Let’s Talk! Review Request Rant

Lets Talk Lets Talk: Review Request Rant

Let’s Talk is a weekly meme created by Smash Attack Reads and A Book Obsession in which you talk about whatever the topic is. And if there’s one thing you know I love to do, it’s blab.

Today’s question:

Reviewers: How do you handle the less than ideal review requests? You know, the ones that have clearly not read your blog or your review policy. Also, what’s the worst review request you’ve ever received?

I can literally count the number of review requests I’ve had on one hand. I know, tragic.

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But actually not tragic at all. My general policy since I’ve started blogging has been that I don’t accept review requests and I’ve gotten very few. I did a couple of reviews for TLC Book Tours (who are very awesome, by the way) but I initially contacted them asking to be part of a book tour for an author I liked, so I didn’t mind them following up with a couple of review requests after that.

If I get a review request these days, I usually just ignore it. If I’m not very lazy, I’ll respond and them know that per my policy, I’m not taking review requests.

I did have a dilemma recently – a really great author contacted me asking if I would like to review her newest book in a series that I adore, but it was an e-book only. As most of you know, I kind of hate e-readers and e-books. I could have accepted the request and read it on my computer, but I don’t like reading on the computer much and I didn’t want to review a book that will only be available digitally. It really sucked to not take her up on her offer, because I’ll probably never get the chance to read that book now, unless it’s released in paper form. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. So that was probably my most upsetting review request, but only because my stupid opinions and principles got in the way, not because I was annoyed at the request itself. I was actually so honored to receive her review request, and really sad that I couldn’t accept. 

So, how about all you normal book bloggers that don’t turn down ARCs and freebies? Tell me your review request stories!





  1. I quite often get requests for self- help, crime/mystery thrillers which I specifically state on my review policy that I don’t read, my other pet peeve is when I receive a review request without my name, just a hi there (if you at least want a chance for me to review your book at least take the time to find my name on my blog, it is on there) it also makes me think that they are just sending out a group email and they’re hoping someone responds.


  2. When I first started blogging, I once accepted a review request from a self-published author that was so bad I made my husband read it too. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t imagining how bad this book was. Ultimately, this man had an axe to grind with his wife and this was his public therapy journal to her. You know, the kind of writing therapists ask you to do, but to never send. He didn’t send it, but he decided to publish it. He labeled it fiction and changed the names, but only the people who had already died would not recognize themselves in it. It was truly horrible and it was poorly edited too. It was very close to the last self-published book I ever reviewed. I rarely review any book now because I find I just don’t have the time to read my own books when I start to do review work. I start to feel like I should be paid to blog then.


    1. Yeah, the reason I decided to rarely, if ever, accept review copies is because I didn’t want reading and blogging to feel like a chore. It was a smart decision. And I would probably never accept self-published books… that might make me sound like a snob, but ehhh.


  3. I very randomly accept review requests but the last few times have not ended well. A lot of the requests I get are for books I don’t like and I say on my review page they aren’t for me (a LOT of romance offers). I recently got a review request that was addressed to “Mandy”. I’m trying to get better to responding to requests that I’m not into IF it seems like the person actually tried to see what I’d be into. A lot of them I just ignore.


    1. Ha, Mandy.

      You’d think since I get so few requests that I’d take the time to email back, but ehh. I’m LAZY. And my policy says that I don’t accept books for review, so even if they’re making an effort, they obviously didn’t make it to that page.


      1. I just made a review tab, though, because of your post. So now it has my info on what I will/won’t review, plus a little suggestion of check out my blog because if I’ve never read anything vampire/sparkly/zombie/romance, then I probably won’t want to read YOURS. But I said it in a nicer way. 😉


      2. Oooo awesome! Glad I could help! That tab might be why I don’t get nearly as many requests as other bloggers seem to. Either that, or I’m just not that popular, which is fine with me :-p


  4. Recently I’ve been getting so many requests for books from genres I just don’t read like non fiction, religious, even medical. I don’t’ reply to those because my policy clearly states what genres I read.


  5. I only read review requests if a) it generally interests me b) the author seems nice and has read my review policy and c) personalizes the email they send to me.
    I’ve had a couple bad review requests that really stand out. One was a Christian dating site wanted to do a guest post on my blog. Seriously. I mean, I know religious people read…but, no. Just no.
    The second was a guy who’s book was poorly edited and he only had kindle ebooks. I didn’t have a kindle at the time and told him so. He promptly (ie rudely) informed me that I could download the kindle reading app and read it on my computer. That’s the quickest way for me to hit the spam button.


    1. Ooooo I’ve had that done to me. “Well you can read it on your computer if you don’t own an e-reader.” UMMM no I can’t, because I don’t want to. I have no desire to sit in front of a computer screen for that long just to read a book that let’s face it, I’m probably not going to love.

      The Christian dating site thing is hilarious. And so random!


  6. I get a lot of requests, even when I’m not accepting, BUT I have it written in my policy that I won’t reply unless I’m accepting, which makes things easy.

    I’m really trying to NOT request anything on my side, but sometimes I can’t help it. My ereader is great for some requests, though! I’m sure there are lots of books I wouldn’t have gotten to read without it.


    1. Putting that disclaimer in your policy is a good idea, saying that you won’t reply unless you’re accepting. I might eventually add something similar, so I feel slightly less guilty about not replying, lol.


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