The Graveyard Book Readalong Ch. 7 & 8

Awwwww! It’s over! *tears up* I’m sad that this is the last post, this was a really fun book to readalong with and discuss every week!

So how does Bod’s story end?

Well, first he’s a bit mopey because Silas and Miss Lupescu have been gone for what seems like ages and he’s a bit lonely. And THEN we find out that Scarlett is back in town! Hooray! Her and her mom have moved back and she’s kind of forgotten about Bod and the graveyard until she winds up there one day and meets a nice little old man named Mr. Frost and then that night her and Bod have a reunion in her dream. So of course her and Bod kind of meet again and catch up and he shares with her his sad family story and Scarlett asks Mr. Frost to help her learn more about that family 13 years ago that was murdered, you know, for a friend. (Meanwhile, Silas and Miss Lupescu are off doing mysterious but dangerous things.) Then Mr. Frost says he learned a lot and for Scarlett to bring her friend over so he can share what he learned and it turns out Mr. Frost is Mr. Stabby Jack Frost and HOW DID I NOT SEE THAT COMING???Β  And then some other Jacks show up and chases and stuff ensue… and of course Bod comes out alright and then it’s time for him to leave the graveyard and finally experience life.

So, questions!

1. We see the return of Scarlett, were you happy to see her again? Do you think her mother paid her enough attention?

Yes! Yay Scarlett! And her mother seemed more attentive this time around, although she was a little over-protective now. Oddly, she let her 5-year old daughter do whatever she wanted but now that she’s a teenager she has all these rules. I’m a little sad at how Bod’s friendship with her ended, but in my head I like to imagine they meet again someday.

2. Getting a ride from a “friendly” stranger when it’s raining…yay or nay?

Oh hell no. NO. And this is exactly the kind of situation that makes me think ALL GIRLS SHOULD CARRY WEAPONS. What if he had tried to force her?

3. Did you figure out “Stabby Jack’s” (best nickname ever, Sarah!!) new tactic before it was revealed? Evil genius or just creepy evil?

Thanks Jenn πŸ™‚ And no, I did not see if coming. This creepy random old guy introduces himself as Jay Frost and lives in Bod’s old house, and I STILL never saw it coming. I’m ridiculous. It was creepy evil genius.

4. Final thoughts on Ms. Lupescu?


5. Do you think it’s a good idea to send Bod into the world at age 15?

I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad idea… He’s definitely more mature than a normal 15 year old boy. And at least Silas hooked him up with money and a passport. I am a bit confused as to why he had to leave the graveyard at 15 though… was he no longer welcome there because he was no longer in danger? If so, why did he slowly lose his abilities over the course of a month or two?

6. Were you touched by any goodbye more than the others?

Silas and Bod’s goodbye was sad. I was hoping they would head off into the world together, at least for a while so Silas could teach him a bit more about the ways of the world.

7. Where do you think Bod will go and what will happen to him?

I like to think that he goes off into the world to read all the books and see all the places, before coming back to his hometown as a fit and healthy old man who meets up with Scarlett, gets married, dies, and gets to live in his graveyard again.

8. Final thoughts on Silas? Is he a vampire or some supernatural other?

Vampire! Vampire! Vampire!

9. Are you glad you read The Graveyard Book and would you take a chance on reading Gaiman’s other YA works?

I really, really enjoyed The Graveyard Book and I am looking forward to reading his other YA / childrens books. I liked thisΒ a whole lot more than I did American Gods. I wonder if I should try Stardust next? Or maybe there will be a Stardust readalong in the future? (She says hopefully.)

Thanks so much for hosting Jenn! This was a blast!

Sarah Says:Β 4 stars



  1. I remember reading somewhere about how young children are more apt to seeing ghosts, rather than grown-ups or teenagers. I wondered if that’s why they made him leave? Because up until that age, he’s more likely to actually see everyone in the graveyard. He did bonk his head trying to do something he always did — maybe the “vision” is wearing off. No more freedom of the graveyard?

    Sarah, you have to read Stardust!!!!!!!!!! (<– so many more exclamation points are needed! I remember getting that one at a pharmacy where I worked because the movie had just come out, so we got the movie tie-in book to sell. I snatched up a copy and could NOT put it down. This was one of those books where I wondered if it was possible to drive and read at the same time. Luckily I was smart, so I just left early and walked to work so I could keep reading the book. It was AWESOME! I've been meaning to reread it soon … maybe in September or so.

    I'm sad this readalong is done, too! It was definitely a good book. I haven't read any of Neil's more grown-up books. I keep trying Neverwhere, but then I always put it down. ONE OF THESE DAYS!


  2. The sad face for Ms. Lupescu says it all. The first time I read the book I didn’t see the Stabby Jack twist coming at all. I was like “What the hell did I just read??”
    I’m not sure if I think that Bod and Scarlett will meet again in the future, but I do like the idea of being reunited with Silas and ending up in the same graveyard when he dies. That’s a lovely thought.
    Hmm. Stardust readalong…I do like Stardust and my library has a lovely illustrated edition…hmm. Perhaps. I’m also pondering Coraline in October…


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