Let’s Talk: Sneaky Books

Lets Talk Lets Talk: Book Influences

Let’s Talk is a weekly meme created by Smash Attack Reads and A Book Obsession in which you talk about whatever the topic is. And if there’s one thing you know I love to do, it’s blab.

Today’s question:

Do you hide your book purchases from your significant other/parents/children/pet/old lady down the street? Share some good smuggling stories!

That would be a big fat NO. Well first off, I never really had to hide purchases from family, because that’s silly. And I never ever ever hide things from the honeyman. THAT IS A GIANT RELATIONSHIP NO-NO. It does not matter how insignificant you think it is, you do not hide things from the person you love and trust.

Besides the fact that we roll with 100% honesty, I also just get too excited about buying stuff to keep it to myself. As soon as the honeyman gets home I’m showing him any new books I picked up, or that purse I got at Goodwill for $4, or the new shirt I bought. I like to shop, and I like books, which means double the excitement that I seriously just cannot hide. And the honeyman never says anything mean or critical to me about the stuff I buy (even though I literally have an entire room of books already) because he is awesome, and we also respect each other enough to not lecture about how we spend our own money.

So what about you guys? Do you have to sneak books into the house, or do you boldly show off your new goodies? Share!




  1. Good topic. I can think of some things, which people might attempt purchasing at times – clothes, sweets, books, actually anything… I also have way many (unread) books, but I never thought of hiding them from my boyfriend. I guess it’s natural that there might be some odd looks when you have joint wallet and you are trying to save up, for example, but otherwise I see no reason to hide anything.

    However, I know my mum hides stuff she has bought from my dad. Mostly clothes, I think. (Which is odd to think – doesn’t dad notice then that mum has new top, for example? :p But I guess some men don’t.) Anyway, every time she showed me some stuff and said “don’t tell dad” I went into a major rant over how wrong this is. 😀


    1. I’ve heard of the “women hiding clothes from their husband” thing so many times before, and it’s so confusing. Does this stem from back in the day when men controlled the house and money? It’s so weird! But yeah, I think most men probably really don’t notice new things, or there are new things so often that they’re used to it! Lol.


  2. Nope, I don’t hide my book purchases. My husband knows the money spent on books is the money not spent on the psychiatrist’s couch. Books keep me out of therapy, right? Now, if I were to sit down and do a line by line amount of money spent on books each month, the total would scare him and he may suggest that I read what’s on the shelves for a while. For clothes and other purchases, I never hide what I buy but we do have a 48 hour rule. If it sits in the house for 48 hours without it being noticed by the other spouse, it is assumed that it has “always” been in the house and it does not get brought back. (Oh, that? We’ve had that forever).


    1. Ha I kept a log of my book purchases throughout the year, and it came out to almost $1000, even with buying used books. I did share this with the honeyman and he was only like “Wow, that’s insane.” and never said another word about it. Basically as long as we can pay the bills, we don’t care what the other person buys.

      The 48-hour rule is funny! I MAYBE will have to use that someday for a piece of art or furniture I know he won’t like, lol.


  3. Now that you’ve made the rest of us feel like big assholes…LOL. Just kidding, of course. I don’t really hide them from T, but I don’t come home and announce what I’ve bought. I just put them on the shelf. And I always open packages in front of him. These days, he doesn’t know if I bought them, won them, was gifted them, traded them, etc. I think he is done caring. heh


  4. I don’t really buy books so this isn’t a problem unless the book I do buy is a gift, then of course it gets hidden! 🙂 I think in the past I’ve hid library books from my parents just because I knew they wouldn’t approve or I wasn’t allowed to read it. But nowadays nope, I read anything and don’t mind if I’m seen reading it or buying it.


  5. I don’t hide my books or other stuff I buy either, I’m like you: too excited NOT to show it off 😉 Besides, it’s my money, so I can spend it as I see fit and the boyfriend knows me and my book buying habits, so he just laughs when I complain about the lack of room for my new books.


    1. Exactly! We each work hard for our money, why would we care how each other spends it? He does kind of shake his head at how many books I have… but he’s also promised me a library room when we buy a house, so he’s clearly made his peace with it.


  6. No way! Hiding is what people do when they are ashamed and can’t be honest. I tell my husband, but I also do really cool things like check books out from the library (they’re free, you know?) and borrow e-book editions from the digital library at my local library (also free). Then when I make a purchase or two, it’s not a big deal. But hiding? Nope.


    1. I agree, hiding implies shame or that I did something wrong. And obviously book buying can’t be wrong! Well, unless we were super poor and didn’t even have money for food or rent, but that’s different, lol.


  7. I’ve snuck in books. *hangs head in shame* But I really don’t buy a lot of them anymore for it to be a big deal.

    Though, I don’t feel it necessary to share every single purchase I make either … like, if I buy an ebook. No point in sharing. I’m sure my husband would just roll his eyes anyway and wonder why he needed to know, since he’s not a reader. Just like I don’t need to know about bits and pieces he buys for the garage.

    Still, great topic!


    1. The stuff Treland tends to buy is usually some sort of survival gear or something we might need in an emergency, like crank-powered radios and stuff, but like me he gets excited and shows me. (Man, one day when we have a garage… I can totally see that turning into the man zone.) I think the only thing we really don’t share all the time is food and snack stuff, cause that’s just silly.


  8. I don’t understand how one can hide book buying habits. I bring home so many books just from the library alone that when I actually buy books that I’m beyond excited and have to talk about them.
    Also I have a feeling that if the shoe were on the other foot, the book buyer would hate their partner hiding purchases from them.


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