Thinking on Thursday: IMPATIENCE

Hiya guys… so, yet another non-review post this week. But actually, that ties into my thoughts today about reading impatience.

So, I’m reading A Feast For Crows by George R.R. Martin, which is about 1000 pages long, and I’m about 600 pages into it. I really should have read this AGES ago, after I finished the third book, but I kept putting it off because I feel impatient when I read long books. Which is silly, because my favorite series ever is a bunch of books that are crazy long, but still. I don’t know when this happened… I never really used to be intimidated by chunky books. But now it just feels like such a COMMITMENT, because I know that unless the book is so good I’m addicted to it like crack, it’ll probably take me a week or so to read. And that just seems like such a long time, when I really like to try to read at least a book or two a week.

So, now I’m over half-way through this super long book. And honestly, AFFC is not my favorite in the series so far. Partly because I had to go read a re-cap of what happened in the last book because I waited so long to read it, and partly because none of my favorite characters are in this book – they’re all in the next book, A Dance With Dragons. For some reason, Martin decided to write AFFC and ADWD so that the books’ events are actually happening at the same time, but half the characters are in one book and the other half are in the other book. So besides the fact that I’m getting impatient and just want to hurry up and finish so that I can move on to something else, I’m not even enjoying it as much as I enjoyed the first three books because these are all the characters that either bore me or annoy me.

I usually hate these cat pictures, but this one seemed to fit my mood so perfectly.

I was hoping to be done with AFFC by now, but I got NO reading done the past few days. Well, actually I bought and started reading a book called In Search of the Multiverse and I read about 25 pages of that, but that barely counts. And now here it is, my last day off of the week, and I’ll be lucky if I can finish this chunky book by the end of the weekend. Wish me luck.

So, does anyone else have this problem?

Anyone dread super-long books because you’re impatient and want to get to the next book?

Even if the long book is good?

Do you just avoid chunky books so that you don’t run into this problem?





  1. OMG, YES!!! Seriously, I used to feel such excitement upon starting a long book and now like you, I feel it as more of a commitment. And part of the reason is that like you said, it’ll probably take me a long time to read it, whereas before I had all this free time and would read it in a couple of days. And yeah, even when the series is good that still happens. I have the same thing going on with the A Song of Ice And Fire series, I’ve read the 2nd book a couple of months ago and have yet to start the third one. It intimidates the hell out of me!


  2. YES! I always want to read long books and am almost halfway through reading The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. Though, I started it months ago and have put it down for quite some time now because I wanted to read other books. Sad thing is that I still know exactly where I am and what’s going on. I’m so impatient when it comes to books, but mainly because I get so caught up in how many good books are out there that I want to read! I wish it took less time to read a book … maybe one day I’ll be quicker. πŸ™‚ I still have to read the Song of Ice and Fire series … at least the first few books so I’ll be caught up for the TV show, which my husband loves.


  3. I’ve been the same lately – I put off reading those chunky books, although they never scared me before. I think I have the same reason as you. I usually don’t have long periods of time to read and I hate reading little by little, because I want to know what happens ASAP.


  4. I couldn’t agree with you more. Particularly about AFFC! I have been reading it on and off for 6 months now! I’m over everyone in it except Arya (and – full disclosure – I skipped ahead to her chapters in this one and in ADWD after a crazy thing happened to her!) I got my mom hooked on the series and she finished them all. Now, she’s impatient for me to hurry up already.

    Because I have been reading so much YA since I started my blog and they are all 350 pages max, I have become hesitant to start bigger books (to my detriment, I think.) The smaller books are like a steady diet of fast food. I think I need to break this cycle. 1Q84 has been sitting on my shelf staring at me miserably because I keep passing it up.

    Here’s to big books! I need to set a goal of reading like one a month and not worry about size so much. Great post!


  5. YES. I thought I was the only one who felt like this. I get so antsy when I feel like I’ve been taking too long to read a book, and then it takes me even longer because I get antsy. And that happens even when I’m loving a book. I never used to be like that, and I think a combination of blogging and GR telling me that I’m however many books behind on my reading challenge plays a part in that.


  6. I used to have such a fear of long books just because they take so long to read. I like to read a book within a few days. I’ve decided to read at least one long book a month this year. (And tackle the Outlander series).

    What works best for me is to read 100 pgs or so of the long book then start a shorter book and go back an for for a few days. I’ve set a lofty reading goal this year so I am trying to be very cognizant of my reading time.


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