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may bout of books readathon

Hey there gang! Welcome to my Bout of Books Challenge! Since this is the beginning of the week, I’m starting us off with an easy-peasy one. But first, a few notes…

  • This challenge will be open for 24 hours, from 1 am EST on Monday the 14th to 1 am EST on Tuesday the 14th.
  • You must be participating in Bout of Books to win – this means you must actually have a goal post up and entered into the linky on this page.
  • What is the prize, you ask? One book up to $15 from The Book Depository.
  • This is open to any country that The Book Depository ships to.
  • Winner will be selected using random.org, and I’ll announce and contact the winner on Tuesday during the day.
  • To enter, all you have to do is discuss the question below, either in the comments or in a blog post that you can link back to in the comments. Please also leave your email address in some form so that I can contact you if you win!
  • To make things easiest for me when checking for goal posts, it’d be nice if you’d put a link to your blog as well.

So, here is your question topic to answer / discuss / muse over…

“What do you like best about readathons? Do you have any readathon traditions or rituals? If this is your first readathon, what do you like so far? Discuss away!”

See, what an easy question is that? I bet you have a million things you love about readathons. Enjoy!




  1. What do you like best about readathons? Do you have any readathon traditions or rituals? If this is your first readathon, what do you like so far? Discuss away!”

    This is actually my first read-a-thon and I am loving it. I really like that I push myself to read more, it’s like I am in a race and I have to win, or at least read. Also it helps me get through my reading pile. I would definitely participate in the future too.

    My goals: http://mostlyreviews.blogspot.com/2012/05/bout-of-books-40-read-thon.html


  2. My favourite part about readathons are the other people who participate. I love meeting new people, and just having so much positive reading energy really helps me to read more than I usually would, even if I don’t pass my goal. This is my fourth readathon I’ve been in, and I still have so much fun!


  3. Hi everyone, hi Sarah! Nice challenge! So I posted my reply on my updates post, but I’m posting it here too. =D

    I read every day, and if I don’t then something is wrong, so participating in the readathon shouldn’t be something so exciting, but turns out it is! I’m not sure why. Maybe because while I’m reading, in the back of my mind I know there are people reading with me — human beings don’t like to do things alone, it’s nice to belong in a group, any group. 😀
    Other things I like about the event: the challenges! *so much fun* And to interact with my fellow readathoners!
    Readathon traditions or rituals: don’t have any. But I’m thinking we should all get hats or t-shirts the next time. Or choose a snack. Or… oh wait, I do drink lots of cappuccinos during the event. Maybe that’s my ritual! Yay!
    (Oh, and this is not my first readathon, I’ve been in quite a few by now!)

    jen7waters at gmail dot com


    1. I know what you mean! I read at home, I read on my days off, and I run a bookshop so I read behind the counter at work too – but I still get SO EXCITED about read-a-thons! I like being nosy into other people’s reading habits along the way, and digging into my TBR pile, and being allowed to say “No, actually, I’m NOT going to do chores today because I’m READING.” Love it!


    2. I agree, I try to read every day whenever I have time (sometimes it’s just NOT possible) but the whole idea of this readathon has me VERY excited. I read a book this morning already and just started another one and plan on staying up late! 😀


  4. This is my first readathon. I am really happy for the opportunity to knock some books off my list. Knowing that others will be doing it also helps me be motivated. I also enjoy seeing what everyone else will be reading and learning about some great books.


  5. This is my first readathon and what i love most about it is that it gives me total permission to do nothing but read all day long! Well…kind of. But, Kelsey, I totally agree with you, too. One of the main reasons I wanted to participate was to have the chance to interact with other readers!
    Here’s my update post:


  6. My favourite thing about readathons is that there’s a whole group of people reading with me – that keeps me accountable and makes it more fun! I love talking to other readers who have goals they want to reach this week as well. AND it feels great dedicating some time for reading, and having an excuse to do so, then I’m able to cross some books off of my review pile!

    My readathon goals & starting post update:


  7. This is my first readathon. I’m looking forward to seeing how far I can push myself. Generally, if I have to read a book, it feels like homework and thus my procrastination gene kicks in. let’s hope it doesn’t this week. ~dixie


  8. What I love about readathons is the goal I set and getting that TBR pile down. I really don’t follow any traditions or rituals, but when making my reading goals I shoot low. What I love about the Bout a Books readathons is you can tweet and other people are there to encourage you along. I love know that fellow friends are reading hard this week just like me.



    (I don’t have a blog)


  9. This is my first read-a-thon! And so far, I’m really enjoying it! I think I like the interacting with other bloggers, cheering each other on and just the complete sense of community that goes on. It’s all well and good challenging yourself to read as many books as you can in a week but when there are others doing the same thing as you, it just feels more fun and interactive! I’m looking forward to meeting new bloggers, finding new blogs and reading some great books that have been getting dusty on my shelves! I’m definitely going to be participating in more read-a-thons in the future – and it hasn’t even begun properly yet! xD Yay!

    Goal Post

    Email: xx.daydreamer21.xx (AT) gmail.com

    Faye 🙂


  10. What I like about readathons is using it as an excuse to read even more than I already do. Plus, its a great way to catch up on all the books I want to read but maybe haven’t had the time to start in on.

    I’ve participated in so many readathons that I could not tell you what number this one would be. I guess you say that I’m a bit addicted to readathons. I also love seeing what books all the participants choose to read. =)

    My readathon post: http://hauntedorchid.blogspot.com/2012/05/bout-of-books-read-thon.html

    Orchid @ The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia


  11. I love to use the read-a-thons as a kick-start when my reading pace seems to be lagging (which it is dreadfully at the moment). The read-a-thons help me manage the 30ish Challenges my Challenge Addicted self can’t help but sign up for each year. Here’s to knocking out a chunk of challenge books! I don’t really have any bookish rituals for these ‘thons; I just try to knock out as many books as I can while still working full-time. My Goal Post

    Email: phryne1969 AT gmail DOT com


  12. My favorite things about read-a-thons is the community. I always end up following at least a few new blogs because I find such great reviews when travelling around. My favorite thing about Bout of Books for sure is the no pressure. I don’t have the ability to just sit and read for 24 hours so it’s nice that there is no judgement if I only get 2 or 3 books read during the read-a-thon.


  13. This is my 1st readathon. I’ve enjoyed seeing what other people will be reading. I’m always reading anyway,but it feels more rewarding to read during the readathon, like I’m accomplishing something. And hope i win something too 😉


  14. I have been doing readathons for about a year and have enjoyed every single one. I just love the social aspect since reading is generally quite a solitary hobby. I love the twitter chat, although I generally dont participate too much. My favourite part though, is the goal posts, book piles and seeing how everyone did.


  15. My favorite thing about *this* readathon is that it’s helping me to get my reading mojo back. I completely scrapped my review schedule and picked a list of books I’ve been dying to read, but haven’t had time.

    I’m so excited about it too!


  16. I answered your question on my blog! (http://nyxbookreviews.blogspot.com/2012/05/bout-of-books-40-readathon-updates.html)

    Copied it again though, for your convenience (:

    Readathons are made of awesome! Seriously, if you’ve never participated in one, you should try it! So far I’ve been liking the low-pressure ones best. It’s more about the community feel than actually reading a lot. You will still read more than you usually do – but it’s not a contest.
    I don’t have any real traditions. I guess talking way too much on Twitter and forgetting to read is a tradition? I always make a neat little stack of books that I want to read as a visual reminder that I’m doing a readathon. And I eat lots of snacks!


  17. I love the connection with other book bloggers. As others said above, you read every day, but knowing that there are others out there reading along at the same time is an awesome feeling. I love the twitter chats and discussions because I can read them on the go. And of course, readathons motivate me to make a dent in my to read pile. As much as I try to read every day, life gets in the way and it doesn’t always happen. This helps me find little places in my day I can carve out time for reading.

    My goal post


  18. This is my first readathon ever! But so far I’d say that my favorite part has been visiting the blogs of other participants. I’ve found some really great blogs that I didn’t even know existed and now I’m following them.

    My second favorite part HAS to be the extra motivation to get through my stack o’ books.


  19. I love readathons because I feel that it gives me an excuse to just read books from my personal TBR or things that I’ve checked out from the library. Knowing that others are all reading at the same times keeps me focused.

    The only readathon traditions I have is brewing large pots of tea and coffee to keep me going. I also try to hit a specific page goal in mind. I tend to try to tackle lager tomes during bout of books.



  20. Well this is my 3rd time being in the Bout of Book read-a-thon. I am having a blast so far. I would say my favorite thing about it is that – One: I can read books that I have wanted to read for sometime and get them out of my TBR pile, and Two: chat and make some new friends.

    I do have a couple rituals I do when during a read-a-thon. I try my best to time myself as how long I read and be sure to get a break in to work on other things. Also, I need to set up a nice relaxing spot to read and have all of my books on hand near by.

    I always so look forward to these events. I have a lot of fun and even learn a thing or two. Here are my list of Goals and updates via my blog:


    – Beckie @ ChiKittie(at)gmail(dot)com


  21. I love that read-a-thons give me a justifiable reason to read. I always feel like I have to be working towards something so unless I’ve already accomplished something, I feel guilty about reading. With a read-a-thon, reading is the goal… and that’s fantastic.


  22. This is my first year. I feel like it gives me a chance to read books I have kept putting off even though I truly want to read them. I agree with kelsey also in getting to meet new people. I wouldn’t have gotten to meet some of the great people I already have if I hadn’t joined this read-a-thon. I am sure being in the book blogger community together we might have crossed paths but this really gives me a chance to get to know them. Plus having people to read with and have discussions is amazing for me.
    The Lost Dragonfly Chronicles


  23. I have posted my answer to your great question on my blog: http://www.thereadinghousewives.com/2012/05/bout-of-books-40-goals-updates.html

    I will also post it here for everyone to read:

    Community. I think there are lots of bad time and drama in the book blogging community, as there is everywhere, and read-a-thons bring our community together. It’s a time to share our love of reading and chat. I love chatting on Twitter during read-a-thons as much as I love reading! I always make new bloggie friends to chat with on Twitter and to read their blogs. I also feel that read-a-thons give me a shot to read books that have been on my TBR for some time. I also love getting lots of books read!

    Traditions? I don’t have any. Maybe I should start one? I do always, the day before, do my best to clean my house up extra good so the hubby doesn’t think I’m totally slacking. I also get posts for the blog ready to go as well so I can spend more time reading during the week.

    This is not my first read-a-thon, I have participated in multiple read-a-thons and I love them!


  24. I love readathons because I am nosy and like to see what everyone is reading and how much and how fast, etc. The sense of community is great since reading is so often something we do alone. I like knowing a bunch of other people are doing the same thing I am!

    My goals post


  25. The thing I love most about readathons is the motivation they give me. It’s easier to read when I have goals set and people watching my progress. That’s the when-I-need-a-boost part. Then there is also the part when I really want to read, but should do other things – at such time a readathon comes handy as an excuse for reading. 🙂 Like right now. 😉
    I don’t have any traditions or rituals for readathons other than updating what and how much I’m reading. Other than that, I just try to read as much as I can.
    Great question!


  26. For some reason I keep getting error messages when I try to comment. Sorry if this is a duplicate.

    I love readathons because I am nosy and like to see what everyone is reading and how much and how fast, etc. The sense of community is great since reading is so often something we do alone. I like knowing a bunch of other people are doing the same thing I am!

    My goals post


  27. I absolutely love read-a-thons, but this is the first time I’ve participated in one lasting a whole week, I usually just join in on Dewey’s 24 hour read-a-thon.
    I think the thing I like best about them is that there’s just this sense of community and the whole idea of so many people reading at the same time makes it an amazing experience! I mean, especially during the 24-hour read-a-thon I know that no matter what the hour is, there are people reading and tweeting about reading and just generally having a good time 🙂
    I think the only tradition I have so far is drinking lots of tea 😉
    Love the question!!
    Oh, and you’ve already visited mine, but still, the link: http://between-thepages.blogspot.com/2012/05/bout-of-books-read-thon-goals.html


  28. I love participating in read-a-thons! My favorite aspect is meeting new people and sharing the experience with others. The enthusiasm really motivates me to read more and… it’s just so much fun :).

    I don’t really have a ritual. I simply try to read books I really want to read, I find that I read faster that way, as I read slower when I feel like I have to push myself through… Which is why I can never seem to stick to book goals or a plan.

    ~ Jen @ A Book and a LatteMy Goals & Updates
    bookandlatte (at) gmail (dot) com


  29. Well this is my first read-a-thon so it’s all new for me ! I’m really happy to start this one. I’ve heard about it on twitter. This is going to be a great way to motivate myself to read as much as I can this week :). It’ll also be a great way to discover and meet with blogger on their blogs or twitter. I need to catch up with everyone since i’ve been away these past two months because of university and exams :/. I really love seeing blogger updates on twitter about this read-a-thon.
    So i’m really happy to do this read-a-thon :). I’m a french blogger so sorry if there is any mistakes :/. And thanks for this giveaway !
    My blog post about the read-a-thon : http://ifmarybooks.blogspot.fr/2012/05/bout-of-books-read-thon-goals-and.html
    Email : ifmarybooks@gmail.com


  30. What do I love about read-a-thons? The focus on sharing what, where, and how we’re reading. In other words, the camaraderie of fellow readers. For several years, the only read-a-thons that I joined were the fast-paced, read-as-much-as-you-can-for-24-hours kind. But since Bout of Books v2, I’ve been enjoying the week-long variety as well.

    My goals post is here –> http://reading.elsi123.net/2012/05/bout-of-books-40.html But after finishing 2 of my planned books before the Bout of Books even began, I revised it here –> http://reading.elsi123.net/2012/05/bout-of-books-starting-position.html


  31. What is there not to love? They are a perfect opportunity to finally catch up on that gigantic TBR pile you have going on. And a great excuse to cuddle yourself into a blanket and read for a week straight – when someone tries to bother you, you can just give him a death glare and say you’re doing a readathon and then gracefully return to the book. 😀
    I haven’t participated in Bout of Books readathon before but I have in some different ones in a certain Goodreads group. You had to make a time goal of how much hours you’ll read that week. I participated during my winter break and I read a whole lot of books in those 7 days. So far I haven’t had a chance to actually dig into my books, but I’m planing on doing that tomorrow since right now I’m writing a project on swimming for my P.E. class (you have no idea how much I would rather read right now, oh man). 😀 Anyway, chuss chuss!

    Aleksandra @ Divine Secrets of a Little Bookworm


  32. I love readathons too! I’d say the thing I love the most (apart from getting to read a lot) is the fact that they bring people together. RATs are the reason why I have such fantastic bookish friends now – I met most of them during RATs. 🙂 Other than that, I usually have some targets before I start the event so it’s great for motivation as well. Thanks for hosting the challenge!!
    My goals are here: http://www.booksbiscuitsandtea.co.uk/posts/bout-of-books-4-0/
    And my email is booksbiscuitsandtea(at)hotmail(dot)com


  33. This is my first readathon so I don’t have any traditions or rituals. So far I like it because it’s an excuse to read more and will help me get through my TBR. Plus I love the sense of community from sharing what we’re reading on Twitter and getting to see what everyone is reading.

    My email: jaydance18@gmail.com


  34. Hmmm, I guess what I like so far is that it has made me actually set aside time to sit down and read during the day, instead of stealing chapters while I’m eating a meal, or while I’m waiting for a page to load on the internet, or, well, you get the idea. I guess I just got into the habit of pushing my reading into the cracks and corners of my life, and I miss being able to have it be the focus once in a while.


  35. This is my first readathon and even though its the first day I’m really enjoying it so far! I think that now I’ve made a list and have a set time to complete my goal I’ll read alot more than usual and hopefully get through the 5/6 books on my list! I love writing lists so maybe I should do this more often and I’ll read alot more! I also love that everyone is doing the same challenge and its great just going through everyone’s blogs seeing their personal goals and books they’re planning to read! I’ve already read a book today so I’m doing good so far. I’d definitely join in again. It’s such a good idea and what more could I want?! A week full of reading and getting through a load of books sounds good to me 🙂

    Becca @ Lost in Thought


  36. “What do you like best about readathons? Do you have any readathon traditions or rituals? If this is your first readathon, what do you like so far?
    I’ve only done one other read-a-thon and it was like a mini 24 hour thing so I don’t really think it compares. Since I’ve only done it once I can’t say as I have any traditions or rituals. What I like most about the concept of the read-a-thon is creating a goal list that may seem a little daunting but committing to accomplishing it. So far in this read a thon I’m really enjoying it. I’m seeing a lot of new people on Goodreads, Twitter and my blog. Every time I come back to my computer there’s a new comment or message somewhere to respond to and a new blog to visit and check out what they’re reading. It’s like being at some kind of weird social gathering where people randomly walk off to read before coming back to converse with you except instead of actually seeing it in person it’s via computer. I’m definitely having fun with it. 🙂


  37. Although I read some every day, I enjoy the occassional read-a-thon, whether this one or the more intense 24-hour one. It’s nice to be able to clear a few books from the TBR mountain and set aside some extra hours to read them and report. I also enjoy the opportunity to interact with other readers and the fun of challenges.
    Goal Post: http://muse-books.livejournal.com/213686.html


  38. I love read-a-thons! Of course I read all the time, but it’s fun to chat with lots of people on twitter and different blogs and to see what people are reading for a week 🙂


  39. This is my first read-a-thon 🙂 I’m loving the chatter and support on Twitter! Also, the opportunity to create a list of goals and priorities is really great for focusing reading efforts… I feel I may actually get on top of my review pile out of this.
    My goals and updates: http://t.co/iDoHVLPq


  40. What do you like best about readathons? Do you have any readathon traditions or rituals? If this is your first readathon, what do you like so far? Discuss away!

    This is my first readathon and I’m enjoying it so far. I usually set goals for what I would like to get done each week, but by participating in this readathon I’m pushing myself a little more by setting harder goals for reading and reviewing. Normally, I can get up to 6 or 7 books read in a week if I’m not in school, so I wanted to surpass that and shoot for 10 book. I actually took an hour or so last night to prep all of my review posts so I wouldn’t take too much time away from reading.
    What I like best is that I have an excuse to read more and I can get to some books that have been on my self for a few weeks that I haven’t had a chance to read yet.

    Doodle @ Doodle’s Book Blog
    doodlesbookblog at gmail dot com

    My Goals: http://doodlesbookblog.blogspot.com/p/bout-of-books-read-thon.html


  41. This is my third Bout of Books read-a-thon and fourth read-a-thon overall. Really when I do a read-a-thon, I don’t spend much time on the actual computer. I have twitter set up on my phone and make sure I have the next day’s post ready for my blog.

    As far as rituals, I always have my reading blanket and only focus on my reading. The house chores are all set aside (except necessities) and I don’t do much else but read. If I need a break from reading I use my phone to comment on other blogs. This is the first time that I have set a goal to do all the mini-challenges. I don’t generally do them but this time I want to give them a chance. 🙂

    What I like best about read-a-thons is that I have an excuse to read without feeling like I’m neglecting other things. After all, I signed up for the read-a-thon. I have to follow through. 😉 I’m hoping to reach my goals this time but we shall see. I think I set myself up for failure all too often.

    Please don’t enter me into the prize drawing. I have too many other books to read. Just wanted to stop by and comment. Thanks!!


  42. This is my first read-a-thon and straight away i knew i wanted to do it because i love to read and i enjoy challenging myself. I knew it would be an opportunity to meet new bloggers and tweeps and i was right! I’m interacting with the blogging community more than previous (im fairly new to all this) and i’m loving being part of something which we can all share. The reading is bliss and i hope i can meet my goals. i’m updating through twitter on an evening mostly but also through my blog 🙂

    beckie @ Becca’s book bug
    and on twitter i’m @beccaxx03


  43. This is my first readathon and I love the ease of this one so far. I also love that it will help me get through some books that I have been dieing to read. I love seeing what others goals are also. Here’s my goal post linkhttp://doctorsnotes-shy.blogspot.com/2012/05/bout-of-books-reading-list.html
    Shy @Doctor’s Notes


  44. “What do you like best about readathons? Do you have any readathon traditions or rituals? If this is your first readathon, what do you like so far? Discuss away!”

    What i like best about read-a-thons is that i have initiative to read. Sometimes i get into ruts where i just dont feel like reading and it seems read-a-thons come along right when i feel like that so i dont stay in them too long. I also love that i have all these people to talk about books were currently reading and a support system to push each other =D. I don’t have any rituals except that on the first day i dont stay up all night waiting for it to start, i go to bed when im tired and don’t start reading until i am up for the day and ready. I don’t want to be bullied by the read-a-thon to read lmao Also the day or two before it starts i don’t read anything so i have a reading day to look forward to.



  45. “What do you like best about readathons? Do you have any readathon traditions or rituals? If this is your first readathon, what do you like so far? Discuss away!”

    What i like best about read-a-thons is that i am pushed to read more. I usually read more books than i usually do when i am involved in a read-a-thon. I also sometimes gets stuck in a book rut where i don’t feel like reading and it seems like whenever i get into one of those moods a read-a-thon comes along to help me out of it. The only rituals i have is that for the day or two before a read-a-thon i don’t read anything cause i want to look forward to reading for the read-a-thon. Also i don’t stay up all night till 12:01am to start reading, i go to sleep when im tired and don’t “start” the read-a-thon till im up, ready for the day, and ready to read. I don’t like feeling bullied to read lmao i do it on my own time so that its relaxing and fun =D



  46. I like readathons because they force me to make reading a priority. When I get into a reading slump (which I am in now) it helps me get out of it. I believe there is something great about reading a book in only one or two sittings. You don’t have to keep readjusting to the world as you pick up the book again. I started Beautiful Chaos 2 months ago and picking it up now, I am having a hard time remembering all the terms and characters.

    My only ritual is that I like to read in bed. It is the most comfy, but I may do some reading in a coffee shop or somewhere else. The place near me makes yummy lattes !

    kat @ booksandsensibility.com

    My Updates are here: http://www.booksandsensibility.com/2012/05/kat-joins-bout-of-books-40-update-post.html


  47. This is my first bloggy read-a-thon. What I like about it is the freedomm to set your own individual goals rather than feel the pressure of attaining goals set by someone else.

    What I’ve done so far is made sure to get plenty of rest last night so I could get up brigh and early to get my “work” done so I could have plenty of time for reading.

    Second, I’ve cleared this week from major events giving me a nice easy week.

    Third, quick and simple meals 🙂



  48. I am addicted to read-a-thons! lol Seriously! This is my fourth time participating in this one and I adore it! I sometimes get into a reading funk and ALWAYS feel overwhelmed. I think all of us book lovers can relate to having tons of books on our shelves but never reading half of them! This is always a great push for me to break out those books and read away! I love cheering people on to read and work towards their goals. I love the feeling that I”VE accomplished something! I love meeting all the awesome people participating nad making new friends. It’s just a lot of FUN and I really enjoy participating!



  49. This is my first read-a-thon and I am so excited! I have so many books I want to read and for some reason I have such a hard time finding the time to sit down and just read for a few hours (aside from staying up all night to do it like I did last night to finish Divergent…at 530am..)
    With the read-a-thon nagging at me all week I am determined to make time to read all 6 books on my list! Will be delving into book 2 tonight:)

    Goal post: http://thefictiondiaries.blogspot.com/2012/05/bonus-post-readathon.html


  50. I’ve never participated in one before, so I’m just excited to get started. I think the best thing will be to see what everyone else is reading 🙂


  51. “What do you like best about readathons? Do you have any readathon traditions or rituals? If this is your first readathon, what do you like so far? Discuss away!”

    Bout-of-Books is the only read-a-thon that I have ever participated in and the part I like best is the interaction with other addicted readers and the encouragement that everyone receives. I can’t tell you how many book blogging buddies I’ve met through Bout-of-Books or how many great new reads I’ve been introduced to. It’s all part of the draw.

    No rituals for me, just constant reading…. or at least more than I usually do. 😉

    Great question and thanks for offering a challenge and giveaway!

    creativedeeds (at) verizon (dot) net


  52. I just love readathons. The best part about them is the kick in the butt I desperately need to get on top of my reading goals. For instance, I’m currently behind by 8 or 9 books in my Goodreads challenge! That’s soo bad. So this readathon should definitely boost that number.

    As far as readathon rituals I have, they’re pretty lax. Especially for Bout of Books since it’s so informal and there’s no pressure. But if we’re talking about Dewey’s 24 Hour? Forget about it! I need to be left alone with lots of cherry coke and klondike bars. No sleep means tons of caffeine and sugar!


    Here’s the link to my updates page!


  53. I read all the time, but what I like best about readathons is that it’s social reading, which sounds weird, but it’s true! There’s tons of people taking part in readathons, so it’s easy to take a break and chat about our progress, the books we’re reading, and the loss of our eyes’ ability to focus on far away objects.

    My traditions for readathons: Read 1 book at a time. I’m usually reading 5 or 6 at once all the time, but for readathons, I focus on one book. The first day and last day, I stay up as late as I can (yay for coffee!) and try to get as much reading done as possible.

    Awesome question! 🙂



  54. This is my FIRST real readathon (that I am really participating in versus pretending to participate in because I was goaded into joining) so I don’t have any traditions! I joined because I needed a goal. I work better on time limits versus “Just do this and turn it in whenever”. I’m a procrastinator to the max and I take my sweet time when that happens, meaning I read tour books at the last moment, forget things, turn things in late, etc. But with this there is no pressure and it seems like a lot of fun! I can’t wait to see how many books I can read in the next few days!

    Here is my goals post! http://www.book-brats.com/bout-books-day/


  55. This is my first every read-a-thon and I am pretty sure that it won’t be my last. I love that I am able to push myself to read how much I want, when I want (with #boutofbooks read-a-thon). The sense of community is great. I have added a handful of bloggers to my blogroll and an equal amount of books to my TBR list.

    Plus, I am doing what I love — READING!!!

    You can email me at ladybluejaywp@gmail.com


  56. My favorite thing about read-a-thons is that they leave me guilt-free about devoting hours or days to reading! Normally there are so many things on my to-do list that I feel a little guilty for “wasting” time reading. (Yes, I know it’s not really a waste, but you know what I mean!) But when I know a read-a-thon is coming up, I purposely set aside time for reading. By adding it to my to-do list, I no longer have to feel guilty about it!

    I’m also an organization freak and a big fan of lists, so I enjoy cataloging my progress as well. 🙂

    I didn’t do a post on this topic, but my blog can be found here: http://christina-reads.livejournal.com.


  57. I love knowing that I have time dedicated to reading and I love setting up my readathon book pile. I always pick way more books than I can actually read. Plus, getting to know other bloggers is always fun. I seriously love book bloggers. Most of them are wicked cool.

    realsteph at the fakesteph dot com and I blog at thefakesteph.com


  58. P.S. I didn’t mean to enter twice earlier, but it kept saying there was an error so i kept hitting submit. lol oops SORRY!!


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