Summer Mini-Readathon Start-Up Post!

 Wooooo! It’s time!

Some of you may have started already, and that’s cool. I’m getting over a cold (well, I’m hoping I’m getting over it anyways) so I’m starting a bit late, somewhere between now and 10 AM Eastern time. You can start as early or as late as you want, as long as it’s sometime on Sunday wherever you are.

Here’s how the mini-challenges are going to work – there will be 4 (including this one, the start-up post) and you can join in or not. However, you DO have to complete the wrap-up post in order to win the big giveaway prize.

And what is that?

A $30 Amazon gift card (or a $30 order from The Book Depository)! Your choice.

 There’s nothing special that you have to do – just have your name on the linky in the sign-up post, and complete at least the wrap-up mini-challenge. You have until Monday night to complete your wrap-up post, and on Wednesday I’ll use to select a winner and I’ll announce it via blog post and email that person.

I’m really excited for today’s mini-readathon. Honestly, I was pretty lazy about it all but I think it’s going to work out really well. The prize system is simple, and there’s only 4 challenges/update posts so that means more reading time for us all! And I look forward to chatting on Twitter with you guys too 🙂


Copy, paste, and answer the questions below, either in the comments or on your blog. If you do a start-up post on your blog to answer, come back here and leave the link to the post in the comments.

1. Tell everyone three random things about yourself:

2. Is this your first readathon?

3. Do you have any specific goals for today? (# of books or pages to read?)

4. Do you have any specific snacks, drinks, or books planned?

5. What hours do you plan on reading during?


And my answers, as an example:


1. Tell everyone three random things about yourself:
– I’m an extremely messy sleeper. I sprawl out a lot and sometimes talk in my sleep. The honeyman makes fun of me for it.
– When driving, I hate making left-hand turns onto busy streets and will in fact turn right and then turn around somewhere more convenient.
– I walk into walls / doorframes / tables a lot.

2. Is this your first readathon?

Nope! LOL.

3. Do you have any specific goals for today? (# of books or pages to read?)

I’m hoping to finish two books that I’m currently reading, and possibly start a third. Other than that, I don’t have any specific goals.

4. Do you have any specific snacks, drinks, or books planned?

Well, here are the books I’m going to have by me today. I’m hoping to finish The Graveyard Book and The Book of Tomorrow at the very least. I’ll try to squeeze in a bit more of Great Expectations, but I have An Abundance of Katherines and Antimatter available to read from too. It’ll just depend on my mood I guess.


As for food and drinks, I’m sooooo looking forward to it all! For snacks I have jalapeno poppers, bread and cheese spreads, grapes, clementines and whatever else is around the house. For dinner the honeyman is probably going to order pizza so we don’t have to deal with cooking. And I have a banana cream pie defrosting in the fridge for dessert. For drinks I have water, lemonade, berry punch, raspberry ginger ale, coffee, and tea.

I just realized that this sounds like SO MUCH for 12 hours… but you know, I probably won’t eat it all. I just like to have options. Plus the honeyman will be home with me, and a friend of mine is coming over to read with me today too!

5. What hours do you plan on reading during?

10 AM to 10 PM Eastern time. Sadly I have to work until 2 PM, but I should be able to get a decent amount of reading in because Sundays are usually really slow.


Can’t wait to see your answers everybody! Now get reading, and I’ll be back in 4 hours (2 PM Eastern time) for the next mini-challenge!





  1. You are making me hungry with your awesome snacks… Sadly, I forgot to plan ahead for today and have zero snacks 😦 But as I’m also recovering from a cold and don’t really taste much of what I eat, it’s kinda ok.
    Though I’d kill for banana cream pie… It sounds delicious!
    Good luck accomplishing your goals for the readathon! 🙂


  2. That’s funny that you’re such a messy sleeper … I’m the complete opposite. I could get up and just fold the sheets over and voila! Bed is made.

    I really should try and finish The Graveyard Book today, too … the last few chapters are long!

    YUM for Banana Cream Pie! I’m so jealous! I don’t have anything sweet in the house … maybe I’ll throw some frozen bananas in the food processor with cocoa and PB. Then *maybe* I could feel cool like you. 🙂

    This is going to be fun! I think I’m in the linky? I don’t remember!



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