The Pirates! In Adventure with Ahab by Gideon Defoe

The Pirates in an Adventure with Ahab, Gideon Defoe


Ohhhh, the pirates. Ever so entertaining.

This is the second The Pirates! book, although I don’t think that they necessarily have to be read in order, but I choose to cause I’m like that. In this little book, Pirate Captain finally agrees that their ship is literally falling apart, and they take a trip down to Nantucket to buy a ship from Cutlass Liz’s boatyard. Cutlass Liz is DA BOMB. (Yup, that just happened.) For instance:

“Cutlass Liz changed the colour of her hair as often as the Pirate Captain ate mixed grills, but at the moment it was a vivid red, which went well with the bloodstains on her blouse.”

And in an unwise, rash decision the Pirate Captain decides to purchase THE most expensive boat she has, and she gives him a deadline in which to come back with her 6000 doubloons or else she’ll hunt them down and a bloodbath will ensue. Also, they meet Captain Ahab who is constantly on the hunt for that jerk giant white whale, and antics happen. Seriously, it’s less than 150 pages so if I tell you much more the whole story will be ruined.

These books are just such great, funny short reads. I laugh out loud a lot, and read it with a pencil nearby so I can mark off my favorite lines, such as:

“And besides – who hasn’t slit a man’s belly open for looking at them cock-eyed?”

And in the back of the book there’s about three pages worth of fake titles in the series, and a whole bunch that I wish were real, including The Pirates! In An Adventure with Your Mother, The Pirates! In An Adventure with Zombies, The Pirates! In An Adventure with Jennifer Garner, The Pirates! In An Adventure with the Goonies, and The Pirates! In An Adventure with the IRS. You know, just to name a few.


Sarah Says: 4 stars



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