Deadline by Mira Grant (The Newsflesh Trilogy #2)

deadline by mira grant

**WARNING: Seriously, you need to read the first book, Feed, before you read this review because it has a ton of major spoilers if you haven’t read the first book. Go read Feed. Now. For real, what are you waiting for?**


So, obviously Deadline is the second book in this super awesome trilogy. If you’re reading this, you’ve read Feed (seriously, listen to the warning above) which means you know how Feed ended… Can I just take a second to tell you how much I cried my eyes out over that? Seriously, tears everywhere. And I was at work – thank goodness it wasn’t busy or people would’ve thought something was wrong. Nope, just me being devastated over the death of a major character. I have to say this though – while I kind of saw Buffy’s death coming, I was not expecting Georgia to die. And even though it was SO FREAKING SAD, I had to give major props to Mira Grant for having the cojones to do it.

Deadline picks up several months after the events of Feed. Shaun is the narrator now, and he’s struggling to live in a George-less world. He’s still running After the End Times, but half-heartedly and most of his staff thinks he’s crazy because he talks to George. Like out loud, because he can still hear her in his head. Seriously heart-breaking stuff. Anyways, he’s just trudging along and hoping that one day he can catch the bastards truly behind his sister’s death until one day a CDC  researcher shows up on his doorstep – a CDC researcher who should be dead. With her comes secrets, zombies, and classified info on what is now proving to be a bigger conspiracy than anyone knew.

I wasn’t sure how I would feel about Shaun as a narrator, but it worked really well. It probably wouldn’t have in the first book – George’s death hits him really, really hard and the anger and depair over that shows through. He wouldn’t be nearly as interesting if he was still his happy-go-lucky Irwin self. We also get to see more of some of the other characters – Becks, Maggie, Mahir, and Alaric all play pretty important roles.

I flew through Deadline in about two sittings. There is probably a little less action than in Feed, but it’s because of the whole conspiracy thing. Instead of making the book more boring, it actually made it even more tense and scary. Also, stumbling upon this conspiracy leads to a lot of talk about the Kellis-Amberlee virus and how it works, which is really cool to read about. There are also a couple things that open up a whole new realm of things to ponder – medical ethics, the use of fear, personal responsibility, etc. Deadline probes the effects of a post-zombie apocalypse world in a deeper way, and it’s intense.

Also, I love how bloggers are so important in this trilogy. Of course it’s not like they’re book bloggers, but still 🙂

Deadline is an awesome addition to The Newsflesh Trilogy – shocking, intense, and brilliant. If you can’t tell, I’ve tried to avoid saying too much about the actual plot because I don’t want to to ruin anything for you. But other course, there was ANOTHER CRAZY ENDING and I’m starting the last book, Blackout, ASAP. I’m so glad that I hadn’t started this series earlier, because waiting for the books to be released would have been torture.

Sarah Says: 5 stars (especially impressive for a 2nd book, which are notorious for not being as good as the first or last books)



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  1. Yeah, I held off on Deadline for a while because I missed George as the narrator, but reading from Shaun’s perspective when he was dealing from his loss was really well done.


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