Sarah Sunday!



Good morning!

Sarah update: Overall, not a very eventful week, at least until the end.

After I got out of work yesterday the honeyman and I went out to Petco & Target to do some shopping. We finally got a collar & little tag for Gabby, because if she ever manages to get out of the apartment again somehow, I don’t want people to think she’s a stray. And hopefully they’d be nice enough to call us, since our numbers are on the back of her tag. She HATES it. Poor thing, there’s a little bell so she makes a lot of noise while she runs around and she can’t be all sneaky. (We’re keeping the bell on it for now, because it’ll alert us to when she’s jumping up places where she’s not supposed to be.) She spent most of the night attacking her own neck and succeeded in getting it off twice. Hoping she just gets used to it. But until then seeing her get all angry and fight with herself is hilarious. Poor thing.

And finally, after 4 freaking months of working on it my brother-in-law finally finished fixing the honeyman’s car. Hooray! Of course there’s always the chance that something may go wrong with it again, but it’s running for now and that’s all that matters. We have to take it to get inspected this week and hopefully it passes. We’re still going to try to get him a new car in the next couple months, but at least he has his car back again to drive until then, and hopefullyΒ he’ll be able to sell itΒ to at least make back the money we spent on parts.

So you know, good news.


Bookish update: Well, I finished reading Three Roads to Quantum Gravity this week and that was interesting but not the best. And now I’ve started White Raven, a book I’m reading for a TLC blog tour on this coming Thursday. It’s interesting so far, but I hate the pressure of reviewing books this way. I think I’m going to take a break from tour books for a while, not that I do a ton anyways.

Most exciting is that the Bout of Books weeklong readathon starts tomorrow! My work schedule is a little wonky this week, but I should manage to squeeze in a good amount of reading time. I’m going to do my goal post tonight.

So, that’s it for me this week! How are you guys doing?

Have a lovely week πŸ™‚



Basically giving up after attacking her own neck for hours.



  1. We tried this collar thing with my kitty and she ended up chewing it off. I figured she would keep destroying every single one so she won the battle and remains collarless. She’s indoor/outdoor though and she doesn’t ever stay away from the house for more than 8 hours. On the other hand, we bought another kitty that chewed herself out of the screen door on our porch and never came back again. It’s a mystery why some go away and some stay. I just know I’ve had very little luck making my cats do anything that they don’t want to do. Very determined and very obstinate.


  2. Wow. I did not know about your dad. I am sorry to hear about it, but I am glad to hear that you are at peace with the situation. Also good about the car. Transportation is always important! Week long readathon?! Sounds fun. Good luck!


  3. Aww, poor little Gabby and her collar! My dogs don’t like their collars, either … they roll around and itch their necks. The yard is fenced, so they don’t wear them all the time. We’re ALWAYS with them when they’re outside, so we’ve never had issues.

    Sorry to hear about your dad — that’s frustrating. I hope things can get better — somehow?? *hugs*

    And yay! The readathon! I’m super excited!


    1. The only reason I want a collar on her is in case she sneaks out, which happened once before. Luckily she stayed right outside our door that time.

      Things w/ my dad will be better once he’s done w/ his trial & can just chill the hell out, & then I’ll visit him here & there. We actually have a better relationship when he’s in jail (happened once before a few years ago), lol.


  4. Oh, I’m sorry about you dad. I’m glad it doesn’t get to you too much, though. Poor Gabby! My cat doesn’t have a collar, but I put it on a leash when I take her out. Luckily, she’s okay with that. I think she’s be terrified of a bell, though, she’s afraid of all the noises, lol. I hope Gabby gets used to the collar soon.

    And yay for Bout of Books!

    Have a great week!


  5. I’m sorry to hear about your dad! I hope things get better between you two once he’s sentenced! *hugs*
    Poor little Gabby no longer being able to sneak up on you guys, lol! πŸ˜‰ My parents’ dogs don’t take too kindly to having something attached to their collars either, we tried a big bow once around Christmas. Let’s just say it didn’t last.
    I hope you’re having fun with the read-a-thon!


    1. Thanks Daisy. I’m sure it’ll be better once his near future is decided. Gabby has surprisingly started adjusting to it already. That first day she was able to take it off like 6 times. And yesterday she went the whole day without taking it off once. Yay! In fact, she might feel all fancy with it jingling everywhere she goes, lol.


  6. I’m glad that you have some things sorted with your dad. Even though the whole situation in itself is kind of a suckfest.

    Gabby is so cute and I think she will adjust to her collar. It’s just different for her. I think the bell was a good idea too. From what you’ve mentioned on twitter, she’s quite sneaky.


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