Readathon: 3 Hours In

Readathon update, big cookie

I WILL finish this giant-ass cookie today.

Hey ya’ll, how ya doin? So, first update of the readathon, and it’s good!

  • I’ve finished 1 book – If You Ask Me by Betty White. She’s such a charming lady πŸ™‚
  • I’ve started Physics of the Future by Michio Kaku, though I’ve only read the introduction so far.
  • 277 pages read so far today. Considering I set my goal for the day at around 800 pages, I’m feeling pretty good!

I should mention that while I’m all happy and feel accomplished, Betty White’s book was a super quick read – there were lots of photos and huge margins on the sides of the pages with text on them. But who cares.

Other than that, I’ve cracked open an energy drink for some caffeine (can’t make coffee at work, which sucks), and I’ve nibbled on that huge cookie. It’s as big as a freaking hardcover book. The honeyman bought it for me yesterday and I have to eat it today or I’ll feel a little guilty, lol.

I also did the “Turn to a Page” mini-challege at Reflections of a Bookaholic, which was fun. I love when I can complete a challenge by just leaving a comment. It makes participating in these things while I’m at work so much easier.

So, gonna get back to my book now, seeing as how between doing the challenge, posting this, and little work interruptions my “break” to update has lasted 45 minutes now. My next update will probably be around 3 pm, once I’m home and comfy.

So how is everyone else doing? Having fun readathoning?






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