Mini-Readathon Challenge #2!

Time for the 2nd mini-challenge! Hooray!

I’m technically 4 hours in now – how are the rest of you guys doing?

So far, I’ve finished 1 book – The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. And I’ve read a few more pages in The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern – I have about 250 pages left in it, so I should be able to finish it today. At least I hope so.

Here’s the mini-challenge! Feel free to leave your response in the comments, or on your blog and then come back here to leave the link in the comments.

Whichever page you are currently on in the book you’re currently reading, pick out a sentence or two to share! (Please try to avoid anything that might be a spoiler.) Don’t forget to give the name and author of the book as well, so that if the teaser is intriguing enough we know which book to look for to add to our TBRs!

Simple enough, right? Here’s mine:

“I had never seen a woman clean with such vigor, with such purpose, as if her life depended on it. Rosaleen rolled up her sleeves and sweated as she scrubbed, biceps and triceps astonishingly well formed, wiping away every trace of life that ever existed in the place.”

– from The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern

Hope everyone’s enjoying themselves! I’m actually leaving work now, picking up a friend of mine, and then heading home to read some more. When I get home I’ll probably be on Twitter for a bit before I get back to reading.




  1. So far I’m trying to finish the last 55 pages of Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion and I’m doing it ok considering I had a late start.

    Here’s my teaser:

    The rain is in full force. My feet splash in the streets and spatter mud on my freshly washed clothes. My hair hangs in my face like seaweed. In front of a big aluminium building with a plywood cross on the roof, I kneel in a puddle and splash water on my face. I wash my mouth out with dirty gutter run-off and spit until I can’t taste anything. That holy wooden ‘T’ looms overhead, and I wonder if the Lord might ever find cause to approve of me, wherever and whatever he is.


  2. I’m reading Pushing the Limits:
    “Mrs. Collins swept my hair away from my face, her expression a mixture of delight and compassionate. If she had a tail, she would have wagged it.
    ‘Don’t be. You experienced a memory, didn’t you?'”


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