The Truth About Santa: Wormholes, Robots, and What Really Happens on Christmas Eve by Gregory Mone


Oh how fun. This book combined two of my favorite things – Christmas, and theoretical physics. I forget where I heard of this book initially, but I borrowed it from the library and started reading it right away.

Gregory Mone takes all of the questions you may have about Santa – How does he deliver everything in one night? Can reindeer really fly? How does he fit down the chimney? And then he gives you the real, secret answers. It’s not magic, it’s science! Each section of the book tackles an aspect of Santa and unravels the mystery behind it. I bet you didn’t know Santa has a warp-speed sleigh, or that he uses clones to complete all the deliveries in one night, or that they travel via wormholes, or that there are tiny microcameras in your house monitoring whether your children have been naughty or nice.

Whenever Mone introduces us to a new piece of Santa’s gadgetry, he also gives a glimpse as to how we as a scientific community are making progress on these technologies. The science in this book is either being developed or being actively researched, and it was fun to read about some of the things I already heard about. And the writing isn’t dull or bogged down with things too hard to understand – it’s quick, witty, and a bit snarky. Obviously it was perfect for me.

I wouldn’t recommend this to kids, unless they’re in their late teens – the humor and the science would probably be lost on anyone under 16. But it’s still a fun, unique take on Santa and still makes me look forward to Christmas. (Which is only FOUR DAYS AWAY, in case you were wondering.) I think I’ll be buying myself a copy to re-read next year.


Sarah Says: 4 stars




    1. LOL well you know, two of my favorite things. And I don’t claim to actually *know* a lot about physics, but it’s been my favorite non-fiction topic to read about this year. Maybe I like it because I like sci-fi a lot?

      I know, it’s weird.


  1. I’ve had this on my holiday TBR for some time now and it looks so intriguing. I guess with Christmas only 4 days away I’d better start reading or else I’ll have to wait until next year!


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