A Witch Before Dying: A Wishcraft Mystery #2 by Heather Blake

Well, this is the second in this new cozy mystery series by Heather Blake, but I don’t think you need to shy away because of spoilers. After all, the main focus of the story is the mystery! Here’s my review of the first book, It Takes A Witch.

So, Darcy Merriweather is settling into life in the cute little town of Enchanted Village in Salem, Massachusetts. She’s still working for her Aunt Ve’s business, As You Wish, and still learning more about her powers as a Wishcrafter. Aunt Ve’s getting ready to get married, and life is great – until Darcy’s next job cleaning out the house of a hoarder leads to her finding the body of a woman who’s been missing for over a year. Darcy makes a promise to the woman’s daughter to investigate the death, but it’s not easy. There are a lot of suspects and motives, and a mythical wish-granting amulet at the center of it all.

A Witch Before Dying was an adorable sequel, and I hope that this series goes on for a while. As usual, I had no idea who the killer was. But the mystery isn’t my favorite part of these books – it’s the absolutely charming setting,Β and the slow-growing romance between Darcy & a certain handsome police officer. I also love the quirky twist on magic (Wishcrafters, Curecrafters, Geocrafters, etc).

I do sometimes cringe at the over-cuteness of Darcy’s dialogue sometimes. Come on, “heebie-jeebies”? You can only get away with that once in a book before it starts to sound just silly. And this is a MURDER MYSTERY. Cutesy phrases like that are over-doing it just a tad. I’d also really like to see more of Harper, Darcy’s sister. It’s tough cause she’s doing her own thing, but she’s fun and bookish and there’s a cute romance in the works for her too.

These books are so much fun, perfect for an afternoon of lying around on the couch and drinking coffee. I’m already itching to read the next one, The Good, the Bad, and the Witchy, but it’s not coming out until next year. At least it gives me something to look forward to!

Sarah Says: 3.5 stars


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