Norwegian Wood Readalong: THE END!


Ding dong, the Witch is dead, the Witch is dead, the Witch is dead

Ding dong, the Wicked Witch is DEAD!!!!

That is the kind of joy I have in being done with this book. And Naoko finally, FINALLY going away.

So, the last 60 pages went by fast. Toru makes another visit to the crazy farm, and him & Naoko have a weird discussion about how Toru & Kizuki had similiar “tastes”, and come ON, it’s just gross and disrespectful to talk about sex stuff with your dead best friend’s girl. Then Toru decides kind of out of nowhere that he’s going to finally move on – he moves out of the dorms into his own little place, builds some shelves, feeds some cats, gets a job, starts cooking for himself, etc. Except that he kind of expects Naoko to come and join him on his mission to be All Grown Up, and dude he crashes HARD just when he hears that she’s worse than her usual depressing self.

In the meantime, Midori is being all kinds of awesome. They hang out and he treats her kind of like a jerk cause his head is all wrapped up in Naoko-So-Sad, and she totally makes him pay for it. Which I LOVED, cause in general women let men get away with crap way too easily. He keeps trying to apologize to her and begs for her attention, and then comes my favorite little part of the whole book:

Toru: “When am I going to be able to talk to you? I want you to tell me that much, at least.”

Midori: “When I feel like talking to you.”

You go, Midori! And then she continues to ignore his sorry ass for two months. LOVE IT. And then they finally hang out again and she vomits her “I’m so in love with you”s all over him, and we find out she finally dumped that loser boyfriend of hers. Yay! And then they agree to wait until he “figures things out with Naoko”. Which basically means let’s wait till she finally kills herself, which she then finally does, pleasing me immensely but then Toru spirals and just leaves and turns into a traveling hobo for a while, which sucks.

So THEN he comes back and Reiko gets her sorry ass out of the sanitorium, and then they get their groove on. Seriously? Does Toru really need to get down and dirty with just about every girl he sees? And then right after she leaves, he calls Midori and it seems like they’re going to start to attempt really dating… except the last line of the WHOLE STUPID BOOK is something about him calling out to her from no place, and what the hell does that mean? I’m assuming he eventually recovers from whatever craziness that was, cause he’s adult Toru in the book, but now I’ll never know for sure if he got his act together and ended up happily ever after with Midori.

If Murakami had written a REAL ending, it probably would have ended with Toru somehow disappointing Midori and hurting her feelings so bad that she offs herself… so Murakami gave us the only not-depressing ending he could think of, which was NO ending. You suck, Murakami.

So, this is basically what I have gathered from this book…

  • Murakami digs ears in a weird way.
  • Japan is chock full of people killing themselves. More often than not for no reason at all. It’s just a natural passtime.
  • DEPRESSION. DEATH. SUICIDE.CRYING. EMPTINESS. TURMOIL. ANGST. Bella from Twilight has NOTHING on this book in the realm of teenage angsty-ness.
  • Murakami seems to take immense pleasure in giving his main protagonist handys from every girl he runs in to.
  • Murakami thinks all women are crazy, PMS-ing, and absolutely unable to survive without their choice love interest.
  • There is no such thing as a happy ending. Ever.

So… this book wasn’t my favorite. Obviously. It was a huge big old ball of suck. However, I DID thoroughly enjoy ranting and complaining about it with all of you! And thanks and kudos to Alice for putting this here readalong together!




  1. Yes! Our readalong group got through this book! My two favorite points from your post:
    – It’s weird that Naoko and Toru compare him to Kizuki. You’re at a crazy farm, and the last thing you want to do is to brood over the fact that you have a living shade of what you once had, and this guy is kinda like him but not really.
    – Midori – way to give Toru the finger! I love that she’s willing to ignore him because she’s got better things to do than mope for Toru.

    Love your blog – I’ll be back 🙂


  2. Dude, did I mention for some reason your blog is blocked at my workplace? Possibly under ‘Social Media.’ So I cannot access it there, which is when I do the majority of my blogging. WOES.

    Annnyway, yeah, this book was Not Stellar. But it’s done! And we made it! I am proud of all who did not like the book but finished it. And the next readalong shall be awesome.


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