ass as a new teacher 😦


  7. Lol, love that map gif. Maybe Hogwarts isn’t so pure as it pretends to be!! I agree that Lupin is great. Hadn’t noticed before the theme of positivity and joy in his lessons – great observation!


    1. Hehehe the map gif makes me giggle. And there really should have been a time somewhere in the series in which Harry notices two people in bed together, cause come on. Too many teenagers in one place for that NOT to be happening!


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