Pin It & Do It!

Pin it Do it February


Well just to warn you, I’m pretty sure there will be nothing bookish about this post. Sorry if this bores you guys.

Obviously I adore Pinterest and I’m on there ALL THE FREAKING TIME and naturally I started a board just for crafts and recipes that I want to try out. And of course because I’m lazy, I rarely ever actually do any of them. So you can see how the next logical step was for me to decide to do a Pin It & Do It Challenge, hosted by Love, Laughter, and A Touch of Insanity. I don’t think there’s a prize or anything, but just kind of stating on here that I’m doing it already gives me some extra motivation to try stuff out this month.

This here is my “Stuff to Try” board, in case you wanna check that out. Here are the ones I want to try this month, though I’m sure I won’t get to all of them. I’m going for the “Pinterested” level of 4 to 7:

I’m kind of aiming at the stuff that doesn’t require buying a lot of supplies, cause I’m cheap right now.

I’ve actually already tried the funfetti cupcakes the other day, but I’m planning on making them again next week and trying a couple things differently before I write about them. I’ll write about them one or two at a time as I complete them.

Have you guys ever done a Pinterest Challenge before? Do you have a board of stuff you want to try out? Chat with me, peeps.





  1. I miss Pinterest so very much. I cancelled my account when all the image copyright crap went down with some blogs. I’ve been on it lately looking up ideas for work, and I miiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssss it. Maybe I’ll bite the bullet and sign up again…


    1. Awesome!!! I heard about all of that copyright stuff, but I just kind of shrugged and ignored it. Probably not the best policy, but I figured if it was a huge issue then Pinterest would shut down or something.


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