Manhunting by Jennifer Crusie


Isn’t that cover just hilarious? Oh the early 90’s.

Jennifer Crusie is one of my go-to romance authors, cause she’s fun and hilarious and she wrote Bet Me, which is the Best Romance Ever. Back around the time I first discovered her I went out and hunted down a bunch of her books, even the older ones, which means I still have a couple books of hers that I haven’t read yet. (And thank goodness, because she is taking forever to come out with a new book.) Sooooo, I was in the mood for some romance, and Manhunting it was!

Kate is an attractive, successful businesswoman in her mid-thirties who realizes she’s kind of miserable because she’s not with anybody, and she’s lonely at night. Plans are what she does best, so she comes up with one to get married – go to a Kentucky resort, meet a successful businessman that she can build a business with, and marry him. But when she shows up to The Cabins resort, all of the businessmen are jerks, boring, or boring jerks. The only man there she feels like she can talk to is Jake, the easy-going handyman that just wants to sleep on the lake and some peace and quiet.

Soooooo… not my favorite Crusie. Kate wasn’t quite as annoying as I expected her to be, especially after she stopped being so frigid and stuck-up. In fact at point she stabs a guy with a fork, which is totally my style. But her desire to find a “man to build a business with” was kind of annoying, perhaps because I lack that kind of ambition. Jake was a really fun male lead, though he had some chauvanistic moments. But overall he was laid-back and funny, and him and Kate did have really good chemistry together. I liked that they started off as friends and then slowly fell for each other.

Jake’s main letdown was that he had a mustache. Mustaches are not for romance novels, they’re for porn. (Especially white guys with mustaches, it almost never looks good, unless you’re Burt Reynolds. Otherwise it just makes you look a little creepy.) So yeah, eww. I kind of had to ignore it whenever his mustache was mentioned.

I also feel like you can kind of see Jennifer Crusie sorting through her own feelings on sexism, successful women, etc, and that was interesting. Not something you’d expect to see in a romance novel, but it was fun to see Kate criticize a woman who just wants to be a stay-at-home mom, and then Jake showing her she’s being sexist by judging a woman for that. This stuff was probably more of a hot topic in the 1990’s, but still interesting.


The more modern cover, this is what’s in the bookstores now since it got re-released.

Anyways, not the best and not the funniest, but still a good fluffy read overall.


Sarah Says: 3 stars




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