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Good morning!!!

Sarah update: For once I’m actually typing this up at home instead of at work! In all fairness I do still have to work today, but it’ll be to 2 pm to 2 am shift instead of my usual 2 am to 2 pm. Why, you ask? Because we’re training the temp still. Hopefully after this week he’ll be ready to be on his own, because I have a lot of plans for the following week – I took next Sunday off because next Saturday is my girl’s night with my friend Doni and we plan on drinking A LOT. (But no tequila, we’re still mad at it.) It’s been over 3 years at least since we had a girl’s night, and we’ve been planning it for over a month now. Woo hoo! Also, I plan to have Wednesday (4th of July) off because I would normally have it off anyways and since it’s the ONLY holiday the honeyman actually likes, we’re gonna go do stuff. So yeah, I’m not really willing to do much OT after this week and there’s not many other people to do it, so hopefully the temp learns real quick.

Annoyingly, I believe they have him coming in for his first 12-hour night shift today – great to get him used to the hours, but stupid since Sundays are insanely slow. I’ve thought up some stuff I can have him practice, but otherwise it’s going to be hours of making polite conversation while wishing I could read instead. *sigh*

Anyways, this week has been interesting… I suppose I should share it with you now, so I can complain and stuff later. My dad is in jail (again) and probably going to be there for a few years. I’ll visit him every so often and when he’s locked up he actually reads and watches movies (which he never ever does normally) so it’s kind of nice, cause we’ll have stuff to talk about. He was in jail once before and it was kind of the best relationship I’d ever had with my dad – he’d read books and tell me about them, I could suggest books, he would joke and laugh, etc. Also, it’s so ridiculous that he’s screwed up in such a major way that it’s actually kind of funny.

So that was my big drama of the week. Let me point out that my dad is the bad apple of the family – all the rest of us are normal people who aren’t drunks. He’s not a good person, and I’ve kind of accepted that he’s never really going to change. So you know… I guess I’m trying to say don’t judge me on his actions, please? Although if you choose to, then okay screw you and bye. The only reason I’m mentioning this all now is so that I can randomly mention it in my Sarah Sunday posts or tweet about the situation and you guys won’t be totally clueless. And I don’t like censoring myself on such a big drama-ish event.

Oh, the other big drama of the week was that Gabby ran across my face in my sleep and left a big scratch on my forehead.

Hmmmm… what else happened this week? I got to hang out with my mom – the honeyman and I went to a bar with her for dinner on Monday, which was fun since I never go to bars. And they made good amaretto sours. And then on Tuesday I ran some errands with her and we shopped at Lane Bryant. It’s nice, I feel like I hardly get to really chill with my mom lately, cause she’s been busy and I’m also busy as well as a homebody.



Amaretto Soursssss!!

Bookish update: I finished two books this week, Blackout by Mira Grant and The Bungalow by Sarah Jio. I’ve started reading Great Expectations by Charles Dickens and I’m only two chapters in, but it’s kind of funny so far. And I’m going to read something else too for those moments when I just can’t focus on a big classic, either A Wrinkle in Time or Jurassic Park. Not sure which yet.

Also, starting this week there’s an adult reading thing going on at my library – you sign up online, and then you log the books you read and I think each one you read is an entry for the weekly prize, which is gift cards to Subway, Wegmans, Best Buy, Hess, etc. Anyways it sounds very cool and I’m excited to sign up.

OK and now I shall stop rambling because the honeyman and I are going to go out for breakfast before I have to get ready for work. Expect lots of tweets from me tonight while I combat my boredom.

Hope everyone has a great week!




  1. I’m sorry to hear about your dad. I don’t see why would anyone judge you on his actions, we can’t choose our family and we are who we are not who our family members are. If anyone gives you hard time about that, they don’t deserve your attention or friendship anyway.
    Gabby looks adorable as always. But you might want to make sure she’s in a room where she can’t do any damage to you or your place while you’re asleep. 😉
    I do recommend Jurassic park, it’s a nice reminder of the movie (you’ve probably seen it, I gather).


    1. Thank you 🙂 and yeah I’ve seen Jurassic Park & I heard the book was really good too. I’ve been wanting to read it for a while now!


  2. Oh my gosh, how adorable is that photo of Gabby?
    I’m sorry about your dad but I’m glad that you’re okay with it and that you of course have other members of your family and the honeyman that you can rely on.
    Woohoo! Girls night! I hope you have tons of fun. Girls nights are the best.
    I would say Jurassic Park. I haven’t read it but Matt thinks that Michael Chrichton (sp) is a genius.


  3. I’m so sorry about all your dad drama- and I can’t imagine anyone would judge you on his actions AT ALL. Also, I’m glad you can see the best in the situation, and that you’ll hopefully have a better relationship with your dad for a while now (although obviously not under the best conditions!)

    Anyway, *cuddle* 🙂 And yay to time with your mum! That’s always good 🙂


    1. Thanks Laura, part of me is definitely looking forward to a better relationship with my dad. Visiting will suck cause the hours are pretty early, but oh well.


  4. So sorry to hear about your dad, but like Jenn said, I’m happy that you’re okay with it and that you have a relationship with him when he’s in jail. And I would never judge you based on his actions! That’s just silly.

    Meanwhile, Gabby running across your face? Did you wake up when it happened? Luckily, my cats know to stay away from me in the night, so no shenanigans ever seem to happen. We’ve only been woken up in the night because a dog is sick … which is usually worse than a kid because you can at least talk to a kid, whereas the dog just stares at you with “Why me?” eyes and you end up petting them and saying that it’s okay.

    But I digress!

    As for your 12-hour-shift-training-the-temp woes, I suggest sneakily fitting an earpiece in your ear, listening to an audiobook, and nodding and smiling as he tells you his life story. 🙂

    Very cool that your library’s having a reading program! My library seems to do a LOT for kids, but barely anything for adults. I think they had a BINGO or something last summer … I’ll have to see if they have anything planned for this summer.

    Anyway, enjoy work and hope you get to read soon!


    1. Thanks 🙂 and no, I didn’t even notice when Gabby ran over my face. Didn’t know I was all scratched up until the honeyman went to kiss me goodbye before work and he saw it and was VERY alarmed, lol!

      And I know what you know about the library thing, its almost always programs just for kids. Adults like to join in too!


  5. I’m so sorry about all the drama with your father! And anyone who’d judge you by his actions needs a good kick in a sensitive place, because that’s just stupid. Glad to hear you’re ok with it though, it sounds like you could make the best of a bad situation.
    Yay for spending time with your mom and girl night!! I love doing both 🙂 Also, what exactly goes in an amaretto sour? It sounds delicious! 🙂
    Hope the temp learns quickly and your shift wasn’t too uncomfortable!


  6. OMG! Cannot choose our families. No judgment from me. I think it’s admirable that you continue to work on your relationship with your dad and that you are comfortable with blogging it. It makes you real. I appreciate that very much. Belle


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