Married With Zombies Readalong – Ch. 11-16

Hi guys! Yayyy it’s week 3! The honeyman has been reading this book too and he finished it earlier in the week and liked it πŸ™‚ Fun for girls AND boys!

So, here’s the stuff for this week, hosted by Loretta at Between the Pages.

1.) In Chapter 11 Sarah, Dave & Amanda were rushed by 4 zombies. At this time Sarah screams something.Β 
SHOW ME YOURS!! Don’t have one? That is ok, show me what you would grab outside to protect your self!!

Yeah… I was worried this would come up. Whether or not I own any firearms, you can be damn certain I’ll never be displaying them on the internet. But rest assured that once we buy a house, there’ll be something like this in every room.


2.) At the end of Chapter 12 they are saved by someone looking very “Underworld” awesome. Let me see your best “Slay em’ Gear”Β . Don’t want to model your outfit? That is ok, lay it out.. don’t forget to add your weapons!!Β 

Add in some sneakers that this is what I have on hand. The honeyman really needs to take me leather jacket shopping soon, cause I wouldn’t want my arms this bare.

3.) Near the end of Chapter 13 Sarah finds something under the seat to help Dave, that she saved for whenever the need gave in. Β What was it? “Strike” your best pose!

Hmm, a tiny little flame looks weird on camera. Love my long candle lighter.


4.) Nothing very “action pic” happens in Chapters 14 & 15. So this is where you can show me what car you would pic to ride around town, trying to survive. This can totally be a “Google” pic or you can go find one!! Think outside the box!


I’d start off with my car – it’s good on gas, compact enough to fit in tight spaces, and the rounded shape will make it harder for zombies to latch on.


And once my Beetle is no longer usable, we’d switch to some sort of SUV – the Honda CRV has enough room, is big enough to help push some smaller vehicles out of the way, and is good on gas. Honestly I’d take whatever SUV comes along though, and assume that we’d have to switch vehicles often.

5.) How are you enjoying the book so FAR?!!!

Still loving it. I would have to kick some serious crazy cult ass. And even though Amanda was finally pulling her weight, she kind of really had to go. I don’t understand Dave’s pack-mentality. Sure, it seems like there’s safety in numbers, but being in a large group of survivors also means you’re at the mercy of the decisions of people you don’t know or trust and that they’ll slow you down. I’m with Lisa – better off just one or two people than in a group.

So you know, if it’s zombie apocalypse outside, don’t show up at my house. We’re not taking tag-alongs.





  1. Love your answer for number one…..Im not saying all that I own either..on the internet with pictures!!! And um hopefully you’ll make it in that little bug of yours…..come find me Ill give you a ride in my Unicat!!!!!!


  2. Yeah, I don’t understand his pack mentality either. I know he wants to find other survivors so he doesn’t feel so alone, but I guess I would hate to (a) have to share my supplies and (b) have to follow anyone elses advice.

    I would end up in my Jetta most likely. They get good gas mileage and are fairly safe if in an accident. What more could we ask for. πŸ˜‰


  3. Oh yeah! Leather is a definite necessity in case of zombies. And aren’t little cars the best for squeezing into all types of tight spots?! I love Beetles. I hope to own one someday. Yours is too cute.


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