Thinking on Thursday… TV

Yeah, so it’s not a bookish-theme for today’s ToT… but whatever, I made up ToT anyways, so you know… I’ll do what I want.

So I’m sure you’ve all heard me whining about being so super-busy, and it’s TRUE. And next week is probably gonna be kinda busy too, but hopefully not as much. Things should calm down in the next few weeks… hopefully. Anyways.

I’m talking about TV today partly because when I’m super busy I 1) don’t have the time to read, sometimes for days at a time and 2) I’m so exhausted that if I do find a bit of spare time, I watch tv. I fell asleep on the couch the other day watching Friends re-runs, just a brief hour nap before having to get up and go out because it was game night. So, I’m sharing with you some of my favorite shows that are on tv now. If you have Hulu, you should take advantage and watch them. Also, this is my way of promoting my favorite shows so that they don’t get cancelled. You all know how much it hurts when awesome shows are cancelled, like Firefly or Pushing Daisies. So feel my pain and give these shows a try.



1. Cougar Town – OK if you are one of my blogging buddies, I am LITERALLY BEGGING YOU to try out the first season of Cougar Town. The show starts out being about Jules, newly divorced and in her 40’s. And by the end of season 1, it has totally evolved into an awesome show about a group of friends who drink together, play pranks, and is just AWESOME. The third season started on V-Day, and honestly, so far I’m not loving the 3rd season, but that’s because the season has been cut in half (13 episodes instead of 26, I believe), so some stuff is being rushed in case it’s not back for a 4th season. But if more people would give it a chance, I bet ABC wouldn’t cancel it. Even the honeyman watches it with me and finds it funny. I got my friend Doni into it, and she’s totally not a comedy-sitcom type of person. Please please please watch it? Also, see the title shot above? In the second season the creators started doing that every episode, because they really regret the title – it’d have such a bigger fan base if it wasn’t for such an unfortunate title. However, it’s been too long now and it’d be stupid of them to change it, so they mock it instead.



2. Whitney – Whitney is basically a sitcom based on and starring Whitney Cummings, and it’s SO FUNNY. I love mean, sarcastic humor and this is right up my alley. Whitney and her boyfriend Alex live together, and it’s basically a comedy about them and relationships in general. I laugh out loud A LOT. The show is still in the first season, so go on Hulu and watch a couple episodes. I’m definitely looking forward to buying it on DVD eventually.



3. Terra Nova – The first season ended in December, but it’s still on Hulu. And I know I keep blabbing about Hulu, but I think you can like watch 5 free episodes a week or something. I’ve manned up and gotten the $8 a month membership because there’s so many shows I wanted to be able to keep up with, and I don’t have DVR. Anyways, Fox is a bunch of bastards and STILL have not made a decision on whether or not to bring Terra Nova back for a second season, mainly because Fox hates anything sci-fi. It’s a GREAT show though. Basically in the future, we have completely effed up and the planet is dying and the air is so polluted we have to wear these mask thingys outside to even breathe the air. Scientists have discovered a rift in time-space that connects our world to a version of Earth 85 million years ago, and they’re sending groups of people back to set up a colony and essentially give humanity a second chance. And the show focuses on the Shannon family, and there’s dinosaurs and bad guys and evil plots and it was just SO GOOD. Also, there’s a little romance going on between teenagers Mark and Maddy, and I love love love them. And Fox has even said that the show was profitable for them, so I don’t know why they’re debating on whether or not to bring it back for season 2. Again, Fox sucks and they just hate sci-fi and anything that hints at rich people in power being evil.


Sooooo. Those are my big three. I love these shows and wish that more people knew about them and loved them as much as me. Also, I’m planning to jump on the Downton Abbey bandwagon soon, because I know everyone is head over heels in love with it. I bought the first season, so I’ll probably try it out in the next couple weeks when I’m at work.

OK, going to go attempt to read & relax now. Wish me luck…




  1. I missed the beginning of Cougar Ton, so I started watching somewhere in the middle and just watched a couple of episodes and then stopped. I want to watch it from the beginning though, soon. Oh, And I love Terra Nova! They have to bring it back fro the second season.

    Good luck with you reading and I hope you get some time to relax!


  2. I LOVE Cougar Town!! You’re right, the beginning of the first season was a bit of a struggle, but wow the end of season 1 and all of season 2 were ah-maze-ing! I want my friends to play “penny can” with me, but they keep resisting!

    I’ve been loving Terra Nova too. I’m ready for it to come back already so I can see what happened after that killer cliffhanger.

    I’m a big Hulu fan and have been doing Hulu Plus for awhile. I think it’s worth it. Between Hulu and Netflix, I really almost don’t need cable.

    I’ll give Whitney a shot, For some reason I never started it so I’ll have to look it up on Hulu so I can start from the beginning.


    1. YAYY!!! I really, really need to make my own penny can. Seriously.

      And yeah, we have Hulu Plus, Netflix, and the internet… we only have cable because it comes free with our apartment complex. Otherwise it wouldn’t really be worth it.


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