Review: The Sisters Brothers by Patrick DeWitt

  • Title: The Sisters Brothers
  • Author: Patrick DeWitt
  • Publisher: HarperCollins, 2011
  • Pages: 325
  • ISBN: 9780062041265

So, the Sisters brothers are Eli and Charlie Sisters, and this a western tale from the P.O.V. of Eli. Eli and Charlie are famous hitmen, and at the order of the Commodore they are headed to California during the Gold Rush to kill Hermann Kermit Warm. As they travel there from Oregon City, Charlie drinks and whores around while Eli takes care of an invalid horse and tries to get any woman he meets to love him, and as they’re traveling Eli starts to think about how nice another kind of life would be.

Dude. SNORE. So, at first I kind of liked Eli. He’s the “nice” brother, who’s kind of along for the ride because Charlie actually enjoys killing. And Charlie’s kind of a dirt-bag and he’s kind of mean to Eli, and I thought that would make for some nice brotherly conflict, with Eli eventually growingΒ a pair and standing up to his tyrant of an older brother. After a while Eli’s almost child-like tone was really annoying, and I started to dislike him more than Charlie. Their journey to California took FOREVER, and for no real reason.

I just thought this book would be so much more interesting. It’s a western! There’s hitmen! Gun, horses, danger, etc. But nope – I was SO tempted to give up on this halfway through, and I can’t even say I’m particularly glad that I stuck it out and finished it. All of the exciting stuff that would have moved the plot forward and set up a really interesting story happened at the end, which made me feel like the whole book was kind of pointless. There was no character growth, no really exciting fights, no… anything, really.

I was really excited to read this, which made me really disappointed that it was so not enjoyable. I’d recommend skipping it and reading some Louis L’Amour if you want some real westerns. And if you’re looking for a good novel about hitmen, I have no idea. In fact, if you know of some good novels about hitmen, tell me! I love movies about hitmen (The Whole Nine Yards, Red, Grosse Point Blank) , but there just don’t seem to be enough good books about them.

Sarah Says: 2 stars



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