Summer Mini-Readathon Sign-Up!

Ready for the laziest sign-up post ever? Cause here it is! I wasn’t really sure if I was going to host a mini-readathon this summer, but then peeps started asking me about it, and I’m nothing if not a people pleaser ya know.

So, here’s the plan:

  • Read for any 12-hour block on Sunday, July 29th.
  • I’ll come up with some mini-challenges, and you can participate if you so choose.
  • You may or may not win something via the mini-challenges – I haven’t decided yet.
  • Tweet along with other mini-readathoners if you’d like via #ssrminiread
  • Have fun and get some reading done.

Easy-peasy, right? You can tell I put a lot of thought into this.

So, to sign-up just add yourself to the little linky thingy below. And I recommend following my blog somehow if you don’t already so that you can check back for updates and reminders and such.


BTW, my sister Heather at All You Need Designs made my little graphics-button thingys. Aren’t they the bestest? She has an Etsy shop that you should check out.

Soooooo sign-up and come read with us and have fun. All the cool kids are doing it.




  1. I think I’ll have some family stuff that Sunday. I guess I haven’t got luck with your mini-readathons this year :(. Will try to join in just for the fun of it at least a little (or a lot if the family changes plans).

    Oh, and what a gorgeous button! I love it!


  2. Yay! Another Sarah Readathon! I’m going to have to wait until closer to the date before I commit … hubby might be off work, but who knows. So far I’m good!


  3. Sunday should be known as readathon day I think, since they’re the only day I’m ever actually free! I may not be able to do 12 hours due to small person creating havoc in my stomach, but I will definitely have a go! πŸ™‚


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