Harry Potter Readalong – HOGWARTS I MISSED YOU

crazy happy dance gif


I can’t even express how happy I was just to start reading the first page πŸ™‚ I can’t believe I don’t re-read these books every year. For reals.

Okay I know that in comparison to the rest of the series, these first two books are the weakest. But compared to a LOT of other children’s / YA books that I’ve tried, just the first chapter is like a quadrillion times better than those. There’s so much mystery and magic and interesting-ness just in that first chapter. I feel like I don’t have a whole lot to comment on, because not a whole lot has happened yet. I mean, Hermione isn’t even a main character yet. But Harry has already shown himself to be all heroic persona-ish, in his defiance against Malfoy and sticking up for Neville. So yay for him. (It’s rare that I like the heroic personas, but Harry is one of the exceptions, I guess.)

Also this is probably obvious to every one else, but I JUST realized while reading that the pictures in the wizarding world are basically GIFs. But you know, different.

harry potter gif


As soon asΒ I was done reading this section (which went by way too fast), I got online to FINALLY see what house I would be sorted into on Pottermore. Back in early December I was chatting with some people at a party and they said that the questions to determine your house were really intricate, that it took like 45 mins and they asked those ethical kind of questions like if you saw someone cheating onΒ a test would you tell, etc etc. Well, it did take at least 45 mins to even get to the Sorting ceremony, but it asked me about 8 questions. One of which was “Black, or white?” WTF? That’s not a fair question. (And I chose black, obvs.) Anyways, it’s probably no surprise, but…

Slytherin gif

Based on like 8 questions? Such as “forest or sea”? That is so not fair. Screw you, Pottermore. I mean maybe even with 100 questions it MIGHT have come out the same, but still.

Hmmm what else? Oh yes, the Dursleys. They are horrible and I want to slap Dudley. Ollivander is creepy. Hagrid is large and great. Oh and Dumbledore… “Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!” That is literary gold, right there. I love it.

dumbledore, gif

Sooo… yeah. How’s everyone else feeling about being back in the wizarding world?




  1. I am so happy to be back in this world, it’s been too long!

    Dumbledore captured my heart when he conducted the Weasley’s funeral march rendition of the school song – and the Nitwit, blubber, oddment, tweak set it in stone.

    The Pottermore sorting is a bit of a joke. I got Ravenclaw, but god knows why/how – like you said, the sea/forest questions aren’t exactly illuminating.


  2. Photos in HP ARE like gifs! This is amazing!

    The sorting hat thing on Pottermore is a bit like WTF? but also I feel like it’s accurate and that’s why I’m a Hufflepuff!

    YAY for you liking Harry as the hero. My SICK admission though is that when the films first came out, I toooootally fancied Malfoy A LOT. 11 year old crushes, man, what can I say?


  3. A GIF of GIFS. It makes even more sense for us to be doing an HP readalong.

    Now I’m less looking forward to the Pottermore sorting but good job even making it there. Ugh just Pottermore, tell me what house I’m in and what my wand is and I’ll be on my way thankyouverymuch.


  4. I usually read your posts via email instead of at your blog, so your blog is VERY DIFFERENT from how I remember. Yay for Slytherin! Malfoy is a right prat in these chapters but once we know his backstory I think he’s actually quite pathetic and sympathetic.

    Yay, HP readalong!


      1. Well but if we’re looking at it from a nature standpoint, Harry could be the way he is because of his parents too. Good parents = good kid AKA Harry, crappy mean parents = bad kid, AKA Malfoy. I actually kind of like that Rowling isn’t a big one for “redemption” characters, because it’s always just a teeny bit unbelievable. And sure Malfoy & Harry eventually stop trying to fight each other, but Malfoy still seems like an ass in the end.


    1. Oooo how does it look different? I did just recently change the header to my V-Day one… the honeyman doesn’t let me decorate at home for Valentine’s Day, so my blog gets it instead.

      I never QUITE warm up to Malfoy cause I think he’s still an ass. I think I feel better about being in Slytherin because of Snape though. I ❀ Snape.


  5. “But compared to a LOT of other children’s / YA books that I’ve tried, just the first chapter is like a quadrillion times better than those.”

    Right?? From the very beginning, JK is clearly amazing. And yeah, I think the first two tend to be neglected nowadays since they’re a lot of exposition and lighter material (not to mention much shorter), but they are EXCELLENT.


  6. I am not doing your offical read along,but you know I’m re reading this series this year too. I finished HP1 this week and it’s delicious. I love these characters so much. It’s so good to have them back – like visitng with family you haven’t seen in a long time. ❀


  7. I almost used that excited baby gif! Totally sums up the feelings.

    I too thought the sorting would be way more intricate. I wish it was. But I did like the forest/sea kind of questions because they stopped me from trying to rig it to get into the house I wanted.



  8. Haha! I love love love that sorting hat thing! Sounds pretty awful in general, but hilarious. Black or white? Black or white what? Black and white cookies are delicious. I’m not choosing between races. I wear more black but I like my white shirts to be white. How to choose? πŸ™‚

    And I’ve reread HP 2x


      1. Yeah. . . I mean, it’s just a quiz. I don’t think you’re PURE evil, but maybe just partly. I mean you DID choose black over white.

        (I’m kidding, I wear black all the time. It’s slimming and very sleek. I would have chosen black, too.)


  9. Loving the reread! I was disappointed at first to put the other audiobook I was listening to aside for a couple of days, but I quickly got over it. And I was sorted into Gryffindor – alas, we are nemeses.


  10. Even *I*, the Potter virgin, was instantly crazy-happy when I opened the book to the first page. I wouldn’t be surprised if we learned someday that Rowling is a witch and she charmed her books so they would speak directly to EVERY SINGLE person in the world.

    I did the Pottermore journey to the Sorting Hat a few months ago, and I seem to remember getting more detailed questions than you got. But that doesn’t make any sense…it’s not like they would change it, would they? Although I DO stand by its accuracy because I’m very happy being a Hufflepuff. Go Badgers!


    1. I was wondering if maybe the questions were all super intense during the beta phase? But now there are fewer of them and more random? It actually would make sense to change up the questions, so you can’t know about the questions from a friend and then answer the same to try to get in the same house. ORRRR it doesn’t matter what you answer, it just assigns houses randomly?


      1. Ravenclaw. Which I did kinda want but the sorting still seemed really random. I liked the wand selection better. What’d you get? I got hazel dragon


  11. Yay fellow dragon wand dealy. I went back and forth between an orange tabby and the owl but ended up going with owl cos then I have the wizarding form of email. (Also it’s not letting me reply to your latest comment about the animal. Hence the new comment.)


    1. Yeah, everyone animal but the owl is kind of useless… but I figured screw it, I’m probably not going to be on Pottermore a lot anyways. And I didn’t really like how slow the site moved, so I yeah I think I’m done with it.


  12. So happy to be re-reading this series!
    I love Dumbledore’s silly quotes in the very beginning because you see this playful side of him, as if he shrugged off all the horrors he experienced in the war.


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